Obama’s Executive Order 13575 Rural Council – Agenda 21

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Just scanning for the “Internet Kill Switch’ Bill (this has already happened to me a few times – so bill or no bill… we are still getting hit. Then I found this (better late than never):

On June 9, 2011, President Obama issued a sweeping executive order for a White House Rural Council that purports to exert broad municpal powers over the food, fiber, and energy production of Rural American. Where’s the Line, America to how much power the president can amass by executive order?

Salon Attack on Ron Paul Refuted (Great video by Tom Woods)

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Bestselling author Tom Woods responds to Salon attack on Ron Paul (“Ron Paul’s Phony Populism”). http://www.tomwoods.com http://www.facebook.com/ThomasEWoods


American Epitaph by Damien Darby

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The author has written us and said that he will be donating proceeds from the book to “Occupy Seattle” (my hometown) – Please check it out. ~ Jack

American Epitaph

More info and details on how to download the book HERE

Ebook By Damien Darby
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Oct. 05, 2011
Category: Fiction » Literature » Visionary & metaphysical
Words: 78108 (approximate)
Language: English

Ebook Short Description

The systemic revolt has come. The US faces a contemporary version of the American Revolution while the rest of the technological world, in fact modernity itself, is collapsing with it. Set in Phoenix AZ join Mark as he tries to flee the city with his daughter before it is shut down by authoritarian forces. The percentage of this book that is fictional lessens by the day, come decide for yourself

Extended Description

In the not too distant future a revolution is going to take hold of the modern world around you. Embers of discontent are already starting fires all over the landscapes of current long standing empires, in particular that of the United States of America. It is going to be unlike anything you have ever seen on television or in movies, or read about on the net or in newspapers. Try though they will, not a single soul will be able to fully anticipate the ferocious speed at which this phenomenon spreads and intensifies. Literally everything about your life and the country you are experiencing now is going to drastically blur itself into transparency.

You are living in a time of greatness, one that shall manifest the next grand leap in human social evolution. You are a fortunate person who will witness a massive transition, a shift from one age to another. Do you feel it coming now, as you walk down the street, or as you listen to the evening news? Haven’t you sensed that something incredi… (Read more)


government, revolution, economic collapse, visionary, revolt, prophetic, occupy wall street, collapse of modernity

This is your Governor’s “Brain” on Drugs: Rick Perry forgets the U.S. voting age, election date

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ROFL… How did this guy ever beat Debra Medina in TX? Ohhhh thats right.


Via Raw Story

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) wants to be president, but he just can’t remember when the election is or how old you have to be to vote.

At a campaign stop at St. Anselm College Institute of Politics Tuesday, Perry didn’t seem to know that Americans become eligible to vote at the age of 18, and that the 2012 presidential election will be held on Nov. 6, 2012.

“Those who are going to be over 21 on November 12th, I ask for your support,” the candidate told students. “Those of you that won’t be, just work hard. Because you’re… counting on us.”

Following the event, Perry spokesman Mark Miner dismissed the error, saying “the governor misspoke.”

But some are sure to see the slip as part of a pattern.

At a Republican presidential debate in early November, the Texas governor could not recall which three agencies of government he wanted to eliminate.

“The third agency of government — I would do away with Education, the, um, Commerce and let’s see…,” Perry said, glancing down at the podium. “I can’t. The third one, I can’t. Sorry. Oops.”

Watch this video from The Associated Press, broadcast Nov. 29, 2011.


FOX Rejects Anti Obama Ads (Its also Anti Federal Reserve!)

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For FOX and Friends, it aint about the money… Its about Printing the “Money”….



Screenshot of ad with animations of Pat Boone, President Obama and Ben Bernanke

Two television spots developed by a national investment firm specializing in U.S. gold and silver coins have been rejected by major television networks, including the Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network, for apparently political reasons.

The ads by Phoenix-based Swiss America Trading Corp., a WND advertiser, feature President Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke as animated characters engaging in the potentially inflationary policy of printing paper money with abandon to stimulate the struggling economy.

