• World trade Center 1993 – the real deal.: Jack Blood interviews Webster Tarpley

    Interview of Webster Griffin Tarpley
    Jack Blood Radio Show – Deadline Live
    Sept 6, 2005

    JB: ….He also has written “Surviving the Cataclysm,” another one of your great books. And one I’m holding in my hand, “9/11 Synthetic Terror – Made in the USA.” Webster before we go to really breakdown for our listeners, in a bullet-point fashion what happened in 1993 at the World Trade Center Towers. I just would be remiss in not getting your opinions, your viewpoints, your analysis of this Hurricane Katrina storm.

    WT: Well, I would say this is the greatest failure of any presidency of any administration in U.S. history. And it is indeed murder by bureaucracy. We have a FEMA bureaucracy which instead of providing aid seems to have taken upon itself to sabotage all forms of aid. Aid offered from Chicago was blocked, from Maryland, from Virginia. Water was blocked. Diesel fuel was blocked. Communications were sabotaged. I think FEMA probably needs to be broken up. It’s something that needs to be recreated.

    JB: It’s what Kennedy said about the CIA – smashed into a million pieces.

    WT: Smashed into a million pieces and then possibly reconstructed. And the other thing is, of course, that these are impeachable offenses. This entire hierarchy of Bush and Cheney, Rumsfeld, Chertoff – this unbelievable Michael Brown – these people are all candidates not just for impeachment but for criminal indictment for what they’ve done. And that is without even going into the report of the Navy, jamming communications. There are even eyewitness reports that I’ve seen on television now on the major networks of people who, living in the neighborhood of the breach of these levees, saying that that was done on purpose. These are unconfirmed accounts. And then all this the pattern of arson and snipers which suggests that there is some kind of a swindle going on in the sense that burning down valuable properties to get the insurance and sending in snipers to make sure that the buildings actually burn. All of that is unconfirmed. All of that would have to be investigated. We may have a better chance of getting at the truth this time. I would say…

    JB: Well Hillary Clinton is out shilling for a 9/11-style commission for Katrina.

    WT: (laughs)

    JB: I guess we won’t find out anything through that.

    WT: Certainly not through Kean and Hamilton and she probably wants Philip Zelikow to be the director of it. But here’s the thing, Bush and his administration deserved exactly this kind of attack after 9/11. But in the hysteria of that moment, they didn’t get it. So what I’m hoping is that when you see what Bush did on Iraq, which we know and now see the failure and the criminal action of the Bush Administration on this hurricane. Let’s put that back to 9/11 because that’s the spirit in which you have to look at what Bush did on 9/11. Everybody said, “Oh he did such a wonderful job.” Well, of course, he didn’t. And if you go back and look at what he did, transfixed in the schoolroom listening to “My Pet Goat” for almost ten minutes while the buildings were attacked and people died. He deserved impeachment then and he deserves impeachment now. And I hope when they vote the articles of impeachment, the Senate will have the guts to bring up an article of impeachment for what he didn’t do and what he did do on 9/11.

    JB: You’ve got a lot of Republicans, including Pat Buchanan, Paul Craig Roberts, people all over the country – Republicans – wanting just that. And certainly the litany of impeachable offenses, to not protect this country, to not to uphold the oath of office that he took, are longer than my arm by far, and probably would stretch down my road here in Austin Texas. But yet, they continue to spin this with their PR machine.

    WT: The Republicans have a division between actual conservatives. The conservatives, of course, are the people who are interested in custom, tradition, precedent, they have a certain respect for the status quo. They don’t like radical change. I think to be conservative is a perfectly respectable thing. When you get neoconservatives, you’re dealing with right-wing, extremist radicals. The only real term for them is neofascist or just plain fascists. And they are, of course, a small minority. They happen to control this administration and what we are seeing in action now is a neocon idea of how government ought to work – that you ought not to turn to government to solve problems in an emergency. So what you are seeing is actually neocon philosophy in practice.

    JB: No, I’m not a big believer in government, especially federal government, but if there is ever a case where the federal government should get involved and do its part, it is something like the Katrina disaster. I’m not talking about writing new laws and growing the government bureaucracy and, of course, funneling money into oil businesses in Houston. I’m talking about going in there with a humanitarian effort and helping the good people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. In fact, today, Webster, I heard another story, I forgot the report earlier, where they had a military hospital ship that had been out in the Gulf for days unable to dock. And these guys can manufacture a hundred thousand gallons of water a day. They have all the hospital staff and equipment in order to treat all of the injured. Yet, they were kept out in harbor and unable to dock now for days. They just docked today.

