Obama’s New 2nd in Command at DOD Ashton Carter – CFR, Aspen Group, Goldman Sachs…Connects to 911 False Flag

Jack Blood
August 2nd 2011


Really ... I only had "This Much" to do with the 911 Attacks


It can be said that the # 2 in any office is the REAL controller of things… Think Big-time Dick ‘tater’ Cheney, or Webb Hubble (for Janet Reno) or death squad pimp, Iran Contra crook John Dimitry Negroponte under Condi Rice, Paul Wolfowitz under Colin Powell… Even more recently, (newly appointed Chicago Mob Boss), once Obama’s C of S / Rothschild handler, Rhambo Emanuel under cousin Barry… Or the King of second fiddles, George H.W. Bush under Ronald Reagan! (GHWB has continued to handle every president since! He has called Bill Clinton his “son”, and have recently been spotted going through the back door of the Obama White House with his son Jebby in tow)

We could go on and on in this vein, but suffice to say; we are always interested in who gets the #2 spot in any dept in government.


Today it was announced that Ashton Carter would be appointed as Deputy dog at the Pentagon under Leon Panetta.

Just a few months back we published a scathing review of Mr Panetta here at Deadlinelive.info – Though we were no fans of Mr Gates, (It was swell of him to stand up against the Libyan war) Panetta is a 1000 times worse. Worse than Rummy? Is anyone? maybe. Panetta is a UN boy and a Global Warming hawk who is in the rear pocket of WWF head Prince Phillip (who wants to rid the planet of 80% of you “useless eaters” … So I do protest!

To Recap on Neon Leon Panetta:

Panetta is a MAJOR shill for L.O.S.T. (UN law of the Sea Treaty – which gives the world’s oceans to the NWO to tax and regulate)

Panetta – CIA Enforcement Arm of CFR

Leon Panetta’s life has been devoted … not the  USA but to the United Nations. He has been a “fanatic” for “world government” and a HitlerianNew World Order. Leon Panetta devoted himself to the election of Nelson Rockefeller who had written the Future of Federalism.  In which Rockefeller writes …”I think the answer is some free-world super-national being with the power to tax …”

While Panetta worked for Nelson Rockefeller in California … it was mass murdererTed Bundy who was Nelson Rockefeller’s point man in Seattle.

 Leon Panetta worked for Mayor John Linday (Scroll & Key Yale) read America’s Secret Establishment. Lindsay went to Saint Paul’s School. Lindsay was a member of the CFR … so Leon Panetta was right at home the “destroy American Sovereignty crowd”.

Lindsay’s school is part of the Ten Schools Admission Organization a recruiting ground for the administrators of the New World Order.Saint Paul’s School include J. P Morgan Jr.,  Vanderbilts, future Skull & Bones members, Kennedys and J. Peter Grace son of the incorporator of the Council on Foreign Relations. http://themuckraker.net/jpetergrace.html

Panetta has been co-opted from the beginning bythe super rich and the “international community… Whole of His Life.

Their goals are his goals.

Today, Leon is chair of the Pew Commission on Oceans, this smiling lawyer is the plausible ”local” face to impose Rockefeller United Nations plans. The “harmonization” of local communities using Agenda 21 in preparation of the North American Union was prepped by the (SSP) Security and Prosperity Partnership .

Open borders were designed to cause racial conflict, lower middle class wages and the smothering of America until the people call for marshall law and peace. The kind they have in Cuba.

This designed to be implemented after the present on going murder of the USA. It was the Rockefeller’s who donated the very land the UN headquarters sits on.

Leon is also affiliated with the  ‘Knights of Malta”

Also see:

CIA Panetta and the Illuminati Denver Airport


Leon Panetta is not a greenhorn. He has been working for the illuminati for years. His choice as CIA chief (and now DOD Head), for those who see through the smokescreen… It should come as no suprise.

But the reason we write you today is to alert you to who Leon’s 2nd in command is, and build our case against him “eventually” running the Pentagon.



Carter was previously the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics.

Here he was touted as the man who saved us money by being ” instrumental in several aspects of former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ cost-cutting program, and has closely monitored efforts to remedy troubles with the F-35 fighter program.” OH REALLY? Was Carter asleep at the wheel or complicit in robbing the American taxpayer blind? Recent reports of Pentagon waste are STAGGERING!

Here’s a jaw-dropping example reported by Bloomberg.

A U.S. contractor in Iraq overbilled the Pentagon by at least $4.4 million for spare parts and equipment, including $900 for an electronic control switch valued at $7.05, according to a new audit. Based on the questionable costs identified in a $300 million contract with Dubai-based Anham LLC, the U.S. should review all its contracts with the company in Iraq and Afghanistan, which total about $3.9 billion, said Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction Stuart Bowen. “The audit found weak oversight in multiple areas that left the government vulnerable to improper overcharges,” Bowen wrote in the forward to his 30th quarterly report, released today. The contract in question was funded with a combination of money earmarked for Iraqi Security Forces and Army operations and maintenance funds. Among the “egregious examples of overbilling” by Anham were $4,500 for a circuit breaker valued at $183.30, $3,000 for a $94.47 circuit breaker and $80 for a small segment of drain pipe valued at $1.41.

Those mark-ups are absurd, but I wonder whether this example from the story is even worse.

