Video: U.S. Special Ops Team Crosses the Border into Mexico; Escorted by Mexican Military

Mario Andrade

Last week, a U.S. special operations team was seen crossing the border from Brownsville, Texas into Matamoros, Mexico. Eyewitness reports mention that the U.S. convoy consisted of two or perhaps three SUV’s with what appeared to be armed military personnel onboard.

The Mexican military waited on the Matamoros side of the border, and once the U.S. team crossed into Mexico, they escorted them to a nearby military base. The Mexican military and the local police in Matamoros apparently established a route to escort the Americans because traffic cops were placed ahead of time in order to quickly get the convoy through Avenida Sexta (Sixth Avenue).

A helicopter followed the convoy from the U.S. side of the border until it reached the Mexican military base. A video showing the convoy in Matamoros was broadcasted by Univision.


When asked by the Mexican media, Brigadier General Gonzales Cruz, Commander of the 8th Military Regiment in Northern Mexico, declined to comment about the incident. The Mayor of Matamoros, Alfonso Sanchez, said that the men were not military personnel but U.S. Federal Agents. However, the local press maintained that the men were military members.

Both in Matamoros and in the nearby city of Reynosa, there have been numerous reports of people seeing ‘plain clothes’ military personnel gathering in key strategic areas. These groups of about 12 to 18 men carrying M4 automatic rifles have been seen meeting in public, using military courtesies such as hand salutes.

Two months ago, the leader of the Gulf Drug Cartel, Rafael Cardenas (nephew of the infamous Gulf Cartel leader, Osiel Cardenas, currently serving time in the U.S.) was arrested in Port Isabel, Texas. It is rumored that a Gulf Cartel faction headed by Eduardo Costilla, aka. ‘El Coss,’ tipped off the authorities so they could arrest Cardenas. Therefore, Costilla would have full control of the cartel.

However, Cardenas himself may also be providing information to authorities about Costilla and his allies. The Mexican military and the U.S. Government may be making preparations to capture Costilla thanks to information provided by Rafael Cardenas.

Since the arrest of Osiel Cardenas in 2003, the Gulf Drug Cartel broke into different factions. Some remained loyal to the Cardenas Family, others followed Eduardo Costilla, and their enforcement group, known as los Zetas broke away from the cartel and started their own operation.


  • Gee, if we are using Special Forces in Mexico, how long do think it will take the morons who are running this country to begin using Mexican military in this country to subdue us, or kill us or torture us or…well you can figure it out???? And not just Mexican troops but troops from other countries who either don’t give a crap about us or who have some score to settle. They have learned a long time ago that you don’t use your own troops to subdue your own citizens!

    • We have already reported on Mexican troops used and stationed in the uSA… Also reported on a massive new “Fusion Center” near the DynCorp HQ in Mexico city (monitoring us here, and outside constitutional rule of law, and privacy.) Check our archives in the featured section… BUT
      In other words…. you nailed it Bob. Its ON!

      “Super Mario” will be doing a podcast with me in January – and we will elaborate with new info and more details.

      • “Them Frijoleros” (military that is…)carry FN-FAL in .308 & M-16/AR/M-4 in .223.

        Just know so that when you need to procure extra ammo after putting a washing machine timer or garage remote to good use, i.e. Haji engineering; a little bit more dangerous than n*****rigging.

        Or, if you are lucky, you will be with a squad or platoon of Patriots and just drive them back the old fashioned way! “Fix Bayonets!”

        Good to see you still on the web Jack. Don’t stop and stay out of jail like my buddy Hal. Can’t wait to have some “words” with him when he gets out.

  • They marched down Sixth Avenue, huh? Maybe they should rename it similarly to the way we in NYC renamed our Sixth Avenue. Call it “Avenida de las Americas”!

    • Maybe Bloomberg renamed 6th Avenue to ‘Avenida de las Americas’ so his buddy, Carlos Slim wouldn’t get lost on his way to his new fancy Lower Manhattan appartment… 🙂

  • Maybe they were handing over the murderer Eric holder to them, he did murder our agents here and his hands have blood on them for there murders of people in Mexico.
    If not this, then what and why are our federal agents there and for what practical purpose. we demand an answer right now from our military, you answer to the American people not to the scumbags in the pentagon and the DOJ corrupts office

  • I know who some of these guys are… They are there to train..

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