For the Record – PETA Kills animals for population “control” – You’re Next!

The “pound” wants you to have 10 references, and a microchip – but hey, play it forward! The pet you save could be ME.

FYI: We posted this because the PTB starts with pets and then move on to children! PETA has launched a counter campaign ( to fix their own actions?) to say that Big Meat, or Big Oil is spreading lies about their euthanasia practice… You listen to their founder and figure it out.


(Will update with the clip where Ingrid confesses that an animal is better dead than your lovable pet!)


  • It really doesn’t surprise me to see another “troofer” exposing himself as a paid shill for the Center for Consumer Freedom which created the whole “PETA Kills Animals” conspiracy theory. As much as you love to kiss CCF’s ass, you are nothing compared to Alex Jones who actually invited David Martosko – a CCF executive, slimeball, drunkard, and Facebook stalker – to come on his radio show in March 2009 to spread that ridiculous conspiracy theory. But then again, Alex Jones’ wife Violet Jones is a paid CCF operative who was paid by Rick Berman to infiltrate PETA and stage false-flag terrorism against Anna Wintour (dead raccoon on her dinner plate) and Oscar de la Renta (tofu cream pie in the face) in order to associate PETA with domestic terrorism.

    • CDL, people were talking about PETA killing animals long before CCF came into existence and long before David Martosko started working for CCF. Yeah Violet Jones admitted that she was the one who threw the dead raccoon at Anna Wintour. Big f*cking deal.

      The truth is, PETA is a false flag operation secretly run by the animal industry and Big Agra to discredit legitimate organizations such as the Humane Society. Last I checked, unlike PETA, HSUS doesn’t parade half naked women around like cheap whores or post billboards offensive to Jews, blacks, gays, and fat people. Only a Zionist CIA/Mossad false flag operation like PETA can openly mock the Holocaust in Germany and avoid prosecution.

      At least Jack Blood has the balls to openly criticize CSPI for being GMO shills. When was the last time Alex Jones attacked CSPI? He doesn’t have the balls because he is a coward.

      • No. Alex Jones won’t attack CSPI because it’s a Zionist front organization run by a Zionist (Mike Jacobson) and funded by Zionists. Alex Jones wants you to believe that PETA is run by hypocritical leftists who preach kindness to animals while killing animals. Alex Jones doesn’t want you to learn the truth that Bruce Friedrich – a Zionist Jew – is the brains and power behind PETA, not Ingrid Newkirk. Newkirk is a puppet.

        PETA is run by Zionist Jews and funded by Zionist Jews. This is why they staged the false-flag event in India to frame Muslims as radical extremists. That makes PETA look like a Mossad front.

    • No, you dumbass PETA shill. The only reason Alex Jones invited David Martosko is because Martosko is a Zionist stooge.

      Don’t you get it, retard? PETA is run by Zionist Jews. The Center for Consumer Freedom is run by Zionist Jews. The Jews run both sides. They are distracting you with their phony feud while Mossad agents kill gays in Orlando to lay the blame on radical religious extremists.

      Wake up, idiot.

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