In other cases, Anham used subcontractors to purchase items that could have been bought directly from the manufacturer at lower prices, the report said. When Anham was asked to buy a loudspeaker system to alert warehouse employees of any danger, it chose not to buy the system directly from the manufacturer at the retail price of $44,615, the report said. Instead, Anham sought bids from subcontractors and paid a company called Knowlogy $90,908. That price included $20,000 for installation, even though the system setup meant little more than wheeling it into place and plugging it in.

Heck of a job Brownie…. For this Carter gets promoted? Apparently…Having friends in high places is more important than effectiveness in the job.

Here are some of Carter’s connections and affiliations:

Dr. Carter was also Senior Partner at Global Technology Partners ( GTP’s partners have collectively served as Secretary of Defense, Director of Central Intelligence, Deputy Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, Deputy Secretary of Defense (three times), Deputy Secretary of Energy, Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology (three times), Assistant Secretary of Defense (three times), Chief Information Officer of the Department of Defense, and Director of the National Reconnaissance Office.) GTP has been linked to the Rothschild banking family and has at least some suspicious connections to the events of 911!

He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the MITRE Corporation and the Advisory Boards of MIT’s Lincoln Laboratories and the Draper Laboratory. 

The Mitre Corporation (which generally styles its own name as “MITRE” in all caps) is a not-for-profit organization based in Bedford, Massachusetts and McLean, Virginia. It manages Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) supporting the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts on behalf of the Federal Judiciary.

How’s that for Power? Whoa!

Was MITRE Corp. The Trojan Horse of 9/11?

MITRE’s Bedford headquarters are located near Boston’s Logan airport where the two planes that struck the World Trade Center supposedly originated. Bedford lies directly under the flight path of westbound flights leaving Logan.

MITRE developed the technology “to aid controllers in solving problems while keeping aircraft close to their route, altitude, and speed preferences.” Shearman was unable to say why the MITRE technology apparently failed on 9/11.

Indira Singh, an “IT consultant” who previously worked on a Defense Advanced Research Project, and who was employed by J.P. Morgan on 9/11, in risk management, pointed to MITRE’s role at the FAA during the 9/11 Citizens’ Commission hearings in New York last September.

“Ptech was with MITRE Corporation in the basement of the FAA for two years prior to 9/11,” Singh said. “Their specific job is to look at interoperability issues the FAA had with NORAD and the Air Force in the case of an emergency. If anyone was in a position to know that the FAA – that there was a window of opportunity or to insert software or to change anything – it would have been Ptech along with MITRE.”

Carter worked directly with Philip Zelikow who oversaw the 911 CFR Whitewash Commission that covered up the truth about the events of 911. Together they authored: Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy  This report was a product of the “Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group” which was headed by:  Ashton B. Carter and John M. Deutch, and  project director is Philip D. Zelikow. Together they helped to set US terrorism policy that ran a muck during the Bush Admin. So…. Carter is on board with Corporations that helped cause 911, then crafts policy with co conspirators to provide a “solution” for 911. That’s covering ALL your Hegelian bases folks!

* Carter was a consultant to Goldman Sachs on international affairs and technology matters. 

* He has been a member of the Aspen Strategy Group, the Council on Foreign Relations

* He is a Rhodes Scholar (for British Global Domination)

* He was on the board at the  Rockefeller University.

* Dr. Carter received bachelor’s degrees in physics and in medieval history from Yale University.

ALSO his bio touts affiliations with:  the American Physical Society, the International Institute of Strategic Studies, the Advisory Board of the Yale Journal of International Law, and the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations (During the Clinton years when he was  Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy – he likely aided in the selling or trading of nuclear, and High tech secrets to China). Carter was a head honcho in the area of keeping WND’s and Nukes out of the hands of “Terrorists” – uh oh.

He was on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s International Security Advisory Board from 2006-2008! (so much for Change, right Barry?)

Dr. Carter served as a member of the Defense Science Board (DARPA) from 1991-1993  and  he advised on the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

He was  chairmanship of NATO’s High Level Group, and participated in the negotiations that led to the deployment of Russian troops as part of the Bosnia (NWO) “Peace ” Plan Implementation Force.

For his unwavering service to the NWO super Elite,  Dr. Carter was twice awarded the Department of Defense Distinguished Service Medal. For his contributions to intelligence, he was awarded the Defense Intelligence Medal. 


If by some hypothetical miracle I was elected president of the USA I would fix this situation quickly and without doubt.

I would install COL. Bob Bowman as Sec. of Defense. I would allow him to pick his entire support staff, and approve a massive budget cut to the Pentagon.

This would include bringing our troops home from all over the world, leaving small forces on or near precarious borders. Sec. Bowman would set new policies of not going to war without congressional approval, and a special office would be set up to guard against contractor waste, or the bilking of taxpayers on 700.00 hammers and 8000.00 toilet seats.

For those of you who think that this would lead to more Terrorism… You will be pleased to know that there wont be much terrorism as we would cut programs such as P2OG, and retrain such villains to be local police and envoys for Freedom. Those who still persist in unlawful acts will be dealt with as criminals.

So the answers are out here. So why then does O’Bomba persist in continuing with the same policies and people that got us where we are now? FUBAR?

The answer becomes more obvious every day he holds “office”. He is a bought and paid for puppet of the same ol same ol. He is Cousin O’Busha.


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