Oath Breaking Sheriff Margo Frasier Appointed to Austin Police Monitor – Will Get 140K A Year

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This video clearly shows the arrogance and total disregard for the Constitution that Ex Travis County Sheriff Margot Frasier has. She has stated that she doesn’t need a warrant, and maybe in the brave new world we live in, with the war on drugs, and the war on terror, statutes, and color of law legislation has been passed that in her mind may make this a true statement.

She can’t weasel out of the fact that she took an oath to uphold and defend the rights of the citizens in her county and she failed that responsibility on many occasions. She not only ignored her oath, she ignored it with arrogance and premeditation. The Constitution simply does not apply in her twisted reality.

Is this really the kind of person that should be appointed to an important position such as Police Monitor for Austin Texas?

Should the citizens of Austin reward her Unconstitutional record with a $140,000 a year job?

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One Response to “Oath Breaking Sheriff Margo Frasier Appointed to Austin Police Monitor – Will Get 140K A Year”
  1. Michael Brooks says:

    The Office of the Police Monitor and the Austin Police Department Internal Affairs only sustain about 11% of citizen complaints. That would mean about 9 out of 10 citizens; which in perspective would mean out of 1 million citizens of Austin, 900,000 didn’t believe in their police force. Outside experts such as former police officers and prosecuters also noted this bias. The fairly recent Keypoint Investigation report by former police officer’s and prosecuter’s noted this on page 7 of the Sanders shooting investigation by I.A.: was “biased toward the involved officers in a way which undermines the credibility of the investigation and the confidence which the Department and public have placed in them.” ‘Are There Christian Cops in Austin Texas’

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