Singer Pat Boone, a spokesman for Swiss America for more than 15 years, appears in the commercials as an animated announcer who concludes that investing in gold is a prudent strategy to diversify a portfolio in inflationary times.

“The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve”

Swiss America CEO Craig Smith said the intent of the ads was not to make a political statement.

The goal, he said, “was to take what we thought was a humorous approach to a timely and important economic topic in order to advertise our company and promote a new book we’ve recently published.”

Along with Fox News and Fox Business, the two commercials have been rejected by NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN/HLN and the Discovery Channel.

Comcast, in rejecting the spot, told Swiss America that it “does not meet our standards on public symbol.”

(Story continues below)

Comcast’s Public Symbol Policy specifies that the “use of the name or likeness of the President of the United States and/or the Presidential Seal for endorsing commercial purposes must be authorized by the White House.”

Fox News said the “representation of public figures is something we try to avoid.”

CNN/HLN told Swiss America the commercials were “not appropriate for the current landscape.”

“The networks’ reaction shocked me,” Smith said. “It’s a threat to First Amendment rights when a commercial message is rejected not because it is inaccurate or misleading, but because it makes what is perceived to be a political statement the networks want to avoid.”

Smith told WND he was concerned that the networks were protecting Obama and Bernanke.

“All we are saying in these two commercials is what dozens of responsible professional economists are saying every day,” Smith said. “Gold investment as a responsible diversification strategy when governments printing of fiat currencies with abandon risk unleashing inflationary principles.”

Only Google TV accepted the commercials, for broadcast on the DISH Network and Direct TV satellite networks.

Google TV has planned a test in which the two ads will be broadcast 1,132 times on the DISH Network and Direct TV from Dec. 5, 2011, through Jan. 12, 2012.

Ironically, the Swiss America ads will be seen nationally via Google TV on many of the major networks that have refused to air them. While cable subscribers to Fox News and CNN/HLN will not see the ads, for example, subscribers to the DISH Network or Direct TV will see them on those networks during the test period.

“The silver lining,” said Smith “is that many of the television and cable networks who told us ‘no’ have come back saying ‘yes’ to Google TV, which will begin broadcasting the two commercials next week. We are very thankful to Google TV for helping us keep free speech alive on the television airwaves.”

In June, Smith and co-author Lowell Ponte published “The Inflation Deception: Six Ways Government Tricks Us … and Seven Ways to Stop It!” in a paperback edition.

“Welcome to the ‘inflatocracy’ – our new form of government of, by, and for inflation – in which deliberately debasing our money has become a tool of mind manipulation, wealth distribution, and secret taxation,” the publicity for the book on Amazon.com reads.

The first Swiss America commercial, seen below, plays off the theme “Helicopter Ben,” a nickname Wall Street has conferred upon Bernanke for his reputation of “helicoptering” into financial crises to dump money on a problem.

The second Swiss America commercial, seen below, evokes imagery from the classic movie“The Wizard of Oz” to portray Bernanke and Obama as “financial wizards” hiding as “the men behind the door” in an inflationary scheme to solve economic problems by printing money.

Read more:

Ron Paul Supporter Makes The Attack-Ad The Ron Paul Campaign Won’t

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Way to go! More proof that Amerrrrrrricans are brain washed by their TVs. Shoot this out viral!

Business Insider

A Ron Paul supporter on YouTube has made a devastating attack-ad aimed at Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

Paul doesn’t normally attack his opponents, instead he counts on his ideas and record speaking for themselves.

Paul ventured one attack in a debate this summer. When asked what he thought of Rick Perry’s record on taxes, Paul said, “I’m a taxpayer there [in Texas]. My taxes have gone up… I would put a little damper on this, but I don’t want to offend the governor… he might raise my taxes or something!” It was a pretty devastating line, delivered guilelessly.

