Supreme Court Rules Safe Injection Sites Can NOT Be Shutdown By Harper Government!

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Paul Derangement Syndrome

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True - Ron Paul drives Trotsky Neo Cons, and Mao Neo Libs Craaaazy!

New American

Dr Jack Kerwick


Paul Derangement Syndrome (PDS) is a mental condition that, though it was first detected during the 2008 Republican presidential primaries, has only now been identified for the dangerous disorder that it is. Also known as “Paulophobia,” those suffering from it find themselves tortured by their fear of Texas Congressman and three time presidential candidate Ron Paul.

PDS is peculiar in that in spite of its being a contagion, there is but one segment of the general population that it is known to afflict. Even more curious is the fact that this segment consists of Ron Paul’s fellow partisans in the Republican Party. More specifically, it is neoconservative men and women, especially those with a particularly powerful proclivity for “conservative” talk radio and Fox News, who are most susceptible to contracting PDS.

PDS is known to ravage the rationality of its hosts. While this disorder indeed promises to reduce its victims’ thoughts on Congressman Paul to textbook cases of illogic, it would be a mistake to infer from this that every Paulophobe was a clear thinker prior to falling prey to PDS: In a not inconsiderable number of instances, Paulophobia hasn’t so much as caused the wild irrationality that is the most salient characteristic of all PDS victims as exacerbated the general unreasonableness with which they already lived.

Unlike many other illnesses, PDS isn’t at all difficult to identify. The Paulophobe’s discourse on all matters pertaining to Ron Paul, or at least to Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy, is replete with, not just inconsistencies, but glaring inconsistencies, contradictions that are so profound that even a college freshman enrolled in an introductory logic course couldn’t help but to be pained by them. To anyone remotely attuned to reality or possessed of a modicum of reason, the Paulophobe’s utterances can’t but sound like the babblings of a baby: indecipherable noises intending to signify we know not what.

At one and the same time that he loudly and proudly affirms “limited government,” “liberty,” “individualism,” “fiscal sanity,” “the Constitution,” and “the Founders,” the Paulophobe will just as loudly and unabashedly repudiate Ron Paul. Although the latter has proven to be, by far, both more committed and more consistently committed to these values than any political actor of our generation — although, that is, he is an incomparable champion of the very ideals that the Paulophobe claims to cherish — the Paulophobe insists upon treating Ron Paul as an enemy.

This in and of itself is sufficient to convict the Paulophobe of invincible irrationality. Yet this unreason runs deeply, manifesting itself in other ways.

Obsessed with erasing altogether the distinction between his perception of reality and reality itself, the Paulophobe will stop at nothing to deny the latter. Of the nine GOP presidential contenders, Ron Paul is more or less consistently in third place in those polls taken among likely Republican voters. When Michele Bachmann held that same distinction, the Paulophobe repeatedly, and excitedly, declared this a “three way race.” Now that Paul has usurped Bachmann’s standing, the Paulophobe characterizes the primaries as a contest between two frontrunners, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry — two candidates whose commitment to the Paulophobe’s self-professed ideals even he questions. But what’s worst, he episodically regards as a viable candidate virtually every other contestant in this race — from Tim Pawlenty, who terminated his candidacy after being crushed in the Iowa Ames Straw Poll by Ron Paul, to Herman Cain, from Jon Huntsman to Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum — while either failing to mention Paul at all or mentioning him just long enough to assure the rest of us that Paul is not a serious candidate. This, the Paulophobe does, in spite of the fact that not one of Paul’s second-tier competitors has overall performed nearly as impressively as has he.

Some victims of PDS, like nationally syndicated talk radio host Michael Medved, argue that Republican primary voters should nominate, not the most conservative of candidates, but the most conservative of candidates who also happens to be the most electable of candidates. That is, only that person who can dominate Obama among “independents” and “moderates” should receive his or her party’s nomination.

Now, Medved suffers from an especially acute case of PDS. Indeed, Medved is a classic illustration of the depths of irrationality to which the mind will sink when Paulophobia is permitted to go untreated, a depth that appears to be beyond the point of no return.  Polls, including a Harris Poll that was conducted on September 28, show that among the Republican candidates, there are but two who will defeat Obama among independents and moderates: Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Yet Medved continues to dismiss Paul when he isn’t insulting the latter and his followers.

