DEADLINE LIVE EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Newest CIA Death Squad Called ‘Los Matazetas’ (Killers of Zetas)

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By Mario Andrade
July 31, 2011

In light of the first year anniversary of the death of CIA drug smuggler Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Coronel in Mexico, his followers –a rogue Sinaloa Cartel cell operating in the state of Jalisco- announced the creation of ‘Los Matazetas’ or ‘Killers of Zetas.’

Nacho Coronel was known for using CIA rendition aircraft to smuggle cocaine belonging to the Sinaloa Drug Cartel into the United States. Coronel was allegedly killed on July of last year by the Mexican government in a joint operation between the federal police and the Mexican military. Coronel’s people fought against Los Zetas for the control of the Yucatan peninsula, the state of Veracruz and many other regions in Mexico.

Recently, Nacho Coronel’s rogue Sinaloa cartel cell formed what’s now known as ‘the New Generation Jalisco Cartel’ in order to replace the old cartel members from the Guadalajara-Puerto Vallarta area. In essence, this is a way for the CIA-affiliated Sinaloa Cartel to micromanage the local criminal activities, using Sinaloa Cartel members and changing the name of their organization to ‘Jalisco’ to make it sound like they are from the local area.

Once the Jalisco Cartel was realigned, they then proceeded to recruit the troops on the ground to protect and expand their territory (where ever possible). They formed what is now known as ‘Los Matazetas.’

Last week, ‘Los Matazetas’ launched their web video, introducing themselves to the rest of the Mexicans. In the video, they mention the importance of eliminating what’s one of the biggest problems in Mexico: Los Zetas. The video shows a group of some 30 armed men, wearing body armor and face hoods. By looking at the way they hold their weapons, one can tell that some of them are current or former Mexican military. Others are probably former police officers. The man speaking in the video sounds like a military commander.

Without a doubt, like in many other parts of Mexico where the citizens are beginning to take up arms and fight the drug cartels, mainly Los Zetas, many of these men believe they are ‘doing the right thing’ because the Mexican government will never solve the Zeta problem. The majority of these men believe they are in a real war or a real revolution. However, they ignore who their bosses really work for: the Mexican narco-state, the CIA and the international banking cartel. These men are being used to eliminate the Mexican narco-state’s biggest competitors: Los Zetas; and therefore, reassuring that the CIA and the banks involved in money laundering continue increasing their profits for their black budgets (covert operations budgets).

The following is the video and the exclusive translation into English of Los Matazetas introducing themselves and announcing their intentions to ‘take back’ the state of Veracruz:


Good afternoon. It is 4PM of July 27, of the current year. We’d like to announce to the state of Veracruz and the rest of the Mexican Republic, that we are the group Los Matazetas from the New Generation Jalisco Cartel, and that this fight against the criminal group of kidnappers known as Los Zetas started because of the harm they’ve done to our colleagues, our friends, our families and the rest of the people in the state of Veracruz.

The fight has not been easy. Since 2006, we’ve been fighting to keep the tranquility and security of everyone our fellow countrymen in Veracruz. Here, it is nothing new that the municipal police and the state police work for them. We know that they carry out the kidnappings and then turn over the victims to Los Zetas. In every corporation (government organization), there’s corruption from a police officer to a court prosecutor, of which we have knowledge and we will announce their names.

Also, we would like to tell to you all that you don’t need to be afraid because the man who brought them to your state has already finished his term as governor: Mr. Fidel Herrera Beltran, aka. Zeta 1 (they allege that the former Veracruz governor was a member of Los Zetas). Everyone in the entire republic knows that he helped them carry out all of the kidnappings, extortions and the rest of the illicit activities.

We would also like to request for the journalists out there to not let the death of our friends go in vain, Milo Vela and Yolanda Ordaz (two journalists killed in Veracruz last week). We know the people that killed them were Gilberto Osorio Lopez, aka. ‘El Gordo Osorio,’ Juan Alberto Rodriguez Estrada, aka. ‘El Caribe,’ Hector Mendez Romero, aka ‘El Gordo Chachas,’ and Tulio, former Zeta hitmen boss, because our (journalist) friends were providing information to the authorities that was going to lead to their capture.

We asked the people of Veracruz to report them to SEDENA (Secretariat of National Defense) and the navy. They are the only ones in this state who have not been corrupted by their money. To those family members who have suffered due to the death of a loved one because of these scumbag Zetas, and if they have knowledge that can lead to their capture, report them to these authorities.

