Reports coming in… Twitter Suspending Accounts over Alternative Libya news (Controlling your “reality”)

Ed Note: As of now we are OK w/ Twitter… Guess this post will be the test ~ Blood

Land Destroyer Twitter Account Suspended

Follow @LanddestroyerW for now.
by Tony Cartalucci

Quite obviously my coverage of Libya has a lot of people upset. I had received a concerted barrage of attacks by suspiciously similar accounts all tweeting 24/7 for weeks regarding Libya, all overtly pro-NATO just before my account was suspended. I was covering the Rixos Hotel and how even mainstream media admitted that snipers were targeting the building and Qaddafi’s troops were attempting to protect it. Despite this the media suggests the journalists are “hostages.” The troops have now, in fact, allowed them to leave. This was yet another hoax, on par with the “Saif al-Islam” hoax where a very much free and energetic Saif showed up to personally dispel BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, NATO propaganda.

Image: Please note that the user is featuring the NATO-backed, Al Qaeda infested Libya rebel tri-color flag as their logo. This user is attempting to rally other cyber-trolls to censor Land Destroyer’s message regarding the truth in Libya by concertedly reporting the account as “spam.” (Click image to enlarge.)


Twitter may or may not be directly behind this – there is no way of knowing – however they have a “report spam” feature that is easily exploited by large groups of organized bloggers who can simply “report as spam” any message not to their liking. What sort of investigation or oversight goes on behind the scenes to vet these reports, I do not know, I was also never sent any sort of e-mail regarding why my account was suspended. This also occurred at the height of the Malaysian Bersih hysteria – where US-funded protesters were trying to gain momentum against Malaysia’s decidedly anti-globalist government. A Land Destroyer account was also suspended as I exposed US funding and its agenda behind the street protests.

@landdestroyerW still works – so please feel free to follow Land Destroyer’s commentary there. Also, Land Destroyer maintains a WordPress site which is being updated and will continue to be updated in tandem with this site in case it goes offline.


Voltaire Net has been Temporarily Shut down – More Censorship due to Libyan Situation?

August 24, 2011

UPDATE August 24, 2011 – 20:16 Libyan Time: Thierry Meyssan’s website is on-line again. Why was the site taken off the air during the release of journalists? Possibly to protect themselves? Lizzie Phelan’s website is still off-line. If anyone can explain, please don’t hesitate to do so.Today a reader informed me about a shocking development in the crusade against those who think differently than the NATO-countries: Thierry Meyssan’s VOLTAIRENET.ORG (1) has been removed from internet!

As I h…
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Lizzie Phelan’s Twitter feed and blog have been taken down:


NATO journalist twitter will never be removed

CNN ‘journalist’ Matthew Chance ironically pities the guards when he is the one who seems unable to break the NATO mindset. Hes more worried about losing weight than the massacre of people by NATO and esp the fate of black libyans. This is sociopathic.Its certainlya  remarkable to the power of the MSM to influence even those who create it.

Anyone able to clue him in?

Clueless in tripoli:

mchancecnn Just weighed myself. Astonishingly I actually put on weight during the #Rixos ordeal!
11 minutes ago
mchancecnn In the end – felt sorry for guards. All they knew was Gadhafi’s regime. Took them a while to realise it had crumbled. Remarkable transition.

about 2 hours ago
mchancecnn Will stick around in Tripoli for a few more days and think about next move – Really want to get back and see family. #cnn#libya#rixos

about 2 hours ago
mchancecnn Crisis ended when #rixos gunmen realised that #Libya outside of hotel doors was no longer Libya of old. Handed us their guns & said “sorry.”

about 2 hours ago
mchancecnn I’m in #Tripoli. Thank you everybody for all your support during this difficult period. The #rixos4 are so glad about this positive outcome.

about 2 hours ago
mchancecnn#Rixos crisis ends. All journalists are out! #rixos
about 8 hours ago
mchancecnn I can see the NTC rebels. We are nearly there!
about 8 hours ago

——————– More twits coming in:



MarkRowe10 BBC describes Gaddafi’s property taken from his compound by rebels as ‘souvenirs’ Why we locking up Uk rioters then for taking souvenirs?

about 11 hours ago
Retweeted by PoshBirdGabi

GloPeaceLibya Red Cross @icrc_english Delegate confirmed Hala Misrati from TV captured by #NATO Terrorists handed-over to them Geneva Conventions RT

39 minutes ago
Retweeted by PoshBirdGabi
Please alert the public about the dissapearance of the female journalis Hala Misrata ,  kidnapped by the rebels in Tripoli here’s the page for contact and more info LINK
Chris_Sedlmair RT @LibyanLiberal: I saw hundrends of dead bodies both army and rebels. many civilian women and kids dead too. many houses looted.

about 7 hours ago
Retweeted by Waterput
(NATOs Responsibility to Protect is an utter sham: its media defence a confirmation that the free press doesn’t exist)
From a Libyan in Tripoli:

LibyanLiberal Anddont say army did the crimes once again.hope i am here tommorw, may Allah guide my arm in fight to kill the traitors.Victory or Martyrdom

about 8 hours ago
LibyanLiberal Last tweet for today. Journos say the truth. show the dead civilians and the raped women in streets that lay dead and naked.

about 8 hours ago
LibyanLiberal Army contros most of tripoli but because nato boats the rebels are in ports and coastal road where they poze for videos.

about 8 hours ago
LibyanLiberal Nato provides cover with artilery from ships in the rebels that come with boats in High Landanous coastal street. if they stop we win.

about 8 hours ago
LibyanLiberal Martyrdom for many people but no fear. i bring i my mind the suras and forget war. long night and i tired. need sleep, iftar and back to war

about 8 hours ago
LibyanLiberal Seems that the victory is near. we talked about peace and negotiations but rebels want blood.i asked captured rebel why? and he spit my face

about 8 hours ago
LibyanLiberal Army has steadfast and there are thousands of mjaheeds in the streets. some problems in areas with traitors. Like High Landanous

about 8 hours ago
LibyanLiberal Last night i said 1000 french army. it was proved to be former Foreing legion guided by some nato officials.Heard nato confirmed my news.

about 8 hours ago
LibyanLiberal I saw hundrends of dead bodies both army and rebels. many civilian women and kids dead too. many houses looted.

about 8 hours ago
LibyanLiberal I saw Seif last night in front line. steadfast in Libyan loyal army units in all tripoli.we are ready to die. none comes near abu salim.

about 8 hours ago
LibyanLiberal Iam in friends house will make as fast as i can here.I am safe. all night fights in Dahmani,now back for some rest and then drive back again

about 8 hours ago
LibyanLiberal Tripoli…. afternoon sound of airplanes since morning. I am in Abu Saleem.I can assure you that things in tripoli not like media says.


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