EXCLUSIVE: Jailed Ed / Elaine Brown Supporter Danny Riley Stabbed in Prison

I just received this up date from one of our people close to the Browns and those Jailed via the Plainfield NH standoff in 2007


Danny Riley on video talking about his interaction with goverment officials on or near the Brown compound. His shirt was off because he was showing the place where he claims a police Taser burned him.

this is a relay from Donna……

I want to let everyone know that Danny Riley was attacked recently, he is being held prisoner at the Terre Haute FCI here in Indiana. I have a feeling the CO’s may had something to do with this. I was asked recently to come up and help him more closely with filings and so forth, which is what I believed they may have had him in the hole to begin with…. Here is an email sent to his brother. Thoughts, prayers and meditations are definitely needed more than ever. Danny is an incarcerated Ed and Elaine Brown Supporter whom was given 36 years.

Dan is in grave danger, prayers requested!

From Dan:

I rec’d Sven’s letter, good to go. I thank you Sven, for doing the right
thing, for the truth, I know how difficult it was for you, again i
deeply appreciate it. I just wish it could have been sooner as you told
me, because now i have to supplement my 2255 since it’s already been
typed and sent.

Furthermore. on Friday Jan 6th 2 11:57am, i was ambushed attacked
(unprovoked). Stabbed 4 times ( 3 in back, 1 in throat), both eyes
black, gash over right eye. I will be all right though. i just got out
of the hole (5 days). The attacker was a mexican mob affiliated type
from california (HITMAN?)
. Luckily for me, the poinard failed in it’s design, meaning the dagger part broke.



One thing to keep in mind is that once inside the prison system, it can mean anything; the hit can be called by different prison gangs. In this case, however, the prison is in Indiana, which is Latin Kings territory (because it’s near Chicago). We know that Chicago and the Latin kings are, for the most part, controlled by Sinaloa. In fact, DEA-CIA-Sinaloa operative Vinny Zambada is currently serving time in Chicago. If Zambada is there, then so are his Sinaloa-CIA handlers. The CIA might’ve issued the order to Sinaloa to find a hitman; Sinaloa then goes to the Latin Kings (or the Mexican Mafia if this was a west coast hitman that might’ve recently been transferred to Indiana). The prison gangs receive the order for the hit from high above, and they carry it out without questions.

These types of hits happen a lot in state prisons; they don’t happen as often in federal prisons. Since this is a federal prison, you can bet your bottom federal reserve note that this was a professional hit… and who stands to gain from this? The government, of course! It would be very convenient for a dissident like Danny to suddenly die in prison in the hands of a violent thug. We’re just fortunate that nothing like this happened to Cele (Our friend and DEA / Iran Contra whistle-Blower Cele Castillo was a major target in Federal Prison. He was just released early, but is likely still in danger.)

There is no doubt that the federal government wants this issue -the Browns Tax Protest- dead and buried (no pun intended). They do not want any other Americans to stand up and follow the Brown’s footsteps, especially when they’re contemplating the idea of raising our taxes as they spend us into oblivion. They are already demonizing and dismissing Ed Brown as a lunatic that ‘psychologically abused his wife.’ Of course, he and his wife cannot defend themselves because they’re in prison. It now looks like they may be going after their supporters. They DO NOT want any of their supporters, like Danny, to finish their time in prison because they will be viewed as heroes in the patriot community, and they may start a new tax revolt as the s**t hits the fan this year.


Our thoughts and prayers are with Danny, the Browns, and all the rest of the activists doing time in prison for simply asking the proverbial question: “Where is the law that says we need to pay income taxes?” We hope Danny recovers soon. Hang in there, Danny! We will do everything in our power to expose those responsible for this crime. When we find them, we will make them pay!!!





  • Thank you Jack for posting this recent unfolding. Daniel Riley has sacrificed a great deal standing up for Ed and Elaine. I dont discount that the CIA and some of the gangs involvement in this matter, we supporters and our families are still being stalked, harassed and intimidated by the government and their goons. I appreciate you spreading the word and keeping the Browns story out there while so many have forgotten what these brave souls are enduring.

  • Thank YOU Donna. We have never forgotten about our political prisoners at home. I just wish more people cared, because if they did… we could get them all out. Tyranny in the dark of a Federal Cage… exposed to the light of liberty!

    * Note to my peeps – If you dont stand up for these patriots… Who will be left to stand up for YOU!

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