Through this conduit, we would also like to reach out to Governor Javier Duarte to express our respect and admiration for fighting against these scumbag Zetas, and to let him know that this is not a matter of politics or intended to affect his governorship; this is for our countrymen because they are tired of so much injustice. I wish every single one of them could speak up end express how they feel about what those scumbags have done to them. But unfortunately, not every one of them have the capability, connections or financial means to seek that they are brought to justice, and others are simply afraid to report these cases because of the government corruption.

We’d like to say to all Mexicans that this is the moment to act. We are all free. There will never be an end to drug trafficking, but we can still turn this around for the sake of achieving peace, tranquility, and for the future of our children. If we don’t act, what can we expect in the future of our lives? Are we going to live in fear, thinking that at any moment, they can show up to demand that we pay them protection money, or to kidnap one of our loved ones so they can take what we earn with our hard honest work?

Those people don’t have any respect for anything. They rape, kidnap, kill and imposed their so-called protection money payments. Let’s not wait any longer, for tomorrow this situation may affect you or one of your loved ones. This is the moment for anyone who has any information about any Zeta, whether here or in another state, report them. To this matter, we will solve this problem our way. We have demonstrated you all that we give death to all of those (Zetas) we capture.

Finally, we would like to salute all of those who have continued to fight against Los Zetas, and we will like for them to know that everyone of Los Zetas’ enemies is our friend.


Group Matazetas of the New Generation Jalisco Cartel. Thank you very much, gentlemen.

Pirates of Savannah, A Book Review

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I must admit, I am a tad bit jealous of Tarrin Lupo. He is a man of many talents, not the least of which is his ability to tell a story. His book, “Pirates of Savannah,” is a well crafted historical fiction that recounts a time nearly forgotten and hardly ever mentioned in the study of United States history. Through the eyes of Patrick Willis, a man condemned to live out his years in the king’s debt prison, we experience the new world of the colonies a few decades before the Americans declared their independence from the English crown. It is an exciting and sometimes disturbing tale, an interesting mix of fact and fiction that will keep the reader turning the page to learn the fate of the main characters. Read more

DEADLINE LIVE EXCLUSIVE: Norway Terrorist Purchased ‘CIA Caltrop’ Tire Spikes From Mexico

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By Mario Andrade
July 31, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik, the terrorist responsible for last week’s Oslo attacks purchased what’s known as ‘CIA Caltrop’ tire spikes from a Mexican security firm.

In his manifesto, Breivik provides the name and address of the firm, which is Prosperity Technologies, located in the Guadalajara suburb of Zapopan, Mexico.

The tire spikes, known as caltrops, were originally designed by the CIA to puncture vehicle tires. These spikes are very popular with private security companies and drug cartels in Mexico. The cartels use them against police and military when their vehicles are being chased.

The Mexican security firm Prosperity Technologies also sells bullet-proof vehicles. While this company does not have a website, it uses multiple e-commerce sites in several different languages, including German, Italian and Arabic to sell its products.

The U.S.-based Spanish-speaking Univision news network and many different Mexican newspapers have tried to contact the alleged owner of the company, Sergio Anaya, but the supposed company address leads to an apartment complex. The reporters asked some of the residents if they knew about this security firm, but no one did.

Breivik mentions in his manifesto that he purchased 60 of these spikes and had them delivered via FedEx or UPS because ‘it’s easier for the items to get through customs inspections.’

His manifesto also includes a copy of his résumé, mentioning that he has traveled to Mexico. However, the newspaper El Sol de Mexico contacted the Mexican immigration department and there is no record of Breivik ever entering that country.

Below is an excerpt from Breivik’s manifesto, mentioning the purchase of ‘CIA Caltrop’  tire spikes:

Caltrops – immediate vehicle-disabling road block

A caltrop (also known as caltrap, galtrop, cheval trap, galthrap, galtrap, calthrop, crow’s foot) is an anti-vehicle weapon made up of two or more sharp nails or spines arranged in such a manner that one of them always points upward from a stable base.

These ancient weapons may be thought of as the landmines of antiquity, useful to shape the battlefield and force the enemy into certain paths and approaches, or to provide a passive defense as part of a defensive works system. Caltrops served to slow down the advance of horses, war elephants, and human troops. They were said to be particularly effective against the soft feet of camels. In more modern times, caltrops are used against wheeled vehicles with or without pneumatic tires.

