The $1.4 Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Crisis; & Growing

Richard Nixon took the USA off the gold standard in 1973. Bill Clinton got rid of Glass Steagall in 1999, which took down the separation between the activities of Investment Banks (non-secured) and activities of Commercial Banks (FDIC Secured – tax payer secured). Wall Street and the world of finance have since become a global casino dealing derivatives now estimated at 1.4 quadrillion dollars from only billions fifteen years ago.

Bloomberg News reported a secret cabal runs the world of finance. A world market correction and subsequent economic depression as the world has never seen is coming.



  • @ Above, Yeah – another Obama Slush fund (“infrastructure bank”) should do it… D Rat, to imply that RON PAUL is on the take (which he does) is not honest. What is the Ratigan agenda? Bypass Congress (create a dictatorship with Wall St Boy Obama at the helm, and force out any and all legit competition in the economy…) Ahh No! Next!

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