Advanced Dragonfly-like Drones and Black Helicopters Spy on Illinois Citizen


The Intel Hub
February 15, 2012

ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS — As you know The Intel Hub is known as the “Civilian Intelligence Agency”, and for good reason. We receive thousands of tips per year that we disseminate and report on. We believe the following tip to be credible (with photographs).

The tip was submitted via;

I just read the tip report regarding unmarked black helicopters and have witnessed the same as described in the report including the stated timeline.

CH-47 Chinook

I started seeing the black helicopters (Boeing CH-47 Chinook) last summer as well with the most recent sighting occurring January 8, 2012 (see attached photo). This one looked similar to the picture above (the only difference being it was black in color and had no markings and at one point was flying fairly low across the area). They have a different sound to them that is what drew everyone to step out, after seeing what it was I ran inside to grab a camera couldn’t find one so I grabbed my cell phone to take a picture, it was headed southeast and had flown away quite a distance by the time I made my way back outside. I included a cropped version of the original and added an arrow to indicate its location in the photo (see photo below).


This has been happening frequently. In fact, they fly so low at times that it was possible to see that the pilots inside the chopper were wearing black military looking gear and what looked like headsets and dark glasses.

However, black helicopters aren’t the only things flying around lately there is something else that is so strange and ominous.

In August 2010 I was sitting in my backyard when I noticed a “flock” of strange looking large dragonfly fly over the privacy fence from the north side of my property.

I would approximate their number to have been around a dozen as they approached the confines of my backyard, all but one scattered in different directions. I watched the one that stayed as it circled the parameter of my property twice then I lost sight of it when suddenly it flew towards me.

As I sat on the deck it started circling directly over my head and it was at this point that I could hear a faint “clicking” sound emitting from this bug, it was then that I stood up from my chair to get a better look at this thing that was larger than any dragonfly I had ever seen.

There was something not natural about the way it looked, it seemed very aggressive in its movement of flight and as I stood there it literally flew in front of my face and that is where it hovered with me standing staring at it and it right back at me and it was at that moment that I realized this was no ordinary dragonfly rather it was mechanical and unlike anything I have ever seen, the tail end of this thing looked razor sharp

I ran inside my home to grab a camera, as I went back outdoors with the camera in hand this “creature” began to fly up and away so I started shooting until the moment it was no longer in sight.

I then quickly uploaded the pictures and I saw that I had missed it in the first few shots, but then I saw —  and was utterly shocked to see what I had caught on camera.


One comment

  • I saw a black helicopter in Rockford yesterday (4/22/15) around 9:30am from the interstate. I thought it was a speed enforcement aircraft. It was probably 50 to 100 meters in the air and din’t move at all. It could see nearly entire interstate from where it was though. I want to say it was somewhere around the intersection of Rote and Olson.

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