    WT: The only thing I would add to that, of course, is the medical side, the epidemic side, is now going to become center stage. People have to think about cholera. They have to think about hepatitis A, hepatitis B, the various forms of encephalitis, Eastern, Western, St. Louis. They have to think about all these water-borne diseases, even things like malaria, yellow fever is a possibility. I think people have to consider updating their immunizations. Plus, then we have the question of this avian flu or bird flu, where you want to lay in a stock of Tamiflu, so that you will have that on hand if you get avian flu symptoms sometime during the coming winter. This is where the big effort has to come now. And, as you say, with that hospital ship being completely unused – this is an area where you’ve got to have massive action and I think it’s really only government that can do it, with the help of private companies that have to manufacture the vaccine. But they’ve got to be tasked fast.

    JB: I’d want to look into all of that. I’ve been always very skeptical of the bird flu and certainly always skeptical of vaccines. Well, let’s go around here to a segway and we’ll complete the circle because as we talk about the World Trade Center disaster in 1993, the FBI set it up and let it happen, from your great book, “9/11 Synthetic Terror – Made in the USA.” We are going to hear some familiar names. One of those is comrade Chertoff, who is head of Homeland Security. He was also involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. We’re with Webster Griffin Tarpley. You’re listening to Deadline Live – all of the news that is suppressed.


    JB: My guest today is Webster Tarpley. He’s been endorsed by every major 9/11 researcher out there across the world, including Barrie Zwicker, Thierry Meyssan, Nico Haupt, Andreas von Bulow, and, of course, yours truly Jack Blood. It is just probably one of the best reads out there about state sponsored terrorism. And it covers it in all fashions, including 9/11. Webster’s website is tarpley.net. And of course, you can get this book and all of his other great works and research there at tarpley.net. Webster, when you are talking about 9/11, we hear a lot about the Northwoods documents and we get the breakdowns about controlled demolitions and stand-downs, and the impossibility of dumb and dumber terrorists – many of whom are reportedly still alive, using box cutters to take over these airplanes and attack some of the most highly protected targets in the world. That’s all fine and good but I think that where it all starts, for me anyway, is the 1993 World Trade Center bombings under our then president, William Jefferson Clinton. So what I’d like to do – we have about 5 minutes left in this segment, 4 in the next, and of course another hour here. What I’d like to do is, in a bullet point fashion, so that our listeners can follow along and use this information themselves. Give us the idea, give us the facts, give us the timeline of what happened in 1993. You can start anywhere you like.

    WT: Well let me put it in perspective for a second. When you’re dealing with state-sponsored, false-flag synthetic terrorism, you have to realize that the intelligence agencies, the military security, the bureaucracies that plan these things. They have a rather long view. And they do it through a series of steps, a series of approximations. You can think of it this way: the bombing of the World Trade Center in February of 1993, in the first weeks of the Clinton Administration, was designed to create the idea that the World Trade Center was a target for terrorism. Then you had the Oklahoma City bombing, a little bit more than two years later, which creates this idea that a low-power explosive can destroy a building without having explosives planted in the building. Then if you put those together with other elements that have been developed over the years, the various actions in East Africa and in Saudi Arabia that constantly hammer on the notion of Osama bin Laden. You put together the World Trade Center, buildings collapse, Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, then you get all the ingredients for the 2001 September 11th attack. So it’s kind of like putting the ingredients on the table and then mixing them together.

    And when we go back to the World Trade Center in 1993, the amazing thing is that the FBI was aware of everything that was happening inside the so-called terrorist cell. And they show all the obvious symptoms of wanting the bombs to go off in the World Trade Center. Whether it’s for cultural, political reasons, the FBI wanted this to happen. So here we are. We’re back on February 26th, 1993, six people were killed, thousands were injured, lower Manhattan in complete chaos, terror around the world. And it turns out that at the center of this plot, the bomb-maker, who happened to be in the Egyptian Army who was a paid informer and provocateur for the FBI. Now, I’m going to get to his story is just a second.

    Let’s just go back because there is even a buildup to these 1993 attacks. Back in November of 1990, we had Rabbi Meir Kahane who was somebody who was at that time on the U.S. list of terrorist organizations. This is the founder of Kach, K-A-C-H, or Kahane Chai in Israel. These are terrorist organizations. These are more or less the circles who are later on going to kill Prime Minister Rabin.

    JB: Wasn’t he the founder of the Jewish Defense League?