The best caltrops available against vehicles are hollow spikes which puncture self-sealing rubber tires. The hole in the center allows air to escape even if the other end of the tube is sealed by soft ground.

These caltrops can be ordered from the following supplier:

Sergio Anaya, Guadalajara Mexico
Prosperity Technologies, Inc.
Street Address: Privada San Carlos 1044
City: Zapopan
Province/State: Jalisco
Country/Region: Mexico
Zip: 45236
Telephone: 52-331-4875439
Mobile Phone: 3314875439

Prices vary from 3-5 USD per caltrop depending on the amount you order. Keep in mind that you will use approximately 10-20 caltrops to effectively create a vehicle-disabling roadblock. Caltrops are very useful for certain missions where it is necessary to either escape (use on free-way to prevent pursuit), to block of roads or to cause havoc in situations where you want to prevent system protectors from pursuing you.

Usually, shipments by courier (fedex, UPS etc.) will have a higher chance of not being seized. The sellers are familiar with import restrictions and will usually mark the shipment with “metal handicrafts” or other vague descriptions. I ordered 60 caltrops.


After terror attacks, Norway’s Labour Party sees popularity soar

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Norway’s ruling Labour Party, which was the target of the bloody twin attacks on 22 July, has seen its popularity soar since the massacre, a poll published Sunday showed.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg’s party received 41.7 per cent support in a Synovate poll of 500 people carried out between 29-30 July — a hike of 11.1 percentage points from a similar poll conducted a month ago.

The populist right Progress Party, of which the confessed killer Anders Behring Breivik had been a member until 2006, meanwhile lost three points, landing at 16.5-per cent support.

The immigration-skeptical party, which has long held the position of Norway’s second largest party and the largest one in opposition, was thus trailing far behind the opposition Conservative Party, although it, too, took a hit, falling to 23.7 per cent from 28.5 per cent in June.

Stoltenberg, whose own offices were among those hit in the bombing in Oslo that killed eight people and whose party’s island youth camp was the site of a shooting massacre that killed 69 others, has been widely hailed for his handling of the crisis.

He has been lauded for his calls for tolerance and his calming presence and support to victims and their families.

Behring Breivik, 32, has said he carried out the attacks that left a total of 77 dead to ward off a “Muslim invasion” and fight European multiculturalism.



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Larry Flynt on the American Justice System, and on offer 1/2 million + $ for Casey Anthony to appear in Skin Mag

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Anders Behring Breivik, Mystery Man – Following the money trail

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Welcome to Norway!


by , July 29, 2011

What do we really know about Anders Behring Breivik, the Norway mass murderer who killed in the name of his anti-Muslim ideology, nearly a week after his horrific rampage? We know what he did, and why he did it: he left behind not only a 1,500 page manifesto, in which he pours out his hatred of Muslims, but also a day-by-day diary that details his elaborate preparations, in which he claims his crime was nine years in the making.

That’s an awfully long time for a “lone wolf” to keep his plans to himself, yet the head of Norway’s intelligence agency was quick to state Breivik acted alone – this is spite of Breivik’s own contention, in his online “book,” that two other cells of his “Knights Templar Europe” exist. Furthermore, according to Breivik, the Knights were founded at a London meeting in 2002, at which his British “mentor” and representatives from across the continent were in attendance.  

What we don’t know, however, is how he did it. Oh, he gives us a detailed account of his obsessive preparations, including how much protein he added to his weightlifting regimen. We know he set up a front company, Breivik Geofarm, supposedly devoted to the growing of tubers, which is how he managed to get the fertilizer that was a key component of his car bomb. What we don’t know, however, is where money came from.

Breivik hadn’t had much income recently, as detailed here – yet he seemed to have some assets. The exact source of these assets is unknown. According to him, he “earned his first million kroner as an entrepreneur at the age of 24.” Yet a number of news accounts flatly contradict this, notably the Sydney Morning Herald, which reports:

“Government records suggest that despite his management qualifications, his early attempts at business were a failure until he established Breivik Geofarm in eastern Norway for the cultivation of ‘’vegetables, melons and tubers.’ The business would have given Breivik access to nitrogen-based fertilizer – one of the main ingredients of a fertilizer bomb.”

