Penn State child-sex abuse scandal mirrors Omaha’s “Franklin” horror

By Jed Killian

Contributor to Deadline Live

November 11, 2011


The reports of child-sex abuse coming out of Penn State this week have been vile and sickening.


Reading The Washington Post’s link to the Grand Jury report have been shocking and graphic. To learn that Penn State’s Gerald “Jerry” Sandusky, a popular Nittany Lions defensive coordinator, was raping young boys in the showers and worse proves that pedophilia and the sexual abuse of children is rampant at all levels of society and that people in great positions of power and influence are either directly involved, or if they do find out about it, do little if anything to prevent it. Cover-ups usually take place and in this case did take place.


And the children are suffering. Sandusky – who preyed on disadvantaged youth with his “Second Mile” charity, promising football game tickets and more – allegedly had a virtual “rape room” in the fieldhouse locker room and the Penn State elite looked the other way as innocent lives were destroyed.


And as we find out that these children may have been “pimped out” to wealthy Penn State donors. A local radio host recalls Sandusky always putting his hand on his thigh when he was 11. And there are far worse stories. Regardless, there were signs everywhere that Sandusky was a pedophile! And now the Happy Valley house of cards appears to be collapsing. Will this have a domino-like effect, exposing more pedophile rings? We will say this – weird things go on at Happy Valley. We’ve heard about that for years.


Michael Tomasky, writing earlier this week at The Daily Beast, about this shocking scandal notes that legendary Penn State Coach Joe Paterno is viewed by sports fans as a “great moral man.” But, Tomasky adds, “Great moral men don’t hire depraved monsters. Great moral men don’t let things like this happen in their orbit. Great moral men take care of these things. But he didn’t.”


Paterno, Tomasky says, needs to go. And he’s gone, as of today. But it’s more than just sending an old, arrogant and self-important man off to pasture. It’s about a man who is just about worshipped by Penn State fans – “JoePa” – and his decision not to report Sandusky – accused of sexually abusing 8 boys over a a 15-year period, and we’re sure there were many others – to the authorities.


And now Paterno is gone and the students are rioting. No, no, JoePa can’t go??? What? It’s disgusting and misguided anger. What about the kids? These people need to reassess what is really important – helping abused children. That has been lost in their obsession with football and winning and says a lot about American society.


Amazingly, as JoePa sits at home during the first Penn State football game he has not coached since the mid-1960’s, the coaching assistant who spied Sandusky raping the boy in the showers will be on the sidelines – as if nothing happened. It’s like an upside-down world up there in so-called “Happy Valley.” I guess they are right when they say large, powerful institutions like universities, the Catholic Church, governments and more, can get away with a lot and act like nothing is amiss when they are called out on it.


This news of the powerful turning a blind eye to outrageous corruption and odious abuse brings to mind the sad and disturbing case of Johnny Gosch. Gosch, was the 12-year-old Des Moines Register paperboy who was kidnapped in September 1982 while on his paper route. He was never found and is now believed to have been forced into a pedophile ring linked out of Omaha, Nebraska (read The Franklin Cover Up by John DeCamp or YouTube the Conspiracy of Silence video or check out Nick Bryant’s book The Franklin Scandal).


As online reporter Tim Schmitt wrote in 2005 – a weird year, in retrospect – many are beginning to believe in the existence of “a vast network of high-profile people – powerful politicians, business leaders, law enforcement and government agents – who exist in a subculture of degenerates who participate in child pornography, snuff films, drugs, devil worship, brainwashing and kidnapping.” And with more coming out of Penn State, was that university just one of many hotspots for this horrific and illegal activity?


Gosch’s mother, who re-entered the headlines in 2005 when fake reporter Jeff Gannon (a.k.a. James Guckert) was rumored to be the long-lost Johnny Gosch. Interestingly, Gannon was outed in February of that year after lobbing softball questions to President George W. Bush while claiming to represent a conservative, online outfit called Talon News, connected to a group called GOPUSA.


The Gannon revelation so startled Washington – that a con artist/fake reporter – had unfettered access to the White House, that members of congress, including two House Democrats, wrote to then-Bush Administration Press Secretary Scott McClellan, demanding to know why Gannon was spending so much time at the White House when many of his visits did not involve press conferences.