    WT: The Jewish Defense League, going back to the early 1970s in New York. And then he immigrated to Israel. He was back in November, 1990, for a fund raiser and into this fund raiser, walks a double agent, I would say, El Sayyid Nosair, who’s an Egyptian and shoots him and kills Kahane. Now Nosair, who is he? Is he just a drifting fanatic? Well, when the police go to his apartment, they find manuals from the Army Special Warfare School at Fort Bragg, plus dispatches, orders that have been through the offices of the Secretary of the Army and the Joints Chief of Staff. Now when you look at something like that, you have a problem, does this mean that Nosair is spying on the Special Forces at Fort Bragg? No, it means that the Special Forces at Fort Bragg control Nosair. In other words, he’s a double agent. There is always a problem with this because all these cover-up authors and gate-keepers will try to tell you that if you find any sensitive government documents in the possession of a terrorist, that somehow means the terrorist has successfully spied. It doesn’t mean that at all. It most likely means that the terrorist is being run by somebody from inside the government.

    So, that’s the first one. The terrorist Nosair is there. Now when they go into his apartment, they also find tons of documents, detailed plans, a lot of it written in Arabic. But the FBI presumably had Arabic translators, they simply take these documents that include the details of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing…

    JB: And this, again, is three years before the actual bombing.

    WT: Three years before the bombing and they simply don’t read them. They put them into the usual FBI black hole for evidence.


    WT: The FBI now has this Nosair. He is in touch with Fort Bragg and the whole Army bureaucracy. He’s got the plans for the 1993 attack in his room. That is simply ignored. And at the same time, we have also got a couple of other major participants in the cell – that does the World Trade Center bombing of 1993 – Salameh and Abouhalima. They are also arrested after the killing of Kahane but then they are immediately let go. The whole thing could have been rolled up and three people arrested in 1990. And the whole thing would have gone nowhere. But this wasn’t the first time that the FBI decided they weren’t going to stop it.

    Now, we’ve got on the scene, the blind Sheikh. Sheikh Abdel Rahman and it looks like he is a CIA asset who is generally part of these mujahadeen networks from the Afghan war. Remember this is now the early 1990s. So the Afghan war has been going until 1987, 1988. He’s in cahoots with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who is the CIA’s favorite Afghan warlord and, of course, Osama bin Laden, the leader of the CIA’s Arab legions in the Afghan war. Now, this guy Rahman, he arrives in the United States from Sudan. And this is important because the entire attempt of the FBI in the first World Trade Center bombing, is to pin this on Sudan. And this has been confirmed to me by Sudanese officials that I talked with over the years. The idea was to try to get the pretext for an invasion of Sudan. Remember the U.S. at this time was already in Somalia. So the idea was to go into Sudan where there’s oil and this is the country that is now targeted because they are selling their oil to China and the Anglo-Americans don’t like that so they want to cut it off.

    The big question is why did Abdel Rahman, the blind Sheikh, get a visa from the CIA in Khartoum, Sudan from the State Dept. It turns out that his visa was actually signed by the CIA. So this is one of those cases that Michael Springman talks about. If the CIA goes to the State Department and says here we want this character to be let into the country.

    And then we get another member of the cast: Ramzi Yousef. This is probably the best known of these people today because of his later role in the Bojinka Plan to blow up twelve planes over the Pacific. Ramzi Yousef gets to New York City. The Immigration and Naturalization Service takes one look at him and says, “Put him in jail.” But there was not room enough in the INS lockup.

    JB: Room enough for people with a marijuana cigarette but not room enough for one of the top terrorists, or moles….

    WT: Again, one of the top patsies or double agents or manipulatable fanatics. Now we’ve got the blind Sheikh is on the scene thanks to the State Department and the CIA. Ramzi Yousef is on the scene thanks to the INS. He could have been arrested then. Now, who is running all this stuff? Let’s just name a couple of people that we can name. One of them is the manager of FBI National Security Division for the New York area. He’s running the Joint Terrorism Taskforce (JTTF) in New York City. His name is Carson Dunbar. Now you are going to be amazed that this guy has later gone onto become the head of the State Police of New Jersey based on the record that we see here. So people who fail get promoted.

    Dunbar is running two controllers. One of them is Louie Napoli, I think of the New York City police department, and John Anticev. You are going to hear about him. This guy is from the FBI. So what Dunbar does is first of all, he’s got this guy Salem, the Egyptian. He’s in the cell and he is reporting back everything that goes on in the cell. Dunbar says that’s not good enough. He has to have it all on tape. He wants him to wear a microphone, a wire. And Salem, of course, says I don’t want to do that because then I’ll have to testify in court and then I won’t be able to get my $500 a week payment from the FBI for doing nothing except attending these meetings. I won’t be able to act as a double agent and a provocateur and an infiltrator anymore. I’ll have to go out and get a job. So he refuses to do this until the critical moment in the entire thing. Dunbar says, “That’s it. Salem will have to wire.”

