Black Teenagers pour gasoline on white boy walking home from school and set him on fire (Not a “hate crime”?)

Two teenagers set a boy on fire on his way home from school, cops said.


NY Daily News

A 13-year-old boy who police say was doused with gasoline and lit on fire last week while walking home from school is recovering from first-degree burns to his face and head.

The boy was just two blocks from his home in Kansas City Tuesday when two teenagers began to follow him and then attacked him, his mother, Melissa Coon, said.

Police have described the suspects as black 16-year-olds, while the victim is white.

“We were told it’s a hate crime,” Coon told KTLA.

“They rushed him on the porch as he tried to get the door open,” Coon told KMBC. “(One of them) poured the gasoline, then flicked the Bic, and said, ‘This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.'”

By lighting the gasoline, the second attacker “produced a large fireball burning the face and hair” of the boy, according to a Kansas City Police Department report obtained by KCTV.

“It was pretty bad stuff,” Detective Stacey Taylor told the TV station, adding that police are concerned the boy may have suffered damage to his eyes and lungs.

Coon said her son put out the fire with his shirt and called 911 himself. He was rushed to the hospital and was treated for his injuries.

She believes the students also attend East High School with her son, and said he will not be returning to the school. She also told KMBC her traumatized family plans now plans to move.

“My 5-year-old came in and asked me, ‘Mom, am I going to get set on fire today?'” Coon said. “I was in tears.”


  • Mike Gallagher mentioned this case last night when the Trayvon Martin case was being discussed. Yes.. Mike Gallagher, one of the few establishment conservatives I don’t mind listening to. He said “No one ever talked about that case, and that seemed racially motivated.”

    Jack, that vid you posted: I notice right away that it was black teens. Don’t know about the third case. I’ll look into that. Here:

    No mention of race that I can see there, but you would think they usually do that, give the race or skin color as part of a suspect’s description. That is very interesting that they are ignoring the obvious race in those other two attacks.

    We all know without a doubt that if it were white on (insert minority) it would immediately be a suspected hate crime.

    This blatant double-standard is not helping people such as myself from feeling like the proverbial Angry White Man!

    WAIT! Here, the somewhat loathsome neocon hangout, FreeRepublic has a story on this..

    “There is absolutely no descriptions of the perps beyond … group of four or five teenage boys…. The victim is said to have spoken out …because he doesn’t believe the city is doing enough to combat the random violence.

    As if no one knows what is really going on. The MSM and its fear that telling the whole truth lest it make them look racist.”

    Last two comments on this article here very interesting:

    • it’s about promoting a victim culture. Because if you are a victim you need big brother to tell you how to live, and what to do. The media LOVE playing the victim card, it’s not just black people, but when you have the evil doers, it’s better to stay consistent, for the sake of the integrity of the show that is the lame stream.

  • Watch the KKK boys roll in with the distractions now! Amazing how quickly we can forget the institutionalized racism of less than half a century ago. Historical perspective, folks…

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