New FEMA Commercial…anyone paying attention?


August 25, 2011 by

This new FEMA commercial is great and alarming. On the one hand it is urging you to be prepared and on the other you have to wonder why it is coming out now…


Is there something coming that ‘they’ don’t want to tell you about? ‘They’ just want to urge you to be prepared, I doubt that. There is something coming and ‘they’ know it!


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Even worse go to and while they try to make it look like that because of all the natural disasters that have had that everyone should be ready. But its what their not saying that worries me. They said get a kit make a plan be prepared. But they leave out one thing. Why? They are trying to enforce the importance of being prepared and making that your 2011 new yrs resolution. GETTING PREPARED. But again they fail to explain what were preparing ourelves for. They rarely air this commercial as it is anyways and many ppl I know have never seen it. If you have seen it were you paying attn? thats not even the worst of it. On the site I get to a part titled “know your rights” and as Im reading this I read about what is now known as the “NO FEAR ACT”. Which is a bill that was past in 2007 that allows the gov to censor the media and from what? REVEALING THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT WERE ABOUT TO FACE IN ORDER TO AVOID IMPOSING PANIC OR FEAR. So in order to find out whats really going on they said everyone has the right to ask becauee no, they are not going to volunteer it & anyone who want to know has to file a request for info and even then some documents are to remain classified and we dont have the right to know about the docmentts not meant for us to see. If they dont comply within 30 days you have the right to file a complaint.

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  • You are preparing for a possible disaster to happen. They cant tell you because it has not happened yet. They are just telling you to be prepared in case anything happens. Don’t read into the ad so much and stop being a conspiracy theorist. Join a local CERT team or program it will explain everything.

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