    And Salem says, “No I won’t.” Because I want to keep on getting my pay. And at that point, he’s fired by Napoli. So the key infiltrator inside the terror cell is fired by the FBI by this guy Napoli on orders of Dunbar, because he won’t do relatively minor things that they are demanding that he do. So what can you say about this? Is this that Dunbar is a purist or Dunbar is a mole who is determined to remove the surveillance on the cell? Now before you answer that, you got to remember that in January of 1993, about a month before the bombing, the entire cell gathers at a farm near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for various kinds of consultations and practice. The FBI has the whole place surrounded. Every member of the cell is in the building in Pennsylvania. The FBI has it surrounded and Dunbar again has a fit. And he says, “This is a waste of manpower. Everybody has to come home right now.”

    And they say, “But Carson, we’ve got them all surrounded. All we have to do is wait for them to leave. We’ll tail every one of them. We’ll find out where they live. Then we can obviously arrest them, roll them up at anytime we wish in the future.”

    But he says, “No, you’ve been there long enough. You’ve got to come home.” So at that point, they all leave and every member of the terrorist cell is allowed to go home, unmolested. And the FBI doesn’t know where half of them are. So it’s based on this performance, Carson Dunbar becomes the head of the New Jersey State Police.

    JB: Of course, again, I want to underscore this point Webster, there are a lot of good people in the FBI and we’ve seen them come out as whistleblowers since 9/11. And this effectively, this move by Dunbar covers the trail, throws them off the trail, and disorganizes the entire event.

    WT: Yes, of course, the idea is that we’re dealing with somebody who is very much suspected of being a mole. It’s not practical for everybody in the FBI to be a party to this. Also sometimes it looks that way but in reality it’s not so because all you need is to get a few key top managers and they can sabotage everything up and down the line. And that seems to be what has happened in this case.

    JB: So was Dunbar a mole? I think we have to answer that question with a yes.

    WT: [crosstalk] just the fact that he got a promotion just like so many people in the FBI after 9/11 – the people who did the poorest performance were then given promotions. We’ve got to watch out about that now in the hurricane aftermath and make sure the people who failed are not rewarded for their failure.

    There was one other government agent on the scene is a guy called Garrett Wilson. This is a former Army Ranger. He’s been a military police officer and he works for Naval Intelligence, Naval Criminal Investigative Services. From the people in the cell during 1992, I guess it is, they decide they wanted to train for a jihad in Bosnia. They want military training. Put it that way. So, Garrett Wilson says, “Fine, that will get you ready for a jihad in Bosnia.” So the training of the cell in the […] and other things is done by Naval Intelligence. So there is another bureaucracy that gets into the act.

    JB: Everybody gets their fingers into the pie.

    WT: Up to now, we’ve got a cell operating. We’ve got Nosair, who is a double agent working for Fort Bragg. We’ve got the blind Sheikh, who was somebody that the CIA had told the State Department they’ve got to have on the scene. We’ve got Ramzi Yousef, who’s obviously got powerful backers in some part of the US intelligence establishment that can get him out of the clutches of the INS. We’ve also got Carson Dunbar, the key wrecker, the FBI manager of the Joint Terrorism Taskforce. Then we’ve got Garrett Wilson, of Naval Intelligence who was training this group. You get the feeling that these people couldn’t find their way to the men’s room without the help of a CIA covert operation. They are being supported; they are being kept going; they are being protected against police agencies and so forth at every turn. So, we then get them all in one farm in Pennsylvania where they could all be either arrested or tailed home – vetted I guess is the police parlance so that they know exactly where they live and you can go and get them. That is not done. Thanks again to Carson Dunbar.

    Now, the meaning is that this terrorist cell has been penetrated over, under, around and through, before, during and after by the FBI, Naval Intelligence, INS, CIA, State Department. They all know where these people live. And nevertheless, none of them is arrested.

    JB: Let me interject this real quick, because Dunbar, Agent Dunbar, over and over attempting sabotage and you write in your book that he was concerned the bureau was training potential terrorists and this could be found out by somebody. So again, the effort to cover this all up and displace it, move it, take people off the case, rearrange the case, this is done over and over again by Agent Dunbar.

    WT: Yes, so that they all get their training and then when they are all in one coven, in one spot, the issue that they all get away scot-free. So, this is like this Claude Rains in Casablanca saying that I’m shocked that there is gambling going on here – when he is obviously an integral part of it.

    Now, everything that I have said so far is a limited hangout. The limited hangout is from a book called, “The Cell” and it is written among other things by a guy called John Miller – an important guy who was Deputy Police Commissioner of New York City. He was a spokesman for the NYPD in ‘93-’94. He then went on to a brilliant career with ABC Television News. He’s now the Antiterror Director of the Los Angeles Police Department. So if you’re listening from Los Angeles, watch out for John Miller because he is the author of this cover-up. Because what I have said so far sounds like a damning indictment of these people but this is only the cover story. Now let’s get below the cover story as fast as we can.

