US Marines Pose With Nazi SS Flag – What does it really say?

By Jack Blood

Call the Southern Poverty Law Center right away! lol…Apparently these Marines thought they were just representing for “Scout Snipers” (products of our “education” system?) –
Regardless, this is not what our war front should look like. Nazis?
When we rolled into Iraq, our “boys” were playing the Grateful Dead, and writing 666 on their Tanks. When I asked Ollie North about this he blew it off as “Boys will be Boys” and told me how he loved the Dead… Not that there’s anything wrong with that (ahem… cough)

BUT… Could this be a sign of something deeper, and even more disturbing than appearing to be “Nazis”? To analyze this, we need to go back to the true meaning of the symbol, and what it represented for the Hitler regime’ – whom, we should remind you where funded by the same people that sent our soldiers to Afghanistan. (Wall St Elites, Skull and Bones reps, and Central Bankers)

* the SS-TV – Early SS and Camp guards wore the insignia of Skull and Crossbones rather than the “SS” runes. They also added a “13” which some say might symbolize an allegiance to both the “Illuminati” (founded in 76, “disbanded” on the 13th, ) and the “Council of 13

First: Who were the Waffen-SS –

The Waffen-SS was a multi-ethnic and multi-national military force of the Third Reich. It constituted the armed wing of the Nazi Party’s Schutzstaffel (“Protective Squadron”).

Initially membership was open to “Aryans” only in accordance with the racial policies of the Nazi state, but the rules were relaxed in 1940 and Hitler authorized the formation of units composed largely or solely of foreign volunteers and conscripts (Mercenaries and Contractors); by the end of the war ethnic non-Germans made up approximately 60 per cent of the Waffen-SS.

The oath given: Pledging loyalty to Hitler alone and Obedience unto death. (Not to a country or a constitution)

Origins of SS symbol (Runes) :

The SS sig runes design was created in 1931 when Walter Heck, a Sturmführer in the SS, drew two reversed and inverted sig runes side by side and noticed the similarity to the initials of the SS. Heck sold the rights of the sig runes to the SS for 2.5 Reichsmarks, and the runes were quickly adopted as the insignia of the Schutzstaffel and became one of the most commonly used forms of SS unit insignia

The runic alphabets are a set of related alphabets using letters known as runes to write various Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet and for specialized purposes thereafter.

Sig rune of the Armanen Futharkh, identical in shape to sigel.

Two white oblique sig runes on black: The symbol of the Nazi SS

While the rune itself has no direct connection to National-Socialism, the sig rune used by Karl Maria Wiligut (Himmler’s official occultist) in his own runic row (Wiligut runes) was used in the context of Nazi mysticism and is most commonly used to refer to the insignia of the Schutzstaffel (SS) of the Third Reich

The original Sig shape was changed to a sigel thus changing the concept associated with it from “sun” to “victory” (German Sieg).
It could also be said to mean “Victory of the Sun” as the sun has LONG been a symbol of Global power, “god” (son), and the NWO (of which Hitler was one of the first to mention outright.) If you start taking notice, you will see the symbol of the Sun in everything that oppresses us. From Oil corp. to Obama’s campaign logo… Its everywhere. A potential calling card for the elite controllers.

Bikers used SS (and the Death’s Head with Crossbones and 13):

Generally the SS patch was to signify the Twin V of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The first real bikers in the uSA were WW2 Veterans, and patriots (Nazi killers). It’s is likely that they used “Nazi” symbolism to shock the citizenry. (This was also done by early Punk Rockers) It has been reported that the SS patch of Hells Angels means “dirt few”. They would allegedly get that patch when they had killed for the gang. Having had some association with Hell’s Angels I can tell you that this is not really true. (the Clubs often make up absurd meanings of their symbols to confuse, and mock the straight world – Ahem, they call them the 99%)

And then there is this, Nazi integration into US special forces, science, politics and religion:

AND…. If you think all of this is still a “coincidence” … Then you might want to revisit this story we covered a few years back:

Navy to Mask Swastika Look of Barracks in California

A view of the barracks, near San Diego. The Navy has long known it looked like a swastika but thought people would not see it. “In the ’60s we did not have the Internet,” a spokeswoman said.


Either someone told these men to work the SS into their gang, or they have been somewhat indoctrinated by the old symbols; either way it could be seen as an allegiance (blind or otherwise) to the usual suspects: AKA the New World Order.

