Call to ACTION TX – Forced “mental health” (Eugenics) Screening up for Vote tonight! Call TX Congress!

ED NOTE: Lee Spiller will be on the air with us tomorrow to break this down, but we need action TODAY! We stopped this a few years back under Bush / Perry. It was part of ‘No Child left behind’ (NCLB) right from the Eugenics arm of the UN (UNESCO) and packaged in something called (of all things) “The New Freedom Initiative” – This would require our children to undergo an (Eli Lilly backed) forced mental health “screening” by state psychiatrists – and the forced subsequent drugging of those who do not “pass” the test!

Anyway, the bill is HB1386 by Representative Garnet Coleman.

While the bill was amended in committee to include all sorts of language about involving parents, it is simply nothing but a school mental health marketing bill. This bill calls on the Texas Education Agency to promote “best practices” in early mental health intervention, suicide prevention and bullying prevention to our schools. Our schools would then adopt such programs.

TEA can accept gifts, donations, or grants from any source in developing these materials. They can even accept donations from psych hospitals and drug companies.

Teachers, administrators, law enforcement and other staff would be trained to recognize mental problems in our kids and then it would be katy bar the door.

This is not about suicide prevention. The bill even calls for such mental health marketing in elementary schools even though no child aged 5-9 has committed suicide in Texas at least since 1999. The truth is that suicide rates in Texas teens are extremely low and have been declining since 2000. Therefore, this bill can only be about labeling and drugging our children.

The bill would encourage school boards to develop a “notice of necessity” for mental health services to send to parents.

Once identified by such a document, it is extremely likely that uncooperative parents would be reported to CPS? How do we know this? It happened to a Pflugerville family after their daughter was identified through a school mental health program. Their daughter was taken, placed in Austin State Hospital, heavily drugged, repeatedly restrained, and it took over 7 months for her to be returned to her home. Her life has been ruined.

Please warn your listeners. This bill is on the house Calendar for today. It could pass the Texas House of Representatives today or tomorrow.

Please urge your listeners to call their State Representatives. They can go to and click on “Who Represents Me? to find their Rep.

Also, they should call the Speaker of the Texas House and urge him to keep this bill from coming up. His number is 512-463-1000.

Thanks for your help. Obviously I’ll be really busy for the next couple of days, but we should try to squeeze in the time to do a show, either on this bill or on SB293, the tele-monitoring bill by Senator Kirk Watson. It is a very intrusive, very scary bill. An invasion of privacy for certain population.

Lee Spiller, Citizens Commission on Human Rights




    HB1386 passed on second reading last night. It will go to third reading today and then on to the Senate.

    This bill, as you know, expands mental health screenings in schools, allows the Texas Education Agency to accept donations from anyone, even drug companies, for the development and dissemination of “best practices” in early mental health intervention and in suicide prevention. These “best practices” will most likely be those that are funded and promoted by drug companies and their front groups.

    While this bill makes mention of parental choice, it has no such provision. Besides, parental choice is a moot point when you have Child Protective Services at your door accusing you of medical neglect.

    Besides, parental consent is only as good as parents are actually informed of what is taking place.

    Who benefits?

    Psychiatrists, drug companies, anyone who wants to make a fast buck off of labeling and drugging your children.

    People need to continue to make calls to the Speaker of the Texas House at 512-463-1000.

    Thanks for blasting this out and keeping people aware. It is urgent that people make calls.


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