    It turns out that Salem, having all these troubles with his FBI controllers and case officers, decides that he is going to have an insurance policy for himself. He’s going to have tapes of his conversations with the FBI controllers, and particularly with this guy Anticev. And remember Anticev is taking orders from Carson Dunbar. So here’s where we find that during the trial, Oct. 28th, 1993, in the New York Times, Ralph Blumenthal – you can find this all in my book, page 162. Law enforcement officials were told that terrorists were building a bomb that was eventually used to blow up the World Trade Center. And they, that is some of these officials, plan to thwart the plotters by secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives, as the informer said, after the blast. But the informer was to help the plotters build the bomb and supply fake powder, inert non-explosives. But the plan was called off by an FBI supervisor who had other ideas about how the informer, Emad Salem, should be used.

    In other words, Salem has a plan. He says, “Look, they are getting ready to put their truckload of explosive powder into the basement of the North Tower,” actually between the towers. “Let’s replace it with an inert powder that won’t explode.”

    And the FBI managers say, “No, it’s got to be the real powder. It can’t be a fake powder. It’s got to be the real thing.”

    And then he says, as this New York Times article goes on, we find the double agent, Salem the Egyptian, he comes to his FBI supervisor and he says, “This guy came in and messed it up.” So that’s Dunbar again. “He requested to meet me in the hotel. He requested to make me testify, and if he hadn’t pushed for that, we were going to build the bomb with phony powder and then arrest the people who were involved in it. But since you didn’t this, we couldn’t succeed.” He has a little bit broken English.

    The FBI case officer tells Salem, “I don’t think the New York FBI Office wants things like that to be communicated to Washington, DC.”

    So, there you have it.

    JB: Let’s also, for people this is so startling. I think people are so overwhelmed with this information Webster. Let’s remember that this is all on tape. And what you are quoting is an article by Ralph Blumenthal from the New York Times. It appeared Oct. 28, 1993. This is all on tape. Everything you just said about the planting inert explosives in order to catch everybody, which was Salem’s idea. And, of course, that being rejected by Dunbar and the FBI to give real explosives to these people who they corraled – the cell, who they’ve known about and corraled and nurtured all this time. This is all on tape.

    WT: Absolutely, and if you want to, you can get into the New York Times archive, you can see the actual articles. One of the them is the 27th of October, 1993, which is the general account of the tapes. And then on October 28th, pretty much what I’ve just read to you. This was in federal trial, Judge Michael Mukasey ruled, federal district judge, ruled that these tapes were not admissible in the trial of the terror cell. And of course the major thing is this should have been the basis for an immediate prosecution of Dunbar and the rest of these people – Anticev and the other FBI and New York City cops who were a part of this running of this group of patsies. The people who not only refused to arrest the patsies but refused to intervene to make sure that the explosives were taken out of the picture and an inert powder was put in. They refused to do that. So this should have been the basis of a federal prosecution of a series of law enforcement officers and, of course, it never was. And then if you look at these books, like “The Cell,” or Peter Lance or Steve Emerson, or Laurie Mylroie, there is not a word about Salem.

    JB: [crosstalk] They don’t mention the tapes; they don’t include it in their exposing…

    WT: It’s the central feature of the whole thing and they leave it out completely.

    JB: We are going to come back and we’re going to talk about the actual bombing itself, the incompetency of the patsies involved, and how Salem was later given $1.5 million to keep his mouth shut. Stay tuned. Deadline Live.


    JB: …going around the world that the bogeymen is actually the FBI, the CIA, and of course their globalist controllers. We’re with Webster Griffin Tarpley, his book “9/11 Synthetic Terror – Made in the USA.” Please go get this at Amazon.com. Get this information out to as many people as possible. It builds the foundation for our case on 9/11.

    Webster, we have about 7 or 8 minutes here. We’ve got a lot of information still left to cover – if you can quickly go over key players here. Another FBI informant, Melvin Lattimore. He used to purchase bomb-making materials for bombmakers Salem and Yousef. Also, he’s also connected to Timothy McVeigh.

    WT: Yes, some of these things you probably know better than I do. My main point was that the FBI wanted the 1993 Trade Center bombs to go off. They wanted to have real bombs and that’s all documented in the New York Times, “Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast.” So, I’m sure there are lots and lots of important aspects to this…

    JB: Ashcroft and Chertoff involved with Attorney Lynn Stewart who had been representing the blind Sheikh in the ’93 World Trade Center bombing. She’s indicted based on a DOJ wiretap. Chertoff not only covering up for many things but also covering up for this now in Homeland Security.

