Adam Kokesh’s RT show ‘Adam vs the Man” canceled due to FEC complaint



Adam vs The Man Canceled... FEC - Foreign Corporations - Ron Paul Support etc.

Adam vs The Man Canceled… FEC – Foreign Corporations – Ron Paul Support etc.

Written by
Ernest Hancock

Date: 08-24-2011

(Publisher’s Note: “The West’s” central banks are failing, Europe and the USA are entering ‘The Greatest Depression’, Wars, more Wars and more rumors of Wars while Russia’s Putin (exKGB now President of Russia) is kicking sand in the faces of the western powers at every opportunity and even talking of creating a EuroAsian alliance to compete against,… whatever. Fmr. Soviet leader Gorbachev comes out of mothballs calling for ‘regime change’… in Russia! (right after we are done dealing with Syria… assuming Libya is finish).
Soooo in this environment we have Russia with first hand knowledge of how effective foreign broadcasts (Voice of America etc) can be in determining the issues discussed and even the direction a culture may take with exposure to information. can be seen as “Payback is a Bitch” in the battle for minds.

Just as the West’s attempt to undermine the Russian Government’s hold on its people via ‘Truth Broadcasting’ the Russian TV outlet in America is gaining popularity by having young and informed reporters and hosts pointing out the tyranny and warmongering of the USA regime as we descend into The Greatest Depression.

Ron Paul’s campaign to free as many minds as possible (and getting that GOP nomination in the process) is a great threat to those responsible for the Greatest Mess that be acom’n. And linking the Ron Paul campaign with Russian Government funded TV is a great distraction.
I am always looking for the full story and am interested in the organization and what might be their motivations for making the claim in their FEC Complaint that the Russian Government is supporting Ron Paul so that Obama will win (as if any of the other Republicans would be any different from Obama than Obama was from (Dubya Dubya Dubya dot Warmonger dot com) Bush.
As always, the 501c3, will have its entire history and flow chart of supporters examined by the LOVEolution’s Generation Next and we’ll ALL get another level of understanding of what is truly going on and who/what is behind it.
Strange Days Indeed
Why is Russian TV Backing Ron Paul?
PDF of Federal Elections Commission Complaint
AHA – The Truth laid bare in the Kokesh/Benton/RP flap! Submitted by FBI_Exposeron Wed, 08/24/2011 – 13:13

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The following information has just come to light regarding the recent divisive flap between Kokesh/Benton/RP

It is imperative to read this document.

Adam Kokesh errored by linking his efforts on RT to the official campaign, thereby placing the PEC (official campaign) in potential legal jeopardy.

Regardless of whether or not you like RT or like and agree with Kokesh as I do, I’m sure the campaign did not appreciate having to deal with this potential legal headache and potential media nightmare.

Additionally, as many freedom activists know, once you get a “government number”, the media using their Lexis/Nexis scanning technology instantaneously can pick it up.

Jesse Benton (however you may feel about him) had to do two things:

1) distance the campaign from Kokesh and RT

2) be a buffer between RP and this legal matter and ensure that RP not be personally drawn in

Additionally, once a matter becomes a legal matter, the parties, potential or actual, to the legal matter SHOULD NOT COMMENT on the legal matter in ANY FORM or in ANY WAY. Any lawyer will tell you that, as it can only place the party in further LEGAL JEOPARDY.

This INCLUDES any apology Kokesh or his supporters believe he may deserve. The campaign and RP were advised to MAKE NO COMMENT and have NO CONTACT with any other party to this now legal matter!

So, regardless of one’s personal feelings, since it is now a legal matter, that’s simply the way it is. Now I understand Benton’s reaction to Kokesh and RT and it makes PERFECT SENSE.

Benton was FORCED into that reaction by Adam’s complete lack of political sense and understanding of even basic concepts of law and regulations regarding campaigns.

There’s really nothing more to it than this in summary:

1) Kokesh effed up.

2) Benton reacted in a manner he was forced into by Kokesh and the legal matter Kokesh precipitated

3) RP cant say anything to anyone about this legal matter, least of all RT or Kokesh

4) The media is awaiting the campaign to make a wrong move

5) Kokesh was forced to resign from RT by RT because he was the cause of the legal matter that RT now finds itself embroiled in

6) Posters like “FromJericho” on DP is now baiting the campaign into legally embroiling itself into this legal matter, who knows why

7) Some DPers, including I’m certain both genuine RP and Kokesh supporters with genuine concern as well as establishment plants who want to hurt the campaign are whipping up the froth and division (advertently or inadvertently) to try to get the campaign to engage in something they shouldn’t so the media can take advantage of the situation to hit RP


FEC Complaint document to Russia Today (Read here)


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