And this brings us to another observation: PDS warps what powers of rationality the Paulophobe once had, it is true, but at the same time, it severely weakens his character.

The Paulophobe’s inability to follow the simplest of arguments that Ron Paul has articulated to substantiate his positions is rivaled only by his inability to resist casting one unfounded aspersion after the other against the 12-term Texas Congressman. Within no time, at the mere mention of Ron Paul’s name, the Paulophobe’s last vestiges of reason become forever lost in a mountainous pile of straw man fallacies, non sequiturs, and ad hominem attacks.

The Paul Derangement Syndrome is a serious condition. Once it is identified, clear thinking should be sought immediately.

Van Jones Warns Of A Progressive “October Offensive” Against Tea Party (Oct 6th will be the day)

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ED: Phony “Progressives” (Read – Regressives) of this variety openly HATE Freedom activists like you and I…  What is the plan to make sure we don’t end up like Tunisia or Egypt, who now regret their Soros / Facebook “revolutions”? Well I plan to bring my own ideas to the party. “No Govt Solution to Govt problems” – End the FED NOW!

NWO shill


Real Clear Politics (Video with Elite hack Lawrence O’bama-Donnell via GE)

Van Jones, president of the progressive organization Rebuild the Dream, joins The Last Word to discuss what Washington should be doing about jobs. Jones calls the US’ deficit problem “phony” and made up.

“Hold on to your hats, we’re going to have an October offensive to take back the American dream and rescue America’s middle class,” Jones told MSNBC’s “The Last Word.”

Jones warns of an “American Fall” like there was an Arab Spring.

Jones was President Obama’s “green jobs czar” until he resigned in fall of 2009. Transcript below:

Van Jones: “We are going to build a progressive counterbalance to the tea party. Eighty percent of Americans agree with everything that you say on this show, but we have no voice. We know that jobs are more important, and this phony, made-up deficit stuff they talk about. We know that people who have done well in America should do well by America and start paying America back in the form of more fair taxes.

“People who benefited from the bailouts and from the tax breaks should start paying America back. They’re doing great.

“Everybody else is suffering. That is 80 percent of the majority. And we’re going to now have a voice.

“And you’re going to see an American fall, an American autumn, just like we saw the Arab spring. You can see it right now with these young people on Wall Street. Hold onto your hats. We’re going to have an October offensive to take back the American dream and to rescue America’s middle class.”

Nazi Expert: ‘I Have Proof Hitler Died In 1960s’

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Painting depicting an aged Adolf Hitler in his 70s

Source: Before It’s News – Terrence Aym

“The biggest revelation is an authenticated secret German document which lists Hitler as one of the passengers evacuated by plane from Austria to Barcelona on April 26, 1945.”

Although official history contends Hitler committed suicide with his newlywed wife, Eva Braun, on April, 30 1945 and their corpses were burned by others in the Berlin bunker, Abel Basti claims proof the story is a fabrication.

According to Basti’s meticulous research, the leader of the Third Reich spent his last years as an art dealer and had facial plastic surgery to change his appearance.

Those are just two of the astounding revelations that respected Argentine journalist and historian Abel Basti documents in his book, Hitler’s Exile.

While the book was a runaway bestseller across South America, it’s been suppressed in the United States and the Russian Federation. Those two countries still maintain that Germany’s Führer committed suicide during the last days of World War Two.  READ FULL ARTICLE

Tempe Police Gave Shaquille O’Neal Secret Info on Software Used to Detect Kiddy Porn

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ED: This would be helpful info if you happened to be a Kid Porn surfer…


Just after noon on December 15, 2009, a Tempe police detective sent a very specific e-mail about how to conduct a child pornography investigation to this private address: detectiveoneal32[at]

Jamie Peachey (credit)
O'Neal in 2003 with the Port of Los Angeles Police

Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images
O’Neal in 2003 with the Port of Los Angeles Police

Detective Burke Mattlin was writing from his work computer to a former colleague, Shaquille O’Neal — a.k.a. Shaq, The Big Cactus, Diesel, and, in his recent past, Tempe police Detective S.R. O’Neal.

Yes, it was the famed basketball player. O’Neal, a brand with one of the most recognizable names and faces on the planet — had worked closely with Mattlin in 2008 and into 2009 as a peace officer credentialed by AZPOST, Arizona’s police-certification agency.