    Let’s do this Webster, take us into the bombings, just right after the bombing the arrest, if you could do that in just a couple of minutes and then we’ll talk about how the cover-up ensued.

    WT: Well obviously this created a huge shock. It was the first few weeks of the Clinton Administration. They had just been a shooting over at the CIA headquarters. Salem, after having produced these tapes for the court. The court kept the tapes secret. The court actually under federal judge Michael B. Mukasey slapped an embargo on the tapes. These were supposed to be kept under seal, secretly. They were leaked then, presumably by the defense team to the New York Times. William Kunstler, the attorney was working on the case but there are others who might have done it at the time. So this important stuff came into the public domain. Salem was given $1.5 million of hush money to keep his mouth shut. And, at that point, the case was pretty much closed.

    The Kean-Hamilton Commission, the so-called 9/11 Commission, has not one word about this entire thing. Nevertheless, they do talk about the World Trade Center, the bombings in the….

    JB: They used that as a pretext to indict bin Laden.

    WT: Correct and of course that goes way, way back and they’re just not interested in that. Since we have just a couple of minutes, maybe you’ll give me the liberty to say something I think we need to know about this stuff now. During the course of the summer, some of us basically figured out that whenever the invisible government wants to have a terror attack, they love to do it under the cover of a drill or an exercise that closely mimics the terror attack they want to have – before they kick these off.

    The shooting of Reagan in 1981, there was a presidential succession exercise [ ] the next day. On 9/11, we had a total of eleven exercises. One of them, the National Reconnaissance Office one involved crashing airplanes into government buildings. There was another one called “Amalgam Virgo,” which involved shooting a cruise missile off a freighter in the Gulf of Mexico and having that hit some target inside the United States. So the preparations for state sponsored terrorism have to go through the state military security bureaucracy and in order to do that, you’ve got to have a drill that looks very much like the terror action that you are going to have.

    If you look at the London 7/7 bombings, there was a drill called “ATLANTIC BLUE” by the British, “TOPOFF 3” by the U.S., and “TRIPLE PLAY” by Canada which was the story of bombs going off in the London Underground at the same time there was an important international conference happening somewhere in Britain. That would have been the G-8 in Gleneagles. And even on the same day as 7/7, we had Visor Consultants with Peter Power running a simulation of bombs in the London subway – at pretty much the same stations, at pretty much those same times.

    We’ve now got Cheney saying that there is going to be a new 9/11 and the Pentagon has to be ready for a nuclear attack on Iran. Now if you know Cheney, and his backers above all, his controllers, he is not going to wait for a new 9/11 to fall into his lap. He’s going to see to it that it happens. And so what we need is vigilance by citizens concerning military and/or terror drills in their area.

    We just had a wonderful case study in Charleston, South Carolina, which was “Sudden Response 05.” That was supposed to be a 10-kiloton nuclear explosion, theoretically, on a ship coming into the harbor and then how would they respond. We’ve got another one in the Los Angeles area called “Prompt Determination.” Scan websites in your local press to see military and above all terror exercises coming down the line toward you. And when you see one that looks like it could be [ ] with small changes, as we’ve seen in this case, you’ve got to denounce it, you’ve got to expose it. If you can’t do anything else, send me an account on it. Send it to the website at tarpley@tarpley.net. And we can put it out at various websites. There is one called http://www.total411.info that I would recommend that did a very good job on Charleston. And there’s another one called http://www.team8plus.org that is a little bit harder to follow as a website but it still has a lot of valuable information.

    So the idea is, we are poised on the brink of a new 9/11 and a war with Iran. It looked like a couple of days ago, the Pentagon came out and said that the 20,000 or 30,000 troops that they were going to put into Iraq for the elections between October and December were not going to be sent. That was to defend the elections but, of course, we know in reality those would have been the paratroopers and Special Forces that would have gone into Iran. However, in the press conference held just before our program started, Gen. Myers appearing with Rumsfeld said, “Disregard those press accounts. Everything that we were planning to send to Iraq,” he’s going to send. So I think it’s very dangerous, we are poised on the brink of a new 9/11 and …

    JB: I’m calling it 9/12 and they’ve all but come out and said that it’s going to happen. I think the moral to the story here and we did a pretty good job in the last 90 minutes trying to cover all the specifics and the particulars and getting the sources and the names for the ’93 World Trade Center bombing. The moral to the story is this isn’t incompetence, folks. They keep telling us this is incompetence. It’s not incompetence. There are drills. There are stings, command and control actual provocations of these alleged terrorists. And, of course, the subsequent cover-ups that follow along with all of this.

    And I think Webster, that it’s fair to say that if we read your book and we understand what happened in 1993, we’ll have a much better case to make about 9/11.