Gannon turned out to be a gay hustler, with evidence of this discovered all over the Internet. Retired FBI Agent Ted Gunderson was said to have claimed that he thought Gannon/Guckert was the kidnapped boy, now a man in his late 30’s or early 40’s.

“I’m convinced 99 percent that he is Johnny Gosch,” Gunderson said. “The only way I’d be 100 percent sure is if there was a DNA test or if he admitted it.”


And while he refused to give a DNA test, Noreen Gosch, Johnny’s mother, isn’t 100 percent convinced Gannon is her missing son.


Gosch wrote a book about her son’s disappearance called Why Johnny Can’t Come Home and in an interview with Charlene Fassa in 2005, said, “Pedophilia, kiddie porn and child prostitution is a multi-billion dollar business. The only reason we it to this degree is ‘supply and demand and supply and demand.” We have many high level wealthy pedophiles.”


Interesting that if you check Wikipedia’s page for “Jeff Gannon,” nothing is mentioned about his alleged links to the Johnny Gosch disappearance, despite Gannon appearing on the cable show “Dietl and Daniels” answering questions from host Bo Dietl about it. Where is Jeff Gannon? He seems to have disappeared.


Like the current Jerry Sandusky child-rape case at Penn State, there is a weird angle to it. As The New York Times reminded readers today, it was in 2005 that Centre County, Pa. District Attorney Ray Gricar went missing. While his car and laptop computer were found, D.A. Gricar never was, but his hard drive was destroyed. A few years earlier he had been investigating then-Penn State assistant coach Sandusky and opted not to pursue charges after reports of Sandusky showering with a boy made it to his office.  District Attorney’s who have every reason to live – a daughter, a girlfriend, a good job – don’t simply vanish. Clearly Gricar’s computer was targeted. What was on that computer? What did Gricar know? An assistant district attorney says Gricar never told him about what he discovered in the Sandusky case.


Did Gricar unwittingly uncover something related to the so-called “interstate pedophile network” that operates “from coast-to-coast” as reported by “Franklin Scandal” author Nick Bryant, as he told Red Ice Radio two weeks ago? Is there more to the Penn State connections to Sandusky’s crimes? If Gricar found out about it, we may never know since he disappeared over six years ago during that weird year of 2005.


And now there is the weirdness this week surrounding Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. The outspoken, conservative businessman is at the heart of a scandal involving allegations of sexual harassment on the part of multiple women. It sounds like it’s made up and likely is. But it is suspicious and has a strange, synchronistic resonance with the earth-shattering news coming out of State College, Pennsylvania, where this weekend, perhaps ironically, they are playing their final game – against Nebraska!


On Tuesday, Cain addressed the allegations and claimed he did not sexually harass anyone and that the charges are made up.


Remember, Cain is the same guy who served as chairman of the Omaha branch of the Kansas City Federal Reserve. Omaha, of course, is where the notorious Franklin Cover-Up took place and where rising black Republican star Lawrence King was based before his downfall in the wake of the Franklin Federal Credit Union scandal of 1988 and ’89.


Meanwhile, Cain is focused on rebuilding the ailing Godfather’s Pizza, based in Omaha, and promoting “Pizzaology,” he and a group of investors actually purchased the franchise from Pillsbury. As he notes in his bio This is Herman Cain! he writes that in September 1988, “we closed on a leveraged buyout and we are now the heavily in debt owners of Godfather’s Pizza, Inc,” with help from CitiBank. Were there any other lending institutions or investors from Omaha involved in that process? We are not sure. The New York Times, at the time, interviewed Cain about the Godfather’s purchase. Cain told the Times that “he and his management team were investing much of their own net worth in Godfather’s.” At its peak, Godfather’s had 911 restaurants, interestingly enough. Perhaps Mr. Cain will release all that information since it is not detailed in his book and questions are being asked about this time of his career.