But it is precisely an ad like this, that shows Paul being more faithful to Republican positions than other front-runners, that could put him over the top in Iowa, where he currently polls second.

In Historic Move, Iceland Becomes the First Western European Nation to Recognize Palestinian Statehood

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Take THAT Rothschild!


A rally for Palestine in Iceland. Photo by Karl Gunnarsson.  

A rally for Palestine in Iceland. Photo by Karl Gunnarsson.


Cross-posted from Tikkun Daily.

by David Harris-Gershon


On Tuesday, Iceland became the first Western European nation to pass a parliamentary motion recognizing Palestine as an independent state. The motion – symbolically passed on the United Nation’s annual day of solidarity with the Palestinian people – backs a Palestinian state on 1967 borders, calls on both Israel and Palestine to reject violence and notes the question of Palestinian refugees.

Calling the vote historic, Foreign Minister Ossur Skarphedinsson indicated that Iceland’s move was precipitated by the Palestinians’ application for full U.N. membership – an application which has not been accepted by the U.N. Security Council.

Icelandic lawmaker Amal Tamimi, who was born in Palestine, applauded the move as a necessary step, stating, “I hope that more countries will follow suit.

As the Icelandic parliament moved to recognize Palestine, the Palestinian Authority made clear it intends to push forward with its U.N. membership bid:

Palestinian UN observer Riyad Mansour read a message from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at UN headquarters on the occasion of the day of solidarity with the Palestinian people. He reaffirmed the Palestinian’s bid for UN membership, saying it should complement peace negotiations, provided that Israel is prepared to negotiate on the basis of the 1967 borders.

Abbas said the Palestinians are not seeking “to delegitimize Israel” by applying to join the UN “but to delegitimize its settlement activities and the seizure of our occupied lands.”

With its U.N. bid stalled in the Security Council, it remains unclear whether or not Abbas will push forward with an attempt to secure a non-binding resolution in the General Assembly affirming Palestinian statehood. Such a resolution, if moved upon, would be almost guaranteed to pass despite opposition from the United States.

Famed Colorado Sheriff / Clinton Crime consultant Arrested for trafficking Meth, sex

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We heard that our friend, and NWO Researcher Jonathon Elinoff helped on this investigation…


Foxes guarding hen houses...

DENVER, Colo. (CBS4)– A CBS4 investigation has learned that former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. has been arrested, suspected of trafficking methamphetamine, a controlled substance.

Sullivan, 68, was the elected Arapahoe County Sheriff for 19 years. He retired in 2002 and went on to become director of safety and security for Cherry Creek Schools. He was a nationally-regarded law enforcement figure and in 2001 as the National Sheriff Association named Sullivan “Sheriff of the Year.”

The investigation that led to Sullivan’s arrest began in mid-November, according to contacts familiar with the case. They say several informants provided information to law enforcement connecting Sullivan to the distribution and use of methamphetamine.

As part of the investigation authorities say Sullivan agreed to meet a male informant and provide the man drugs in exchange for sex. That’s when Investigators and members of the South Metro Drug Task Force arrested Sullivan. The former sheriff is being held on $250,000 bond as of Tuesday evening.

Contacted by CBS4, the current Arapahoe County sheriff, Grayson Robinson, said, “The allegations of criminal behavior involving Pat Sullivan are extraordinarily disturbing. While the arrest of the former sheriff is very troubling, no one, and particularly a former peace officer, is above the law. This is the most shocking thing I’ve ever been involved with.”

Ironically, Sullivan will be jailed in the Arapahoe County Jail, which was named for the legendary sheriff — The Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. Detention Facility.

“This is a very sad time for the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office and our community,” Robinson said.

Robinson said Sullivan will likely be charged with a felony count drug count and said he anticipates additional criminal charges against Sullivan and other suspects.

CBS4 has also learned that in the last several years Sullivan posted bond numerous times for suspects in drug cases who were being held at various jail facilities. According to public records, in 2007 and 2008 Sullivan was an active participant in state and local methamphetamine task forces, helping craft a state plan to deal with the scourge of methamphetamine.