    WT: Absolutely, because what you cannot deny is the pattern. In any given case, the FBI or the CIA may indeed be experiencing an intelligence failure. But when you have a relentless pattern – always, one after the other, with no variation, then you realize that the pattern [crosstalk]

    JB: Yeah, that’s like any criminal investigation. When you find the pattern, you find who benefits and then you start putting your case together. 9/11 Synthetic Terror – Made in the USA, go get it on Amazon.com. Webster Tarpley, thank you for giving us your time today. And I hope to see you get this interview out to people far and wide. Thank you Webster.


    WT: Pleasure Jack, always.

    • Wow! Right around that time some generals claimed to have stopped Obama from using a false flag Nuclear attack including an EMP to knock out the East Coast grid and make it look like Iran did it. The Generals moved a bunch of Nuclear stuff into hiding in a remote region that Obama cannot access.
      One was even detonated underwater triggering a small earthquake off the North Carolina coast.

      I bet that attack was the false flag meant to happen to create martial law or at least partial martial law. Now Obama is likely pooping in his pants that his play toys were taken away.

      He is like a scared animal that knows he is about to be caged so is fighting back with his instincts. I don’t blame him though because if I knew I was being called out like he was if I did bad things I would be crapped too.

  • Moussaoui & the Anticev Connection
    B13555 / Wed, 8 Mar 2006 14:15:02 / “War on Terror”

    This was just posted at the LA Times, by Richard Serrano, a journalist I trust:RE: this week’s trial regarding moussaoui

    Here’s what I know about the culture of the FBI: these guys think of themselves as the top cops, they don’t truck incompetence, so when Michael Anticev takes the stand and plays dumb about Al Qaeda, he’s more likley withholding. FBI agents aren’t stupid. Reporter Serrano seems to get this, by referring to Anticev’s strange response:

    “Anticev either did not know many central facts about Al Qaeda and its operatives or did not want to publicly reveal them. He sometimes responded in faltering speech.”

    Here’s a side note, something that could be significant: Am I the only one who thinks that it’s creepy that the FBI guy who admitted the FBI knew all about planes being flown into buildings well before 9/11, Michael Anticev, has the same last name as the FBI agent John Anticev, who handled Emad Salem, the informant who said that the FBI “built the bomb” for the 1993 WTC bombing. Salem claimed that that bomb was built “under the supervising supervision of FBI.”

    Michael and John Anticev….are they brothers? Or what? What’s the link? This is developing. For now, I will paste in some stuff from my book, The Big Wedding, on John Anticev….

    Emad Salem was known to make tapes of every phone conversation he had, even when calling his bank or his psychic. The tapes Paul DeRienzo discovered record Emad Salem speaking with FBI Special Agent John Anticev, after the bombing. Emad was being recruited back into the fold, but this time, he wanted ten times as much money.
    Paul DeRienzo reported that, on this tape, “Salem refers to his and the Bureau’s involvement in making the bomb that blew up the World Trade Center. As Salem is pressing for money while emphasizing his value as a Bureau asset, the conversation moves in and out of references to the bombing and the FBI’s knowledge of the bomb making.”
    DeRienzo published the audio recording on his website, pdr.autono.net. Here’s a key excerpt:
    ANTICEV, FBI: You got paid regularly for good information. I mean the expenses were a little bit out of the ordinary and it was really questioned. Don’t tell Nancy I told you this.
    SALEM: Well, I have to tell her, of course.
    FBI: Well then, if you have to, you have to.
    SALEM: Yeah, I mean because the lady was being honest, and I was being honest, and everything was submitted with receipts, and now it’s questionable.
    FBI: It’s not questionable, it’s like a little out of the ordinary.
    SALEM: OK. I don’t think it was. If that what you think guys, fine, but I don’t think that because we was start already building the bomb which is went off in the World Trade Center. It was built by supervising supervision from the Bureau and the DA, and we was all informed about it and we know what the bomb start to be built. By who? By your confidential informant. What a wonderful great case! And then he put his head in the sand I said, “Oh, no, no, that’s not true, he is son of a bitch.” (Deep breath) OK. It’s built with a different way in another place and that’s it.
    FBI: No, don’t make any rash decisions. I’m just trying to be as honest with you as I can.
    SALEM: Of course, I appreciate that.

