Weirdest Charlie Manson interview EVER – Jack Blood vs Vincent Bugliosi

Save this BEFORE its driven off the web!!!!!! (We offer no such guarantees!)

In this exclusive radio interview Jack Blood asks the nagging questions about the Manson Trial, never before put to prosecutor Bugliosi. (COMPARE THIS TO THE RECENT – NQA – No questions asked) Interview by alex jones. NO FEAR here! Even Charlie Himself has peaked interest in this GRILLING!

Listen as Jack leads the witness, and effectively gets him to hang himself. If you ever thought Vincent Bugliosi was a gatekeeper and a hypocrite… This radio exclusive proves it – to the most important jury of all. The jury of “We the People –

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  • This guy is embarrassing, if he would have stroked himself any more I would have thought I was on a porn site. What a freak.

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