CIA Psyop Wikileaks™ Opens a Franchise in Russia

by Scott Creighton

On Monday of this week, Russian President  Dmitry Medvdev called Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and reaffirmed Russia’s commitment to strengthen diplomatic ties with Iran. Then on Tuesday of this week, Russian President Medvedev recognized Palestine as an independent state during a visit to Jericho.

So on Wednesday, the brand new Wikileaks franchise in Russia published photos of what they claim are the billion dollar home Putin is supposedly building in Russia in an effort to embarrass the existing power structure in that country, namely Vladamir Putin, by calling them corrupt.  Does anyone else see a pattern developing here?

“The latest WikiLeaks release of documents gives Israel proof that its Arab neighbors, even those that are sworn enemies of the Jewish state, share its concerns about Iran.”  Christian Science Monitor

“WikiLeaks: Iran Can Attack Israel With Less Than 12 Minutes Warning“  Voice of America

“more than 350 Iranian companies and organisations are involved in the pursuit of nuclear-and missile technologies“  Aftenposten

“a recent “leak” makes the case that though CIA assassination programs are an “important part” of the unilateral actions taken in PakistanAmerican Everyman

“Julian Assange has stated on al Jazeera that he will release some 3,700 secret (and even “top-secret”) documents pertaining to Israel in 6 months… What he is doing is providing yet another existential threat to the state of Israel”  American Everyman

One would think that this propaganda vehicle, brand name Wikileaks™, had become pretty obvious by now, but unfortunately, one would be wrong.

There is harm from the WikiLeaks documents, but it’s to wrongdoers in power, which is why they are so desperate to malign and then destroy the group.”  Glenn Greenwald, Jan. 19, 2011

The CIA backed Wikileaks psyop program has been so successful (mainly due to left-wing journalists who uncritically accept its legitimacy in spite of extensive evidence showing their connection to the intelligence industry in the U.S. and the fact that their “leaks” seem to serve only the interests of the globalist nations) they are apparently opening branch offices in nations that aren’t playing by the globalist’s handbook. Russia is certainly one of those problem nations right now.

In an article at Raw Story (a supposedly liberal anti-war website) Steven Webster uncritically parrots propaganda straight from a Washington Post article about the Russian Wikileaks publication. The object is to make Russia’s government seem illegitimate by accusing them of excesses and corruption on a massive scale.

The truth is, Putin may be corrupt, but he’s nothing like what existed under the U.S. and west-friendly Boris Yeltsin, whose reign created the dreaded Russian oligarchs and opened up Russia to foreign markets that literally raped the nation and pillaged much of her wealth.  Putin came to power and drove many of those oligarchs out, even arresting some of them.

Curiously, the Raw Story article notes that the Russian Wikileaks site is a “version of Wikileaks” but not actually run by anyone associated by Wikileaks.  Legally speaking, how is that possible?, which was not actually operated by Assange or his team, opened earlier this month and asked Russians to begin sending information on public corruption.

In US diplomatic cables published by Assange’s WikiLeaks, Russia was branded a “mafia state,” and media estimates put annual profits by government officials from bribery alone at nearly $300 billion.”  Raw Story

Wikileaks has become such a successful product, the people who actually run it (CIA, NSA, State Department) have obviously decided they might as well expand their little operation.

Since they can’t realistically create a narrative on such short notice that explains how a Russian Bradley Manning patsy got in touch with Julian Assange (and they can’t conveniently lock him away in solitary confinement in Russia so no one can talk to him), I guess they decided to just open up an entirely new franchise and simply claim it’s from Russia.  Of course, it’s still probably being run out of the vast intelligence complex just outside of Washington DC like the original Wikileaks is, but with the vast majority of the anti-war liberal blog-o-sphere blindly accepting anything Wikileaks™ as the gospel truth, the propagandists aren’t worried about being found out.

Product Assange™ is so popular right now, like any other successful corporate entity, they just can’t help themselves; they have to expand. The people running this operation know there will be no critical evaluation of their product from the typically skeptical left since many of those journalists, like Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman, and John Pilger, have already dug themselves into such a deep sycophantic hole they fear if they reverse course now, they will lose their precious anti-establishment credibility, which is ultimately what pays their bills.

All the PR guys have to do is put their spokesman’s head shot on the label and the left-wing journalists like Greenwald will believe anything they tell them, up to and including rehashing Dick Cheney’s and Condi Rice’s old bullshit propaganda.

It doesn’t matter how far removed their hero is from the process, just so long as they have that all important product recognition tie-in factor.

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