For those that believe a FOURTH REICH is underway, its hard to argue with you. All the signs seem to be in place. In fact it could be argued that Hitler lost the battle but won the war. The SOLUTIONS after WW2 became: The institution of the United Nations (UNESCO being revealed as the Eugenics arm of the UN) and the body itself a creation for World Government, by Hitler Financiers Rockefeller and Rothschild. The creation of Israel (via the Balfour Declaration) Of course this would have never happened without the “Problem” of the Nazis, and if the rumors are true that Adolph Hitler was an Illegitimate grandson of the Rothschild Dynasty… It all makes sense. Also benefiting from WW2: The Redrawing of maps (cutting up the pie), and the development of a police state, the CIA, the NSA, the KGB (FSB) the Mossad…. All modern incarnations of Hitler’s SS.

Our men and women in the armed services need to remember that their OATH is to the Constitution of the united States, NOT to the Fascist leaders whom employ them, and use them as dumb stupid animals, and cannon fodder for foreign policy (to quote Henry Kissinger)

We need those representing us abroad to remember that the world is watching them. They need to act accordingly!


  • It can mean whatever, but I didn´t expect that the American soldiers who have their military ancestors as examples to be idolized and so on.

    This is at least a lack of respect for more than 500,000 military dead and over 75,000 missing in the fight against the Axis.

    I see nothing edifying to the Marines use this type of symbol that alludes to Hitler’s murderous troops.

    A shame.

  • I’ve got a 15 year old and two 18 year olds, all of whom immediately recognized the SS symbol. Just how junior are these guys that among ten of them, not one recognized it?

  • My thoughts exactly, we are in deep doo doo.

  • Your claims about the CIA and the National Socialists are Communist propaganda.
    Study the political history of America from 1932 to 1945 and you might discover that America under Franklin Delano Rossocampo-van Rosenvelt became a fully fledged communist state in 1933 at the political level.
    The vast majority of Americans at the time were too brain dead to recognise the fact, and the same applies today, with America rated as the most functionally illiterate country on the planet.
    From 1933 to 1939, before the outbreak of war, Rosenvelt and the American communist Industrial Military Complex supplied Soviet Communist Russia with millions of dollars of war material to facilitate Josef Stalin’s plans for the invasion and conquest of Western Europe as the 2nd stage of the Communist Manifesto, the agenda for the communisation of the world through revolution and war, as promised by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin among others.
    The CIA and the FBI under Rosenvelt were communist intelligence agencies with a similar agenda to the Soviet Cheka and the Soviet NKVD of the mass brainwashing and conditioning of millions of American’s to communism without ever suspecting it.
    To the best of my knowledge, the CIA and the FBI did not engage in the mass murder of American’s, as the Soviet Cheka and the Soviet NKVD did in Russia, resulting in the estimated extermination of 66 million Christian Gentiles.
    The CIA was a Soviet asset working for Soviet communist interests in America to discredit and ultimately destroy Germany and her allies as the only effective rival and defence against Soviet Bolshevik Communism.
    Soviet Communist America and Soviet Communist Britain allied themselves totally to Soviet Communist Russia during WW2 to their eternal shame, and any alleged association between the CIA and National Socialism is communist propaganda designed to focus attention away from the CIA as a Soviet asset and Soviet Communist America as a communist state.
    This fact is proven by the alliance between Soviet Communist Russia, Soviet Communist America and Soviet Communist Britain which is doubly reinforced by the photographic pictures of Stalin, Rosenvelt and Churchill, all of which were stage-managed to convey the impression that they deadly enemies, which again, worked to perfection. The pathetic photograph of American jar-heads kneeling beside an emblem of the SS amounts to an act of gross desecration and an insult of both the SS emblem and the memory of millions of dead Germans and Europeans that fought so valiantly in the defence of Christian Western Europe against Bolshevik Communism.
    These American jar-heads only waste their time pissing on dead Afghani Taliban who are defending their country against a clique of American socio-psychopaths in American uniforms. no American jar-head or socio-psychopath in American uniform could even begin to understand the principles and philosophy of National Socialism which is uniquely European and the complete antithesis of American crapitalism and American trash culture which is exported around the world as a direct threat to CIVILISATION.
    American trash culture is NOT CIVILISATION or representative of CIVILISATION, it is trash culture. Re-invent isolationism and stick to watching Donald Duck and Micky Mouse cartoons.