Yet “Breivik Geofarm” was, according to Breivik, just a “front” company, a legal shell meant to shield his activities from prying eyes. We don’t know that he ever grew a single tuber. The Wall Street Journal tells us:

“Government records show Mr. Breivik registered a business, Geofarm, in May 2009, though its main business activity was at first listed as trading stocks and other investments. Tax records show he reported no income that year but listed 390,171 kroner (about $50,000) in unverified assets.”

If Breivik’s business ventures were failures prior to the Geofarm project, then where did these unverified assets come from? According to the Independent:

“After school, Breivik did a brief stint in the army, and then appears to have gone from one job to the next. He is believed to have started a computer company and earned enough money to live in a luxury apartment and sport a Breitling watch. However, other reports suggest that for years he worked in a lowly call center and lived almost anonymously.

“… Exactly what he lived on in the run- up to the massacre remains a mystery. But his bank details reveal that in 2007, a sum equivalent to €80,000 (£70,000) was added to his account, which would have enabled him to live without having to work.”

The mystery deepens….

Check out Breivik’s resume here, wherein he claims to have been the “managing director” of “E-Commerce Group AS,” which is described as a “part investment company – 50%, part sales/outsourcing company – 50%,” with a “total of 7 employees: 3 in Norway, 1 in Russia, 1 in Indonesia, 1 in Romania, 1 in the US.” Like Breivik Geofarm, he says:

“This was a front (milking cow) with the purpose of financing resistance/liberation related military operations. The company was successful although most of the funds were channeled through a Caribbean subsidiary (with base in Antigua, a location where European countries do not have access): Brentwood Solutions Limited with bank accounts in other Caribbean nations and Eastern Europe. E-Commerce Group was terminated in 2007 while most of the funds were channeled in an ‘unorthodox manner’ to Norway available to the coming intellectual and subsequent operations phase.”

There is no online record of Breivik’s “E-Commerce Group AS,” as far as I can see: an odd happenstance for an e-commerce outfit, wouldn’t you say? As for Brentwood Solutions Limited, there is no record of those guys, either: however, there is a Brentwood Solutions LLC in Naples, Florida. In any case, what I want to know is how did Breivik manage to get his hands on the equivalent of nearly $115,000 added to his account in 2007? If the money was legitimately earned, then why hide it in Caribbean and Eastern European banks and why go through “unorthodox” procedures in order to sneak it into Norway?

Okay, now let’s summarize what we know about Breivik’s money trail, based not on what he says in his diary but on what little investigative reporting has been done on the matter. It boils down to this: His tax records show a small income in 2007 – the year all that money miraculously appeared in his bank account – and a bit more in 2008. He had no reported income in 2006 and 2009. Prior to that, there is no evidence of his “first million” anywhere to be seen.

While his diary emphasizes that he saved every penny to finance his terrorist operation, there had to be some income coming in from somewhere. And then there’s that mysterious $115,000 – did he rob a bank? Or did he have a benefactor? Here is where Breivik’s money trail simply … trails off.

The idea that Breivik acted alone is absurd: he had to have help, just on logistical matters, never mind the financial side of such an operation. Furthermore, it’s hard – nay, impossible – to believe he kept the secret to himself for nine years. In order to escape detection, and have the means to carry off such a complicated operation, Breivik must have had some organized assistance – and not from amateurs, by any means. At this point, we don’t know from whom.

However, we can see in the reaction to his murderous assault a kind of support network that has sprung up, if not to defend him personally then to defend his motivations and the ethos from which his hatred welled up. As I have said in my other columns on this subject, the so-called counter-jihadist milieu – whose writings were copiously cited in the online manifesto – provided the theoretical basis for Breivik’s horrific actions. The “anti-jihadist” pro-Israel blogosphere played an important role in reinforcing and elaborating Breivik’s crazed worldview, and there is even some frightening evidence that they played more of an activist role than that.  

In a post dated June 24, 2007, Pamela Geller, a leading light of the counter-jihadi movement, posted the following on her web site:

“I am running an email I received from an Atlas reader in Norway. It is devastating in its matter-of-factness.

“Well, yes, the situation is worsening. Stepping up from 29 000 immigrants every year, in 2007 we will be getting a total of 35 000 immigrants from somalia, iran, iraq and afghanistan. The nations capital is already 50% muslim, and they ALL go there after entering Norway. Adding the 1.2 births per woman per year from muslim women, there will be 300 000+ muslims out of the then 480 000 inhabitants of that city.  