Specifically, O’Neal was assigned to the Tempe Police Department‘s new Internet Crimes Against Children unit as a volunteer detective. But AZPOST records show that Tempe PD officials informed the agency on March 16, 2009, that “Detective” O’Neal had left the department — “separation” was the official term used.

That was a few months before the Phoenix Suns traded O’Neal to Cleveland after finishing the disappointing 2008-09 season one game short of the playoffs.

Detective Mattlin’s e-mail clearly was in response to an earlier communication (that never has seen the light of day) in which O’Neal apparently asked his former mentor how best to uncover “potential illegal images” (Mattlin’s words) in an unspecified police investigation into child pornography in another jurisdiction.

Mattlin refers in this missive to “your agency” and explains the workings of sophisticated police-computer software designed to track down those who share kiddy porn over the Internet or who try to lure youngsters for sex by pretending in chat rooms to be much younger than they are.

The Tempe detective tells O’Neal to first identify two or three “illegal” images on a suspect’s computer through the use of those new high-tech forensic tools.

Mattlin writes, “Then you’ve got the PC [probable cause] to get a subpoena from the Internet service provider for the subscriber information for whoever had that IP address when GnuWatch [the police software] connected to them.”

The Tempe detective continues, “Once you get your subpoena back with the subscriber info, you can write up a warrant and hit the residence. Hope this helps. Get a hold of me if you have any questions.”

Mattlin signs off cheerfully: “Good luck and happy hunting!”

Tempe police Sergeant Steve Carbajal says Mattlin believed O’Neal still was working as a fellow detective, possibly for the Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Sheriff’s Office, where the superstar had expressed an interest in volunteering after the trade to Cleveland.

“One police detective basically sharing his knowledge with another,” says Carbajal, an agency spokesman. “From what I understand, Mr. O’Neal never specifically told Detective Mattlin what agency he may have been with or what he may have been working on.”

But Shaquille O’Neal was not working in an official capacity on December 15, 2009, for any police agency.

“Mr. O’Neal never has been a peace officer in the state of Ohio,” says Dan Tierney, a spokesman for the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

That is critical because, under AZPOST regulations, officers who leave a department after “termination, resignation, retirement, or separation” have “no law enforcement authority” [AZPOST’s italics] until another agency hires them.

Arizona’s regulations also include this stern warning: “A person with inactive certification who takes action as a peace officer is committing the crime of impersonating a public servant.”

This was, in effect, what O’Neal was doing — whether or not he was aware of the regulation — and Detective Mattlin was happy to accommodate him by sharing his investigative techniques via e-mail.

In December 2009, O’Neal was a private citizen who was fixated on an ex-employee whom he correctly suspected of providing damaging information concerning O’Neal’s alleged extramarital dalliances to Shaq’s estranged wife, Shaunie, and others.

The ex-associate, a Florida ex-con named Shawn Darling, has alleged in a lawsuit that O’Neal contacted Detective Mattlin as part of a scheme to try to frame Darling on a kiddy-porn rap because of the betrayal.

Proof of that specific scheme is lacking.

O’Neal declined through an emissary to comment for this story.

His attorneys have denied any wrongdoing by their client, and in the strongest terms.

“It is ludicrous to suggest that Mr. O’Neal would have jeopardized a pending criminal investigation [against Darling] by seeking to plant pornographic materials on Darling’s computers,” says O’Neal’s attorney, Michael J. Kump, in a written statement.

The O’Neal camp claims that he contacted the Tempe PD innocently — just to gather some investigative techniques to pass along to Cuyahoga County sheriff’s detectives.

That is one way of approaching what, at the very least, has become an embarrassment for both Shaquille O’Neal and the Tempe Police Department.

The Mattlin e-mail recently turned up in the public record when Darling — a 41-year-old computer consultant who has served prison time for committing white-collar crimes — attached it to his ongoing lawsuit against onetime employer O’Neal.

At the heart of the suit are thousands of potentially damaging e-mails that Darling pilfered from O’Neal’s personal account from late 2008 until January 2010. (O’Neal’s attorneys have not challenged the authenticity of the e-mails, and have sought unsuccessfully to get Darling prosecuted criminally.)

