Mexican Drug Cartels Carry Out Ritualistic ‘Masonic Executions’ (Graphic Images)

By Mario Andrade
April 5, 2011


In recent weeks, there have been many ritualistic ‘Masonic executions’ in the Mexican state of Michoacan. A group of hit men who call themselves ‘the Knights Templar’ has been carrying out executions including hanging ‘traitors’ under bridges. Several executed victims have been found in the region with hand-written signs that say ‘thief’ or ‘traitor to the Templar rules,’ or ‘for violating the oath of Templar rules of secrecy.’

The Masonic ritual of hanging someone from a bridge symbolizes the execution of someone who has betrayed a Freemasonic organization, such as the infamous execution of the Vatican banker (and Silvio Berlusconi business partner) Roberto Calvi under the London Blackfriars Bridge in 1982.

Some Mexican drug cartels have adopted esoteric names for their organizations, such as 'The Knights Templar' and the newest drug cartel known as 'The Hand With Eyes.'

The criminal organization known as the ‘the Knights Templar’ in Mexico have also posted hand-written signs next to the men they execute, declaring their allegiance to the drug cartel known as “La Familia Michoacana” in the state of Michoacan (Felipe Calderon’s home state).

Some of the hangings have been taken place under a bridge at the Nueva Italia (New Italy) Highway. The bodies of the victims show signs of torture, bullet wounds, and their heads are covered with a black hood or plastic bag.

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