“Orders from Libya and Iran say that Oslo will be known as Medina at the latest in 2010, although I consider this a PR-stunt nevertheless it is their plan.

“From Israel the hordes clawing at the walls of Jerusalem proclaim cheerfully that next year there will be no more Israel, and I know Israel shrugs this off as do I, and will mount a strike during the summer against all of its enemies in the middle east. This will make the muslims worldwide go into a frenzy, attacking everyone around them.  

“We are stockpiling and caching weapons, ammunition and equipment. This is going to happen fast.  

“Before, I thought about emigrating to Britain, Israel, USA, South Africa, etc. for taxes and politics, but instead (although I believe we are the very last generation on earth before the return of God) I will stay and fight for the right to this country and indeed the entire peninsula, for the God-fearing people, just in case this isn’t the end of the world after all. Doesn’t hurt to have a backup plan.  

“It’s far from impossible to achieve, after all my people has done it every time before, in feats that match the ancient Greek, hebrew and british ‘legends’.  

“Oslo and the southeast may fall easily, but there are other lines than ‘state’-borders drawn across this country since long before there was even a single muslim in the world, and we have held them this long, against everyone else too. We are entering a new golden age for my people, and those of a handful other countrys, but only through struggle.

“Never fear, Pamela. God is with you too in this coming time.”

In the comments, one of Geller’s readers warns that the author of the letter could be prosecuted by Swedish authorities. Geller replies: “Yes … which is why I ran it anonymously.”

So here is some nut stockpiling “weapons, ammunition, and equipment,” because “this is going to happen fast” – with Geller’s enthusiastic encouragement. Indeed, she’s so concerned her correspondent might be arrested that she’s protecting his identity.

Who is Geller’s mystery correspondent – is it the same Norwegian nut-case who ruthlessly cut down dozens of children, or a different one waiting in the wings to do the same? Come on, Pamela – clear up the mystery. Or would you rather continue to shield your fellow “counter-jihadist”?

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the leaders and “scholars” who provided Breivik with the intellectual and political support he needed also provided more substantial support, such as ensuring the confidentiality of communications with the “Knights.” Geller has already gone on the public record as supporting the thugs of the English Defense League, who troll the streets of British cities looking for Muslim victims – why not Breivik?

Never has a “lone wolf” had this much company.

Read more by Justin Raimondo

Bill Would Force Intel Chief to Renounce ‘Secret Patriot Act’

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Spenser Ackerman

For months, two Senators have screamed bloody murder that the government holds a secret legal interpretation of the Patriot Actso broad that it amounts to a whole different law giving the feds massive domestic surveillance powers. Now, a measure by Sens. Ron Wyden and Mark Udall would force the U.S. intelligence chief, and by extension the entire intelligence community, to admit that they went too far in their Patriot Act interpretations — if they don’t find a way to wiggle out of it.

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence meets Thursday to prepare the annual bill authorizing the U.S. intelligence agency’s operations. During that “mark-up” process, Wyden and Udall will ask their colleagues to include a measure compelling the Director of National Intelligence and the Attorney General to produce a “detailed assessment of the problems posed by the reliance of government agencies” (.pdf) on “interpretations of domestic surveillance authorities that are inconsistent with the understanding of such authorities by the public.” Wyden’s staff provided Danger Room with a copy of the proposed amendment.

Specifically, Attorney General Eric Holder and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper would have to produce “a plan for addressing such problems” with secret legal interpretations regarding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and the Patriot Act, the government’s two most important domestic spying laws.

The bill, though, doesn’t force Holder and Clapper to roll back those secret interpretations. They’ve just got to basically admit they’ve messed up. Even if Wyden and Udall can get their colleagues to sign on to their effort, it would be naive to think the nation’s top prosecutor and intelligence officer are so thick that they can’t find an artful way of saying they’ve done nothing wrong.


The irony is that this week, Clapper’s office conceded to the Senate panel that they have indeed been secretly re-interpreting the Patriot Act. A letter from a Clapper aide to Wyden and Udall implied as much (.pdf), and pledged to consider making those secret interpretations public. And Tuesday, the Obama administration’s nominee to lead the National Counterterrorism Center, Matthew Olsen, acknowledged that “some of the pleadings and opinions related to the Patriot Act” to the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that approves snooping warrants “are classified.”