The failing Godfather’s Pizza chain, that third-rate chain with the mobster theme, was started by William “Willy” Theisen, a “wild” man Cain would obviously have known. As they say, you are known by the company you keep. But reading a recent Omaha World-Herald overview of Cain’s Omaha years, Theisen’s marketing director for Godfather’s, Tim McMahon, said that while Cain was charismatic, he “simply doesn’t register as a significant force” in Godfather’s success, this despite the Cain campaign’s rhetoric. Cain does not mention Willy Theisen in his biography, despite the man having started the restaurant Cain claims to have saved. It sounds like there may be bad blood between Cain and Theisen. But that’s only speculation.


Moving on, during Cain’s “Omaha years,” Lawrence E. “Larry” King, it would be revealed, was, according to a December 1988 New York Times article, being investigated by the FBI and IRS after money – $39 million, all told – was found to be missing were noted in the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union overseen by King. King would be sentenced to prison. He is now out of prison and believed to be living in Virginia.


Then there is King and Franklin’s link to the distinguished Catholic orphanage on Omaha’s outskirts – Boys Town – where young boys were ferried out to rich and powerful pedophiles., allegedly including judges in the region. Sounds like what we’re finding out in regards to Penn State. The priest who ran Boys Town during this time and up to 2005 refused to cooperate with any investigators looking into allegations.And remember the film Boys Town with Spencer Tracy? It turns out it is a favorite of another presidential candidate and friend of Cain – Newt Gingrich. And note Gingrich’s bizarre reference to Oliver Stone and cannibalism and his desire to see Macaulay Culkin in a remake.


Cain was in Omaha for 13 years. It was during this time that a shocking June 1989 report in The Washington Times appeared, headlined “Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush.” A lot of things end up happening in Washington. A lot of secrets in that city by the Potomac. A lot of once-good people have been compromised and controlled as a result of what really goes on there.


Anyway, one of the boys allegedly forced into prostitution by King was Paul Bonacci. He was one of the young male prostitutes that is known to have toured the White House back in the ‘80s and featured in that aforementioned Washington Times article from June of ’89.


In 1999, Bonacci won a $1 million lawsuit against King, with the federal judge believing Bonacci’s testimony against King was truthful. At the same time, a grand jury had already said the sexual-abuse allegations that came up in the case was “a hoax” and never happened. And everyone went back to sleep.


Back in 1990, the lead investigator for the Nebraska legislative Franklin Senate Subcommittee, Gary Caradori, listed Godfather’s Pizza founder Theisen as one of the people he wanted to interview on behalf of the legislative committee.

In Caradori’s notes he had written that Willy Theisen is “alleged to have used a substantial amount of cocaine with numerous people in the Omaha area.” And in another part of Caradori’s report, a man named Richard Cottage, who worked for the City of Omaha, allegedly had “information reference photos depicting drug activity and sexual activity at a party hosted by Will(y) Theisen.” It is not clear if Theisen was ever questioned. He reportedly remains in the pizza business in Omaha.

During this time, leading up to the death of Gary Caradori, the FBI was allegedly intimidating victims and harassing investigators, as noted by author Nick Bryant. The Department of Justice is corrupt, says Bryant, and they helped cover up the Franklin Scandal.


Caradori’s investigation would end abruptly, sadly. He would be one of many mysterious deaths linked to the Franklin Scandal, according to author Nick Bryant. Flying back to Lincoln, Nebraska from Chicago in July 1990, Caradori’s plane broke up over Ashton, Illinois killing him and his 8-year-old-son. No cause was ever found and at the site of the wreckage, in Lee County, Illinois, a witness said child pornography photos were found at the scene of the crash.

Caradori had allegedly met with Larry King’s photographer, Rusty Nelson, while in Chicago. As author Nick Bryant notes, Caradori got incriminating photos from Nelson and flew back with them.

Writes Bryant: “The pictures showed who the adults were and who the kids were. I (Nelson) gathered that the purpose was blackmail and it was political. The contents of the pictures, and the events surrounding them, would be an instant end to a politician’s career.” That evidence was allegedly taken away by persons unknown, and never seen again.


State Sen. Loran Schmit, the chairman of the legislature’s Franklin committee, which Caradori was working for, told the Associated Press after Caradori’s death that “he had no doubt there were people who wanted to see Caradori dead.”