5 more pages here

AZ Man Ordered to Surrender Guns – Just for Blogging!

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‘My life’s in danger now. I can’t defend myself, I can’t defend you’


An Arizona man has filed a federal lawsuit against some of the state’s top judges, claiming they’re taking away his freedom of speech and right to own firearms, all because someone didn’t like what he wrote on his blog.

“You can’t suspend someone’s constitutional rights [for blogging],” said Mike Palmer, who is bringing forth the legal action. “Everybody in America blogs or Twitters, so it’s a First and Second Amendment issue.”

The scenario started when Palmer, a 55-year-old Christian missionary from Phoenix, was online discussing “spiritual death” often referred to in the Bible.

Questions about guns? The ultimate searchable research guide to firearms and ammo is now on DVD …

But, according to the suit, a woman from Prescott, Ariz., Melody Thomas-Morgan, complained to authorities that Palmer was threatening her with “death,” keeping that word in quotes in her legal filings.

Palmer explains, “It is true that the blog, ‘That Woman Jezebel,’ talks about spiritual life and spiritual death. … Spiritual ‘death’ as in ‘The wages of sin is death.’ (Romans 6:23) … It is not true that the blog ever mentions the ‘death’ of Miss Thomas-Morgan.”

Judge Kenton Jones

Kenton Jones, superior court judge for Yavapai County, went along with the woman’s harassment complaint and ordered Palmer to surrender his guns.

“The order says that I am not allowed to possess firearms or ammunition, and directs me to turn over any weapons to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office,” Palmer told WND.

Palmer indicated he does not own any weapons at this time, but when pressed on whether he had any guns previous to the order, he said, “No comment.”

“I certainly want my gun rights,” he added. “There is no law in Arizona which allows the courts to suspend any constitutional right, but in this instance, my Second Amendment right. And, of course, my life’s in danger now. I can’t defend myself, I can’t defend you. I can’t defend my fellow man.”

Palmer’s suit is seeking a restraining order that would grant him back his constitutional rights.

He wonders if the Christian nature of his blogging has anything to do with the action taken against him.

“Being a Christian seems to make me fair game,” he said. “I bet if I were Muslim and writing about physical beheading on a blog, no judge would dare touch me with an injunction. Ironic.”

Not only is Justice Jones named as a defendant in Palmer’s suit, so are five other jurists on the state supreme court, including Chief Justice Rebecca White Berch.

The issue is reminiscent of another Arizona case, where a local judge ordered Michael Roth of Quartzsite, Ariz., to surrender his weapons because Town Councilman Joe Winslow was offended when Roth allegedly called the lawmaker a “turd.”

In fact, Palmer has set up a blog called Michael’s Law in honor of the Roth case to tell his own story.

Winslow told Karen Slaughter, the elected justice of the peace for the region, what he wanted was that Roth and others with similar views “not be allowed to walk around armed. To me, I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but I have been diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) … that’s what I’m concerned with, that he’s gonna get so far into my personal space that I’m gonna react without thinking. I’m not making threats or anything like that. I’m not proud of that, but it’s the way I am.”

“I know that I’m 71 years old,” Winslow said. “I don’t want to be a statistic, I don’t want to go to jail and I don’t want to go in the hospital. But based on my history of 24 years in the service, I am more concerned about my reaction to his aggression than anything else, especially now that I believe that he is carrying a handgun. His actions have demonstrated in the past to me that he is not in full control of his emotions.”

After WND’s coverage of Roth’s case, Judge Slaughter eventually reversed her decision on the weapons ban, but Roth says she refused to dismiss his attorney fees.


Gonzales TX “Come and Take It” Fest – This weekend

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List and Schedule of Events HERE

Many of our friends will be present and have booths – Stop by and tell me we sent ya.

Come and Take It

For information, call 888-672-1095

Celebrate “Come & Take It!” with us! The dates for the Come & Take It Festival are Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 2 The Come & Take It Festival celebrates the firing of the first shot of the Texas revolution on Oct. 2, 1835, which took place near Gonzales. This year we will celebrate the 175th anniversary of Texas independence!