Olsen, who currently serves as the top lawyer for the National Security Agency, added that “similar” secret interpretations exist for the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, which already expanded FISA’s scope for what some consider blanket surveillance.

Under Wyden and Udall’s amendment, Holder and Clapper would have to deliver a public assessment to the intelligence committees in the House and Senate about the perfidies of secret surveillance law within 60 days of passage.

It’s entirely unclear whether they’ve got the votes to get their measure into the intelligence bill. Not many senators on the intelligence panel signed on to Wyden and Udall’s outrage about secret expansions of the Patriot Act when they unveiled their worries in May. A vote on sending the intel bill to the full Senate could happen as early as Thursday. Even if it passes, it’s essentially up to Holder and Clapper to decide how much wrongdoing they want to admit to in the letter.

“It is critical that officials of the United States not secretly reinterpret public laws in a manner that is inconsistent with the public’s understanding of such laws,” Wyden and Udall’s proposal reads, “and not describe the execution of such laws in a way that misinforms or misleads the public.”

Photo: jonathanmcintosh/Flickr

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4 Recent Scientific Blows to the Global Warming Theory

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Wikimedia Commons Image

Activist Post

The science behind the anthropogenic global warming theory appears to be falling apart with each new scientific study. Global warming, now often referred to as “climate change,” is still reported as fact in every establishment publication despite increasing evidence to the contrary.  It’s difficult to argue that the climate is not shifting in some noticeable way, yet recent reports clearly show that the science is not as settled as some global warming advocates would suggest.

In fact, since the Climategate scandal broke, where top climate scientists were caught manipulating data to fit the theory, polls have shown the number of global warming believers has plummeted to new lows. Notably, this has occurred while every major media outlet has promoted the theory as environmental law.  The record number of skeptics has inspired Al Gore to create a new climate re-education project where he claims “The climate crisis is real and we know how to solve it.”

Even though Gore claims to know how to solve an unproven theory, the proposed solutions to global warming are now drawing scathing criticism from some world leaders like Czech President Vaclav Klaus. Klaus, an economist who lived through the rise and fall of communism, recently said that the climate change movement is a threat to democracy.

“I consider (the global warming doctrine) a new dangerous attempt to control and mastermind my life and our lives, in the name of controlling the climate or temperature,” Klaus said to an audience of the Australian-based think-tank Institute of Public Affairs.  Klaus also exposed phony environmentalists, “They don’t care about resources or poverty or pollution. They hate us, the humans. They consider us dangerous and sinful creatures who must be controlled by them.”

Rhetoric aside, the science now pouring in appears to further debunk the anthropogenic global warming theory.  Here are four recent developments that damage the theory:

1. A biologist who claimed that polar bears were drowning because of melting ice has been suspended and is being investigated for scientific misconduct following his “veracity” in emotionalizing a debunked topic.  Get ready for Polarbeargate.

2. Today, new NASA data blows a gaping hole in global warming alarmism: “NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth’s atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing.”

3. CERN physicists conducted a cosmic ray climate experiment that is said to directly contradict the climate change debate in the political arena.  Apparently, so much so that the scientists have been gagged from discussing their findings reportedly proving that cosmic (space-based) energy has a far greater effect on the climate than previously believed.

4.  A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science found evidence that coal burning plants may actually be cooling the planet. The findings have been accepted to the point of suggesting using sulfur to combat global warming; “Sulfur’s ability to cool things down has led some to suggest using it in a geo-engineering feat to cool the planet.”  If anything, this study proves that the science behind the anthropogenic global warming theory is unproven.

The stakes are incredibly high in the climate change debate, and global solutions are being offered to us by some less-than reputable leaders, including the international banking cartel.  We should remain skeptical and continue to gather more evidence, or the proposed solutions for the climate might lead to other changes that we could live to regret.

S.C. Police on Alert After Political Activist “Liked” Article on Facebook

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Image source

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Thursday, July 28, 2011

With the increase in propaganda being pushed by the mainstream media government police state agencies regarding “right wing extremists” and “domestic terrorists,” many are no longer surprised when law enforcement or government agents single out individuals or groups that may express controversial or unpopular points of view, or even points of view that are simply critical of government or its agents.