“They got their wish,” Schmit told the AP. “They question to be answered is whether it was a coincidence.”


Cain, as we said, was in Omaha during King’s heyday in the late 1980’s. What does Cain know about the things King was involved in? We have been unable to find Cain mentioned, linking him to any of this and we are not alleging Cain was involved in anything illegal or wrong. However, noting Omaha’s size and that he would be a known figure, particularly among Omaha’s minority community, the question should be asked by the media.

We do know the power elite of Nebraska, including the influential Omaha World-Herald newspaper, were accused of covering up the details of the child-sex scandal, which included allegations of drug trafficking and the laundering of money for the contras in Nicaragua. It’s wild stuff. While people came forward and gave their eyewitness accounts of what they saw and experienced – much of it shocking and horrific, as noted in Bryant’s book The Franklin Scandal – federal and local law enforcement did their best to cover up crimes for very powerful people.


Interesting side note: reading the Omaha World-Herald’s coverage of the Penn State scandal today, nothing is noted about the Franklin Scandal. It’s almost as if the reporter was deliberately dancing around the issue. Caradori, before his murder-by-plane-crash, had linked a high-ranking World-Herald staffer to the scandal. Omaha’s establishment elite, it would appear, is still in denial about what happened in their city over 20 years ago. Will they finally face the horror that they so effectively covered up?


Interestingly, the late “gonzo” author Hunter S. Thompson, who allegedly committed suicide in 2005, was believed to have been loosely linked to the Franklin Scandal, although no proof has been put forth. But coincidentally, Thompson’s death happened shortly after fake reporter/gay hustler Jeff Gannon (aka James Guckert, aka Johnny Gosch?) was exposed as a fraud and shill for the Bush administration, on Feb. 20, 2005. For some, this was a major red flag.

Thompson comes into the story because of reports from some of the boys that Thompson and others took them to the mysterious playground in northern California for the rich and powerful – Bohemian Grove. Note this bizarre interview Thompson gave to David Letterman, where he talks about killing up in the mountains. It’s creepy.


This is a rumor, and a low-down dirty one for sure, but researcher Mark Dice has his suspicions about what Thompson knew and was involved with. It’s horrifying if true. And it is interesting in light of his death, coming just two months after the “suicide” of former San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb, another truth-seeking journalist who also happened to  blow CIA-crack cocaine scandal wide open in 1996 with his “Dark Alliance” series, and was completely ruined in the aftermath.

Thompson, who is lovingly portrayed by his old friend Johnny Depp in the film adaptation of Thompson’s first novel, The Rum Diary, frequently refers to supporting and voting for black activist and 1968 Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate Dick Gregory.


Gregory, interestingly enough, is on to Cain and is letting the public know about it. As he noted in a recent interview with liberal talk-show host Thom Hartmann, Gregory said that “no negro has ever had that spot,” in reference to Cain being chairman of Omaha branch of the Kansas City Federal Reserve. Gregory told Hartmann that he thinks Cain is “brilliant” and is simply “dumbing down” his act to garner wider appeal and sympathy.


And since we mentioned the Hollywood connection, notice how the media ignored the allegations made by former child actor Corey Feldman who claims Hollywood is ” a den of molesting pedophiles,” as noted by

But back to the disgraced Lawrence King. He served 10 of a 15 year sentence for his role in the failure of Franklin. Where that links back to Hunter S. Thompson, who as a Rolling Stone reporter closely followed the campaign of George McGovern in 1972, as revealed in his classic book Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72, would probably have crossed paths with Lawrence “Larry” King. King, who, according to The New York Times, “headed a national political organization, Black Democrats for George McGovern,” would later see the political winds shifting in the Cornhusker State and switch to the GOP – and his inevitably successful rise with the Republican elite – for a short while anyway.


We are only acknowledging that there was a scandal out there and Thompson has been linked to it by some. Of course a real investigation would need to be conducted, although considering all the powerful people linked to it it would probably not happen.