The town of Gonzales was established by Empresario Green DeWitt in 1825, two and one-half miles east of the confluence of the San Marcos and Guadalupe Rivers. It was the westernmost Anglo settlement until the close of the Texas Revolution and was named in honor of Don Rafael Gonzales, provisional governor of Coahuila, Mexico and Texas. The town was laid out in the shape of a cross, with seven squares. During the colonial period of 1825 to 1835, there were many problems with Comanche and Tonkawa Indians, but Gonzales flourished. It was a thriving capital of the De Witt colony by 1833.

In 1831 the Mexican government loaned the citizens of Gonzales a six-pound cannon as protection against the Indians. In September of 1835, as political unrest grew, Mexican officials at San Antonio de Bexar demanded the cannon be returned.

A corporal with five soldiers and an oxcart were first sent by Col. Ugartechea, Bexar military commander, to Gonzales. The corporal carried a request that the small reinforced cannon, a bronze six-pounder, be returned to the Mexican Army. Andrew Ponton refused to relinquish it, stalling for time, and the little cannon was buried in George W. Davis’ peach orchard, near the Guadalupe River.

Next came Lieutenant Castaneda and 150 mounted soldiers to “take” the cannon. When the soldiers appeared on the west bank of the Guadalupe River, there were only 18 men in Gonzales, but these ‘Old Eighteen’ stood at the river in defiance, denied the Mexicans a crossing by hiding the ferry and sent out a call for volunteers to assist them.

As the soldiers scouted the river for a place to cross, they moved upriver a short distance, near the present-day community of Cost and camped for the night. There, in the early-morning hours of Oct. 2, 1835, the colonists crossed the river with their cannon, surprising the troops and waving their hastily fashioned flag, which proclaimed “Come and Take It.” Almost immediately the cannon fired, killing one of Castenada’s men and scattering the rest, forcing them to retreat to San Antonio de Bexar. Thus was fired the shot that set off the struggle for Texas independence from Mexico. When the smoke cleared, the Mexican troops had taken off. The Texas Revolution had begun.

Gonzales became known as “The Lexington of Texas”, where the first shot was fired, and where the first Texas Army of Volunteers gathered. A few months after the first shot, men and boys from the region would gather in Gonzales, sending the only reinforcements ever received at the Alamo.

Each October, on the first full weekend of October, the citizens of Gonzales gather to celebrate their Texas heritage in a three-day festival called “Come & Take It.”

Click here to see the flyer

From our good friend Diana Moses:

Hello Everyone,

Thing are moving right along. There has been a great deal of renewed enthusiasm about this event as more and more people find out. It is quite encouraging to me personally. This event has the POTENTIAL of being a pretty big deal, but it will NOT be unless each and every one of you take some personal responsibility in helping to get the word out. I am only one person and have zero star power, no money, and not enough time in the day to do this all myself. This is and always has been a coordinated effort of grassroots activists. So I am asking you now to ACTIVATE! J

I will send out a press release in a couple of weeks and forward that to you (which is just about the same as the email I’ve been sending out). Please send it to any media contacts you have or can make at that time. Today, I have attached the latest and final flier for your convenience in spreading the word. Print it out, make copies and share, share, share! Posting the event on your website is nice, but I have observed that the best and most positive responses that we (Bill and I) have gotten about the Lone Star LiberTEA Fest has been when we have personally handed people a flier. Most people are very excited about this event, but there is not enough Bill and Diana’s to go around and we need you to help. Try to get on the radio if you can; I did!….and if I can get on the radio then some of you all certainly should be able to! LOL

I will be at the Come and Take It Festival in Gonzales, Texas this weekend with a Lone Star LiberTEA Fest table. If any one of you or someone in your group would like to show up at the table to help promote and sell tickets, even if it’s just for an hour, that would be great. We will be out front of the old jail house on Saturday. It should be a lot of fun and last year’s attendance was about 10,000!

Also, I have raffle tickets to sell as well and was needing a few raffle prizes donated. Right now we have a $50.00 gift certificate from Cabella’s that was donated, but I was hoping to get about 9 more prizes lined up. Raffle tickets will be $5.00 each and will help us cover the cost of the event. I will be selling them on Saturday at the Come and Take It Festival and on the day of the event. Your ideas and donations are most welcome. I was thinking of prizes like: $20.00 gift certificate to restaurant, Come and Take it Flag, Texas Flag, Tee Shirts, Signed Books, Patriot stuff?, etc.