Most people are content to accept the fact that these types of free speech violations happen but that they happen somewhere else like New York or Los Angeles where any number of things can happen on any given day.

However, some South Carolina residents are receiving a wake-up call today, as police in Kershaw County have been placed on alert for “people out there that might want to hurt them.” The reason for the alert? An article that was posted to a Facebook page and an individual that “liked” it.

The article, entitled “When Should You Shoot A Cop?” was published by, an organization that promotes transparency and accountability of law enforcement. The article discusses the issue of resistance to police “authority” and those police officers who are acting in an illegal fashion. The article also discusses the right that you have, as an individual, to defend your life and your person even when it is being threatened by a member of the police.

The article in question can be read here. Read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with the thesis, the article never advocates or encourages anyone to kill police. At worst, it advocates the use of lethal force in self-defense. In fact, no one in Kershaw County is claiming that it does. It simply states that you have the right to defend yourself and your rights against unlawful police action, even to the point of using lethal force if necessary.

The article became an issue when Jeff Mattox, the co-chair of the Kershaw County Republican party, “liked” the article on Facebook. According to, the article was posted to Facebook by the Kershaw County Patriots, a grassroots conservative political organization of which Mattox is a member. It was at this point that he committed the crime of “liking” the article.

As a result, the Sheriff of Kershaw County, Jim Matthews, a man with an extensive background in freedom-crushing law enforcement divisions such as the DEA and SWAT (as well as the FBI and the US Army), put his officers on high alert upon his knowledge of the article.

He then went to the local newspaper where he stated, “The article in and of itself doesn’t advocate shooting an officer, but some who read it will get out of it what they want . . . Some warped individuals may get it in their mind that it’s OK to resist an officer to the point of shooting them.” Matthews also stated that the article “irritated” him because it came out just as he was about to attend the funeral of a Laurens County Deputy.

Of course, Mattox didn’t write the article. He didn’t even post it to Facebook. He merely “liked” it on someone else’s page. Not only that, but the Sheriff, as quoted above, even admits that the article itself never advocated shooting an officer.

But that didn’t stop the Sheriff from fear mongering the public and his officers about the dangers of free speech and those who not only exercise it, but those who listen to it. Thoughtcrime if you will.

Predictably, Mattox is now being asked by the Kershaw County Republican party, specifically by the Chariman Chris Oviatt, to step down. However, to his credit, Mattox has refused to step down or to apologize for the article.

Of course, the Sheriff and the Republican establishment are not the only enemies of free speech in Kershaw County. The majority of the Kershaw County Law Enforcement community seems to have rallied behind the belief that anyone who dares advocate (even passively) that someone defend themselves against state-sanctioned thuggery is a dangerous potential domestic terrorist.

Indeed, Camden Police Chief Joe Floyd has also placed his officers on high alert for individuals who “don’t recognize police authority.”

Floyd says, “We have knowledge now that some of these ideas exist here in Kershaw County. We’re just reinforcing the training that we already put our officers through, just to be watchful and mindful that the potential does exist, that people out there that might want to hurt them.”

Aside from the fact that Chief Floyd is frightened by Kershaw County citizens having ideas different from his own, one must wonder exactly what kind of training he is talking about.

Is the training that which was handed down from the Department of Homeland Security, such as that found in the MIAC document, which lists gun owners and returning veterans as specific threats?

Is it the criteria for domestic terrorists listed in the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Law Enforcement Pamphlet that includes “buying baby formula, beer, wearing Levi jeans, carrying identifying documents like a driver’s license and traveling with women or children?”

Is it the training provided by the Virginia training manual that lists potential domestic terrorists as those who advocate private property and “includes binoculars, video cameras, paper pads and notebooks in a compendium of terrorist tools.?”

Or, perhaps it was provided in the pages of the DHS document, “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” which classifies a wide swath of Americans as potential domestic terrorists and suggests that the economic crisis, and other crises, may provoke a rise in “homegrown” terrorists.

One can only speculate as to the “training” that Chief Floyd speaks of.

However, considering the increase in propaganda, particularly in the wake of the Norway shooting, we should anticipate that the kind of overblown reactions such as that of the Kershaw County Sheriff and Camden Police Chief will only continue to increase.

We encourage you to contact the county and express your distaste for First Amendment violations.

Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff Jim Matthews
Camden City Police Department
Chief Joe Floyd

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius – The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies and Five Sense Solutions.

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