    If you stick with it and listen to the entire audio file on DeRienzo’s site, there’s a dramatic moment at the end, when John Anticev seems to show his hand. Wondering why Anticev didn’t contradict Salem when Salem accused the FBI of “building the bomb” with the “supervision of the Bureau”?
    Perhaps because the 1993 bombing was a dry run to see if an attack on the World Trade Center could happen and be covered up under the auspices of the FBI and other intelligence groups. Anticev was OK with what happened, he reassured Salem (and himself?) that:

    “We’re doing this for a higher reason. We know what we’re doing and we know what it’s gonna mean in the future. Forget about bureaucrats! Forget about them. They come and go, OK? We know what we’re doing, and at the end we’re gonna at least be able to look at each other and say we tried the best we could, ya know? Not for the government. The ‘government’ is this very, you know, what do you call, unidentifiable thing, you know? It’s a, sometimes it’s one person affecting you, sometimes it’s bureaucratic things, but we’ll still know what we did. That’s all we’re gonna say.”

    John Anticev= John Michael Anticev, born November 18, 1958
    Michael Anticev is indeed John’s brother and has been investigating Al Qaeda since 1996.


  • A number of years ago I watched a television documentary on the bombing of the WTC in 1993. From the inception of the bombing until bombed. I believe six killed and thousands injured. The FBI or CIA agent that took the bomber (forget his name) to prison to wait trial made this comment to him. Paraphrasing..Well, you didn’t get the job done, did you? The perp/bomber replied “NOT THIS TIME.” and yet the FBI/CIA/Homeland Security, etc. knowing of the comment sat back on their over paid asses and what happened next. 9-11..Thousands died, thousands injured and all because some idiots didn’t see red or red flags when the perp responded “NOT THIS TIME.”

    • That’s because you”re favorite hero Bill Clinton cut back funding and put up a bunch of red tape. Many FBI agents were going to go forward but couldn’t because they were prevented by Congress and hit roadblock after roadblock.

      One terrorist who overstayed his VISA was within grasp but wasn’t allowed to have his laptop searched when in prison blocked by Congress. Later it wounded up having the blue prints and who knows what else.

      The FBI agent should’ve searched it anyways and risked a bad rep then show the press the goodies but then again often you realize stuff only when in hindsight mode.

  • I will make two posts to help them not be so long as a lot of people I found out now use their phones to read things which is almost impossible to do unless it’s an expensive model which still you have to click click click/scroll scroll scroll.

    The only reason any effort was done during Katrina was because conspiracy theorists spoke out too much and criticized the Bush Media and Rush defending Bush sickened me though now he has admitted to not care about ANY political parties and makes fun of both the last few years when caught doing illegal stuff.

    He only knows what he researches so he needs listeners like you to phone in and often he learns a thing or two when the person phoning can speak in a way that makes sense. He has times set aside just for listeners to phone in concerns and you can rant away.
    That’s usually when I listen in as he goes off the deep in in his regular shows but his phone time is fun hearing people scream and rant and he has to keep his cool and not call them names they often deserve.

  • During one interview on the Rush show a listener was talking SO FAST nobody could keep up and then she started screaming about how Obama was going to pay her house off since she was in serious debt. During her ranting if you could keep up it wounded up she was spending money foolishly on fancy junk instead of paying the important stuff off first. and another listener was living in a card board box *literally* and said Obama would pay for her to go to Collage which is why she voted for him during the 2012 elections.

    Now that we have Obama in charge it’s the leftist media that is doing the dirty political work and the right media doing the speaking out but sadly they are only attacking Obama’s lesser issues *Cough* Birth Certificate *Cough* while ignoring his foreign policy blunders which people like Alex Jones are all too often to point out.

    It’s as if a dictator of a Middle East kingdom was attacked by the press for abusing his pet pooch to draw attention away from using stolen money to fund terrorism and bringing in illegal weapons to terrorize the Western World. (Fast and Furious)

    The rest of the crowd is so *concerned* about the abused pooch the rest of the dictator scandals are overlooked and then forgotten about until someone opens up the can of worms later.
    I call it the *Distraction* technique when a dictator feels he is about to lose approval calls attention to one of his lesser crimes equal to parking tickets so it will seem like justice is being done when it is a joke!.

    Both American parties are guilty of this because they don’t follow moral code of the bible. The Right claim they do but look into their actual history and they are less likely then the Democrats to go into heaven not that either of them will due to their scandals and scandals within scandals.

    I wish we would have 5 different political parties so there will be a little bit of something for everyone.

    We need a MAJOR spiritual awakening but I don’t think it’s gonna happen for another 500 years. I think we are in a *cycle* of decline that happens every 500 years which there are kingdom expansions and declines.

  • However I also learned one women who DID use social welfare because she was disabled was not allowed to save up to buy a cheap car to get to work she was doing a job interview for which Rush immediately has sympathy for her.

    She almost had it saved up to pay the car in full amount but the government threatened to cancel her welfare account if she didn’t use it up right away because she was over her *limit* on how much she can save.

    There is all sorts of silly rules that have no meaning when you use welfare that do absolutely nothing to deter criminals but hurts the good people instead.

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