    • A slight correction to the incorrect reference to the CIA which should read the OSS, The Office of Strategic Services which was the predecessor of the CIA.
      The main intelligence gathering agency before WW2 in America being the FBI, The Federal Bolshevik Intelligence agency which was an asset of the Kremlin from 1933 to 1953.
      Read the book: “The Iron Curtain Over America.”

  • Jack Blood,
    Thanks for your response to my correction to the CIA which was established post WW2.
    The OSS transmuted into the CIA I believe to remove or hide any association of the OSS as an asset of the Kremlin during WW2.
    To that end, the CIA (Communist Intelligence Association) functions and is controlled today, as it has been since it’s inception, by IZRAHELL, which directly or indirectly controls America through AIPAC.
    One comment on the Sig Rune and the suggestion that: ” It could also be said to
    mean “Victory of The Sun” as the sun has long BEEN a symbol of Global power, “god” (son), and the NWO ( of which Hitler was one of the first to mention outright.)
    If you start taking notice, you will see the symbol of the Sun in everything that oppresses us? From oil corp. to Obama’s campaign logo….its everywhere.
    A potential calling card for the elite controllers.
    The Swastika (hooked cross) has been a Sun sign/symbol for thousands of years and represents the Forces of Light over the Forces of Darkness, the complementary antagonistic forces that are unified through the principle of universal attraction.
    These forces are expressed in religions as Good and Evil, and as such, expose the totally polarised mentality of the masses which utterly fail to recognise and accept that everything in the universe is unified and exists in a state of cosmic mutuality.
    Essentially, there is no distinction/separation between these forces.
    Any distinction/separation only exists at the conscious level of a polarised and infantile mentality.
    It is not the Forces of Light (Sun) that oppress America, it is the Forces of Darkness through AIPAC and IZRAHELL that oppress America.
    Germany and Europe in WW2 represented the Forces of Light (Swastika) against the Forces of Darkness (Hammer & Sickle) expressed as International Communism whose agenda was the Communisation (enslavement) of the entire world.
    Soviet Communist Amerika and Soviet Communist Britain allied themselves to the Forces of Darkness in their quest for global communist world domination,and these forces’ (IZRAHELL, AMERIKA and BRITAIN) remain allied to this day to that end.
    Read the book: “Icebreaker” by Viktor Surovov and watch the video on Youtube: “The Nazis and The Vatican, The Creation of The Vatican and The Jesuits.”
    If a Fourth Reich were ever to be established, it would be to liberate humanity from the global enslavement of IZRAHELL.


    • The above should read: “If a Fourth Reich were ever to be established, it would be to liberate humanity through National Socialism from global enslavement by IZRAHELL.


  • You idiots are really attacking people who serve their country so your fat, cowardly, lazy asses can sit around typing articles at your computer all day? I, personally, am ashamed of each and every one of you for attacking the people who protect you. If you don’t like our military, move to Pakistan. I’m sure they’ll greet you with open arms and several assault rifles.

    • Unlike you – we try not to make assumptions about things we do not know about! We merely ask the questions.
      The first amendment gives us that right. If you don’t like free speech – move to China. Thanks….

  • S/S – Scout Sniper- Hunter Of Gunmen.
    The Nazi SS is of a weaker armie that were killed off.

  • Despite the SS being judged a criminal organisation In its entirety .
    There were many blameless and extremely brave men who were wrongly blamed by the Wermacht for the evil deeds and acts of the third reich. The deaths heads units who ran the camps were hated by most Waffen SS men .
    You wouldn’t right off the men of the SAS or the Green Berets or Navy Seals for say fighting. In a illegal war that was started with lies.
    No we wouldn’t and don’t the Waffen SS were the first special forces the wore the first camouflage most were extremely brave men those. Who were unfit too fight joined the deaths heads unit in the camps and at the end of the war the baby units full of children raised in the Hitler Youth were the monsters kids taught that in that kind of atmosphere were truly chilling .
    A bit like kids who have learnt how too master a weapon like a angel of death and can tell a hostile and how too adjust for wind elevation and the worlds axis but apparently can’t recognise the world second most sinister symbol the first being the swatzstika . American education at work The Fourth Reichs been here a long time people

  • Imagine if the Nazis and the Russians kept there pact?
    Russia defeated the Nazi’s yes they were the weaker army but the US and the allies weren’t the heroes they make out in Europe Russia did all the heavy dirty tough work .
    The Pacific the US kicked but hey if a Sniper wore a banzai head band would there be this outrage.

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