Ron Paul’s Home Run – Literally! A First and Only for the annual Congressional Baseball game

75 + years old? Still bangin away – No problem!

The Congressional Baseball Game offers a chance for politicos to blow off some steam outside of work by whupping up on each other’s butts in a friendly, bipartisan game of baseball.This year, the event benefited the Washington Literacy Council and The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington.The Democrats beat the Republicans 8-2.(While we were there, we also heard that Ron Paul is the only congressman to ever hit a home run over the fence in the 50 years that the game has been running. We wish we could’ve caught that moment!) SOURCE

Here was the moment back in the 80’s

I thought these pictures were appropriate to elaborate further on my last post. Ron Paul was apparently the star of the Congressional baseball team in the 1980s, as well as being good friends with baseball legend Nolan Ryan.

Ron Paul #1

Ron Paul Home Run

Credit for the photos goes to this blog.



Ron Paul shows he’s still got a lot of gas in the tank and can come through under pressure!

This little episode – not so cool. You’d think that the Democrats have had enough wiener by now!

Cant forget this:

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