Have a wonderful weekend. That’s all I have for now and I will be in touch.

For the love of liberty!

Diana Moses, Freedom Keeper

TX Republican Freedom Coalition County Director

Highland Lakes Tea Party

Lone Star LiberTEA Fest Event Organizer
(Jack is speaking at this event)


“Banks Got Bailed Out; We Got Sold Out” – Occupy Wall Street Update 9/30: Russell Simmons to Bring Hundreds of Thousands More to Protest? (911 1st Responders join in)

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Activist Post
Hip Hop legend and media icon, Russell Simmons, is confirmed to be on site at the Occupy Wall Street protest, as Alexander Higgins Blog reports.  In an interview with MSNBC below Simmons states:

Last time I got involved in a protest I brought a hundred thousand people there, for the Rockefeller Drug Laws. And if I get involved really heavily in this one, we find the agenda and have a common ground we can bring hundreds of thousands of people small seeds are planted, but it could grow into something very big.

Does the arrival of moguls like Simmons and Michael Moore indicate legitimate concern and solidarity? Political grandstanding? Or even controlled opposition? Comment sections around the Web seem to be divided on the motives and the direction of the Occupy Wall Street protest.  Please leave your own comments below.

More updates and videos below

The crowd that has gathered since Sept. 17th is beginning to swell with the recent addition of unions and liberal groups, as reported by Raw Story.

Among unions, the United Federation of Teachers, 32BJ SEIU, 1199 SEIU, Workers United and Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 100 have said they will participate in the protest next Wednesday.

The Working Families Party, (SOROS), Make the Road New York, the Coalition for the Homeless, the Alliance for Quality Education, Community Voices Heard, United New York and Strong Economy For All also plan to support the demonstration.

It is encouraging to see people from across the political spectrum unite around a common oppression.

 This diversity is exactly what it is going to take to affect real and lasting change. People are rapidly waking up to the fact that their neighbors are not to blame for the current calamity.  This concept is summed up perfectly by a 9/11 first responder who articulates how the system has treated him, and what he has in common with other protesters at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration.

This is the live stream of the occupy wall street group of a women being arrested for no reason just for asking not to be touched while walking during the protest.

sign the petition:


Watch the live feed ON DEADLINELIVE.INFO


HELP! First Time Pot Offender Seeks Presidential Pardon for 30-year Sentence

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Friday, September 30, 2011


Obama should sympathize and pardon
Jason Spyers

Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director

Below is a request from a NORML member and recently retired prison employee from Illinois seeking a presidential pardon for a man sentenced ten years ago as a teenager to thirty years for a first time marijuana offense.

One of the reasons the walls of Cannabis Prohibition are coming down faster and faster these days is because of citizens like George from Oakford, who can no longer stand idly by and be witness to the waste and cruelty of incarcerating citizens for so-called marijuana-related ‘crimes’.

George’s signature is first, mine is second…will you please join us in asking President Obama to pardon Jason Spyres after he has served 10 years for a ‘crime’, that some day soon will no longer be a crime.

Thanks in advance for caring and sharing — Allen St. Pierre

—— Forwarded Message
From: George A.
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 09:50:05 -0500
Subject: Need Help?

Hi: I am a NORML member and wanted to ask you to circulate a White House Petition that only needs 150 signatures (online) to become searchable (under marijuana or cannabis). It is:!/petition/pardon-jason-spyres-k99397-illinois-inmate-serving-30-year-now-9th-year-sentence-marijuana-charge/mxbD3tDp

I would appreciate your response or suggestions. It is in regard to an Illinois inmate who got locked up for 30 years, of which he has served about 10 years, for a first time marijuana offense. He was first locked up as a teenager. I worked as a Correctional Officer around this inmate and know that he does not deserve to be locked up for so long. I retired in 09 and can now help this young man fight for his deserved freedom. Please help if you can.

George A.
Oakford, IL


O’Bomba the Al Cia duh Killer: Anwar al-Aulaqi (al-Awlaki) allegedly killed via drone stike in Yemen

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Jack Blood

The Charges against Anwar al-Aulaqi are many, and generally unsubstantiated. In the video below you can hear how this devout Muslim terrorist was trolling for prostitutes, and allegedly liked sex with children. The allegations of collusion with a variety of terrorists are unproven at best and at worst wholesale lies.
Some legitimately question the role of Al Aulaqi as Terrorist Cleric and inspiration to 911 “hijackers” primarily because he was considered a “friend” of US Officials at that time, seen dining at the Pentagon just after 911.