Back in July, the blogger Down With Tyranny posted an eye-opening piece titled “Does Herman Cain have a  $40 million problem? One that could, as they say, come out?” Again, it was $38 – nearly $40 million that went missing after it was ripped off from the Franklin Federal Credit Union. This took place two months after Cain and his business partners got approval from CitiBank, in Sept. ’88, to go ahead with their leveraged buyout of Godfather’s Pizza from Pillsbury, which saw the chain as a loser.


Down With Tyranny said a “confidential DWT informant” wrote the guest article outlining Cain’s history in Omaha and how it is highly unlikely that Lawrence King, also a restauranteur and businessman, did not cross paths with Herman Cain. Again, we are only asking questions.


And one must remember that in Omaha, folks know one another and Larry King’s lavish lifestyle and flamboyant escapades were something of legend. This guy sang the national anthem at TWO Republican National Conventions. One in ’84 and another in ’88 – right before his downfall 23 years ago this month.


Writes the Down With Tyranny blog informant: “Omaha is tornado country, so when I say it’s a great big small town, I’m talking acreage versus gossipy connectivity. It’s flat and spread out with few tall buildings, but everyone is a whisper away from everyone else’s business. It’s not so big as to be home to two up-and-coming black Republicans with strong ties with the bigwigs in the Republican Party who could never cross paths.”

So, Mr. Cain, when did you cross paths with Lawrence E. King and how much time did you spend with him and his associates? If you know anything, please let us know. Let the American people know what you heard and what you thought about that scandal, particularly now that presidential  candidates like Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania are commenting, in light of Santorum having given an award to Jerry Sandusky while he was a U.S. Senator. Now there’s something you wish had never happened.


As the DWT blog noted “ Everybody in Omaha knew about this (Franklin Scandal) story, and everybody knew somebody connected to it. I almost opened an account in Franklin, until a friend who worked there told me not to put my money in ‘the booty bank.’”


The booty bank? One wonders if former Omahan Herman Cain ever heard of this so-called “booty bank?” If so, what were his thoughts? Or did he just ignore it? Perhaps he was simply too busy perfecting pizza sauce and picking out exciting new toppings to be bothered with the illicit activities of local degenerates. Regardless, as sensational as this stuff may sound, these sorts of questions are beginning to be asked in certain corners of the media.


In fact, some corners of the web, like the, a site that of course would not like Herman Cain, has already brought up the issue. People want to know, especially now that this Penn State scandal has absolutely exploded. And it is coming out more and more, in Canada, with the murder and abuse of aboriginal children. That was covered up. And the reports out of Scotland that are coming out.


And if elected president, would a President Cain instruct the Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney General to reopen the case and find out what really happened and track down the Omaha and Boys Town child sex-abuse victims? Would this “different kind of politician” really rock the status quo and do the right thing for those young people who suffered in throughout the late 1980’s in close proximity to his offices at Godfather’s Pizza back in Omaha? Only Herman Cain can answer that.


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  • This is definately an article created by Obama’s reelection committee to smear Herman Cain. Since it’s a smear piece , the handwriting of David Axlerod is all over it like pizza sause. We need to ask about Larry Sinclair and Mr. Obama’s homsexual trysts? Whey does Larry Sinclair repeatedly clain he had sex with Obama? Where was Obama when the Boy’s Town pedophile scandal broke?

    • This is the sort of moronic comment that helps keep the child abuse scandal “under wraps” by claiming parts of it are partisan.

      If you would actually look into the history of the child abuse claims, beyond this post, then you might actually be able to make an informed opinion on the depth and severity of child prostitution and trafficking in the US at high political levels.

    • Opposed to Conservative sex crimes

      Those, like India, who object to reporting of sex abuse crimes probably want to engage in the actions themselves. Who cares if it is motivated by politics, with Boy’s Town and Larry King, covered up by the FBI and Congress, it was ALL republicans that wanted to rape boys AND they GOT AWAY WITH IT!
      So, yes, do NOT EVER vote for a any republicans!