Sullivan was a revered figure in law enforcement. When he retired the Rocky Mountain News called him “Dedicated. Loyal. Available. Protector. High Achiever. Medal of Valor Winner. Hero.”

The National Association of School Resource Officers gave Sullivan a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002. At the time the executive director of NASRO, Curtis Lavarello, said of Sullivan, “You are not only committed to the SRO concept, but have truly spent your entire career making every effort to keep children safe.”

Sullivan served in law enforcement for 40 years, beginning in 1962 as a Littleton police officer and dispatcher. He joined the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office in 1979 as a captain and patrol division commander. He was named undersheriff in 1983 and appointed to the top job 6 months later.

Sullivan testified before congressional subcommittees on several occasions, weighing in on various law enforcement issues.

President Bill Clinton named Sullivan in 1995 to the National Commission on Crime Prevention and Control. According to a 1995 White House news release, Sullivan was a consultant to U.S. House Subcommittee on Crime and served on two advisory councils affiliated with the Department of Justice.

Gingrich: We should have Singapore-style drug tests for Americans

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Test for users, Hang and Execute ‘Drug Dealers’? While Ron Paul wants to end the “War on Drugs” – Cousin Newt wants to take it to a new Fascist level.  Is this really what Republican voters are looking for? and they say we are ‘radical’….


By David Neiwert

 Crooks and Liars


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Newt Gingrich followed Bill O’Reilly’s lead last night on The O’Reilly Factor, talking about how Americans’ drug use — and not horribly wrong-headed American drug laws — are responsible for the border wars being waged by Mexican cartels.

O’Reilly seemed to think that Singapore might be a model to follow, since things work so swell over there:

O’Reilly: I don’t know whether you know this, but I did one of my papers at Harvard on this — on how to reduce demand for drugs. But the United States has never figured it out. You can’t lock up drug users, I mean, that doesn’t work. And you can’t force them into rehab, you have to want rehab, and even if you want it, it’s very hard to get off hard drugs and alcohol. Very hard.

What you can do, though, is sanction people along the way. And this is what they do in Singapore. If you’re caught possessing drugs — and that means drugs in your bloodstream, they have a little hair thing, and they put it in there — then you have to go to mandatory rehab. And they have centers where you go.

Now, they have no drug problem in Singapore at all, number one, because they hang drug dealers — they execute them. And number two, the market is very thin, because when they catch you using, you go away with a mandatory rehab. You go to some rehab center, which they have, which the government has built.

The United States does not have the stomach for that. We don’t have the stomach for that, Mr. Speaker.

Gingrich: Well, I think it’s time we get the stomach for that, Bill. And I think we need a program — I would dramatically expand testing. I think we have — and I agree with you. I would try to use rehabilitation, I’d make it mandatory. And I think we have every right as a country to demand of our citizens that they quit doing illegal things which are funding, both in Afghanistan and in Mexico and in Colombia, people who are destroying civilization.

Of course, mandatory testing means that everyone is a suspect, and everyone must submit. Aren’t these the same right-wingers who are complaining loudly that Obama’s supposed “socialism” is all about taking away our rights and enslaving us in a totalitarian state?

I keep hearing that Newt is trying to position himself for a 2012 presidential run. Nice to know what he has in mind for us citizens.

Syria – NWO Puppets: ‘Cold war & crusades never finished

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Russia’s assessment of the cause of the Syrian unrest points the finger of blame firmly at an armed opposition. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also says it’s time to stop dealing in ultimatums and get back to peace talks.
A UN investigation earlier stated that Syrian forces had committed crimes against humanity in their brutal treatment of anti-government demonstrators. Almost 4,000 people have been killed after months of unrest. The EU is tightening the economic screws on the Syrian regime and is considering an arms embargo – something Moscow strongly opposes. For more RT talks to Peter Eyre, a Middle East Consultant, joining from Birmingham in the UK.

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