The “would be” Underpants Bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was revealed to have had help in his ill conceived plan by witnesses who testified that he was able to board an American bound plane without a passport, aided by a “sharp Dressed man”. The alleged Fort Hood shooter also had help according to witnesses.

As for the 2007 Plot to attack Fort Dix in NJ (via Pizza delivery) it was revealed in US court to have been an FBI sting Operation (inside job) designed to entrap participants to give credence to the War on Terror and the USA Patriot Act.

Though today’s recent trophy Anwar al-Aulaqi has endorsed the Jihad against the USA (for occupation and aggression) every indication seems to prove he was a double agent. A CIA asset probably, who’s father was a high ranking official in the allied Yemeni Government.

Of course, even as the headlines of Al Aulaqi’s assassination by drone makes headlines around the world… There is no assurance at all that he was indeed taken out. Just trust them on this folks. Many a terrorist were killed or “captured” by both the Bush and Obama (O’Busha) admins only to have been resurrected at a later time. Then Killed again. That’s really getting a bang out of a buck.

In the end, most American’s will simply buy in to the “official story” of this assassination of an American born Terror leader, which should bode well for Mr Obama’s national security cred. during the 2012 election. As the leading GOP candidates try to out-hawk each other on foreign policy, Obama will brag about his success in this realm based on the illusion that he has killed all of the prime figureheads of the movement.

The ONLY sensible argument to this can come from the quarters of candidate Ron Paul (as I have written previously) 1) Blowback: Killing breeds more killing, and “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” (Gandhi) 2) The entire IWOT is a scam 3) Assassination without trial sets an ugly precedent, and 4) If we are doing so wonderfully against these alleged terrorists… Why is it that we can never win and it always seems to get worse? How much money is this costing us?

I rest my case. For now….

Also see:

Anwar al-Aulaqi gets new designation in death

U.S. officials have given Anwar al-Aulaqi a newly elevated designation on the day of his death by drone strike, describing him as “chief of external operations” for al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen.

The new title, cited by officials at the White House and the CIA, reflects Aulaqi’s evolution from Muslim cleric to alleged terrorist plotter, as well as a desire by American officials to persuade the public that the extraordinary killing of a U.S. citizen overseas was warranted.

U.S. officials also disclosed what they said were new details about Aulaqi’s operational role, saying that he personally had instructed a would-be suicide bomber who boarded a Detroit-bound plane in 2009 to detonate his device over American airspace to maximize casualties.

When he first surfaced on U.S. counter-terrorism radar, Aulaqi was mainly seen as a militant cleric, a native of New Mexico who was acquiring a disturbingly large audience for his English-language sermons online.

More recently, he was portrayed as an increasingly operational figure for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, as the Yemen-based off-shoot is known.

But on Friday, U.S. officials including National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor described Aulaqi as “chief of external operations.”

A U.S. intelligence official said that CIA analysts and others had been referring to Aulaqi by that designation for some time, saying that he was “intimately involved in the attacks that have come closest to hitting the United States.”

In December 2009, Aulaqi “specifically instructed” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to wait until his Christmas Day flight had crossed into U.S. airspace before detonating the bomb he had hidden in his underwear, an Obama administration official said. Abdulmutallab was subdued before he could ignite the explosive.

Aulaqi also had “a direct role in supervising” AQAP’s attempt to mail parcels packed with explosives to addresses in the United States last year, the official said.

Yemen experts have expressed skepticism about the escalating assertions about Aulaqi, and characterizations of him as a key operational figure.

“Certainly Aulaqi was a threat, but eliminating him is not the same as killing Osama bin Laden,” said Gregory Johnsen, an expert on Yemen. Johnsen noted that other AQAP figures are more influential in the organization, and more important to its operations. Among them are Naser Wuhayshi, the head of the organization, and Qassim al-Raymi, its military commander.

U.S. officials counter that it was Aulaqi who pushed the organization, which is comprised mainly of Saudis and Yemenis, to make hitting American targets a top priority. “He said publicly that was his goal,” the U.S. intelligence official said.

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