  • Great article, Jed. I was making the same connections between Penn State and the Franklin case the other night when I received my copy of The Franklin Files and read the first 100 pages. The parallels are astounding! Another tidbit you might not have discovered, yet: Godfathers is a major contributor to Boy’s Town. I hope to God Cain’s not been mixed up in the same type of evil Larry King was. Kinda like Cain (my in-laws love him) but have found out over the years not to get too attached to a politician’s personality because they are all different players in the same illuminati game and are all part of the infrastructure, somewhere. I do think he’s very reluctant to talk and last news appearance I saw the other night, appeared to be quite afraid of someone or something he thinks they’re going to do to him. I think they’re working some kind of black mail. Maybe there aren’t any pictures of him with little kids but they could hack into his pc and put some pics of kids on it………..these sickos have a million ways to take down an opponent. And no, Indie……this is too sophisticated for someone on Obama’s reelection committee! Geez. If you can’t see past the bullshit left vs. right propaganda you’ll never be an effective patriot! You may be right about Obama’s vices. He’s a Prince Hall Freemason with Jesuit ties. But I got news for ya buddy…..republicans and democrats are all in on the New World Order globalist agenda together. They just love to compete with each other in the process, that’s all. They love putting on the show!

  • God bless you for your courage to write this article.

    Please help me save my daughter Mila who has been sexually abused (I’m told I should not use the word rape although that is what it is) by her father a criminal alien from Yugoslavia­, since she was two. She turns five at the end of November. All evidence on

    I haven’t seen her since May 2011 when her father last hit her with blunt force trauma on her head with a metal pan-docume­nted by the ER and explained Dr. Eli Newberger at Harvard–M­ila told me that her Poppa said if she told me that he had hit her with a metal pan in the head she would never see her Mama again because, Poppa told her, I would go to jail. I promised Mila that was not true but I have not seen her, apart from 10 days since this happened in March. Everything is posted on

    How did we get to a space in this country where a criminal alien, who should have been deported long ago, is free to rape his two year old girl, beat her, blow ten times the reporting level of METH (that is right meth–see Yale director of child toxicology’s report–ignored by all in Maine-judge, child protection, law enforcement–just like Mila’s ongoing sex abuse) into her and she, an innocent US citizen and her mother, a law-abidin­g, upstanding US citizen, professor at American University in Washington DC–our rights are not being protected?


    Please help us get a Federal Grand Jury investigation into what is happening in Maine. If this is not a ring that Mila has been trafficked into–I don’t know what is.

  • Ron Gartlan Receives Spirit of Youth Award

    Boys Town Nebraska/Iowa honored Godfather’s Pizza Inc. President and CEO Ron Gartlan with the Spirit of Youth Award at the Boys Town Booster Banquet Tuesday, May 3.

  • well shit! i was just surfing around the web and ran into this article. it was great to see some blanks filled in. i agree it takes a brave soul because i wrote the piece for dwt and upon considering the depth of the cover-up, decided not to put my name on it! there was no attempt to smear anyone and i would have loved to see someone from omaha climb the ranks. i am a black guy living in dc (yes, a 95 percenter, mr.paul) and it would have been a thrill to see 2 persons of color fighting for the presidency. but i was there in omaha when that franklin shit broke out. i have friends that were caught up in it. no, i can’t swear to cain’s involvement but gravity, the big bang, infinity and zero are theories too… i will say this, there is much that i did not include. it was a painful event that destroyed many friends. i never read the book and don’t want to learn more but i think we need to take a serious look at these sex scandals. that blog should have derailed cain but alas, he derailed himself with yet a different sex scandal.

    as for boy’s town,i could use up the whole internet on shit they cover up. did you know manson was kicked out for an assault he committed while there as a teen? this aticle connected me to the godfather’s/boy’s town link that i guess i was too traumatized to even imagine. i am not processing a smear agenda, illuminati shit or conspiracies. it was just dark secret omaha crap that went on all around me and i needed to speak out. that it dovetails with info that i don’t have validates my feelings and fears. nice & necessary work.

  • God as my wittness I as did Cain attend many events at cleopatria right off the corner of 48th and Ames street with Larry King, his wife. Others oh can confirm this is Brenda C., Sheirly owner Back Street, Newsman Jim Fox and I could name many more. From 1982-until his down fall Cleo’s was the place for all the black movers and shakers in the city and the spot for those want to be.

  • You forgot to ad the Bigfoot connection.

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