Occupy the North Pole

December 23, 2011 by  
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The 1%: Santa Claus works tirelessly delivering goods and services across the globe without the slightest hiccup. What’s more, he works for the approval of well-behaved children and will only accept a few cookies and glasses of milk as compensation. Regardless, the Occupy North Pole elves claim he is the epitome of the greedy 1%. To them, Santa is little more than a jolly fat-cat who takes off every year in his luxury reindeer-utility-vehicle to enjoy an exotic, one-night vacation.

The 99%: The elves currently “occupying” the North Pole are previous toy makers now protesting their sole reason for existence. Elves claim Santa’s corporate influence must end. He “undeservedly” gets to be the poster boy for Christmas while they do all the work. Thanks to the Occupy elves, Santa’s workshop is on the verge of shutting down and Christmas Spirit has hit an all-time low.

ForAmerica: http://www.foramerica.org/
99% North Pole: http://99percentnorthpole.com/

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