Blood Bytes World # 5 – Jack Blood Interview David Icke Part 2

Researcher, author, speaker: David Icke joins Jack Blood for Part two of this fantastic epic interview… David tears into Jesse Ventura, Bill Maher, and Jon Stewart.

David then goes deep down the rabbit hole to discuss Saturn worship, Satanism, and his own latest awakening to facts that has him writing his NEXT book already. – David offers the code to unlock the information construct, describes the “Matrix”, then gets into his legal battles, and finally his comeback as he is now being somewhat accepted by the British mass media. / NOT TO BE MISSED!

David’s passion is front and center here, and he really lets it all hang out! — Be sure to pick up Icke’s latest book – on sale now, “Remember Who You Are….” available everywhere and at


  • Great interview, worth waiting for the cool editing that gave extra information!

    Goes well with the new book.

    Thanks again.

  • Thanks Jack!, brilliant interview.

  • Great interview Brother, and David Icke’s right that a transformation is happening.

  • Excellent.

  • Jesse Ventura is a reptilian guaranteed so I don’t get why hes not believing ickes explanation. Ventura probably knows exactly whats going, he was a hollywood actor, politician, every other actor and politician is a reptoid so how not Ventura?,are some reptoids just kept in the dark?(doubtful). No doubt Ventura acted so werid because hes angry about Icke’s knowledge spreading. Freaking reptoids and their little secrets are so pathetic.

  • Saturn and the moon.

    Kronos. Krueger. Saturn is a head with a hat. The ring is the rim of the hat. Kronos devoured his chilrden. Krueger devours the souls of the kids he kills. See NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST 3.

    The moon represents the victim; the lady in distress.

    In NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST (1) as Jonny Depp is being pulled into his bed and liquidated by Krueger there is a picture of the planet Saturn visible on the wall by his lamp. On the same wall is a picture of the moon.The same wall has pictures of dinosaurs on it. Nancy has a cushion cover in her bedroom that has the moon on it with a stern-if not horrible- face.
    Jonny Depp’s father in the film wears a medallion in the shape of a pyramid.
    The film is full of esoteric symbols. On the wall above the bed of the first victim, Tina, are two peacocks. (I walked past two people dressed in peacock costumes when I was buying my copy of the film) The peacock is the symbol of the devil Tawsi Melek, who was BURNED for a thousand years. The peacock also represents the failure of the alchemical process to give to divinity to consciousness – hence our world came into being -the peacock. Nancy is in the other room at the time of Tina’s death with a crucifix on the wall. Freddy tries to get her but cannot get through the wall even though Christ fell from the wall. She survives. Her duvet bears the symbol of the vessica piscis(circles overlapping). Another symbol of christ. Vessica piscis is referred to in the bible in code in the Gospel of John by the catching of 153 fish. Christ manifests as a ghost to help his disciples catch the fish.
    The moon itself bears the symbol of the man in the hat/Saturn.

    Krueger is Saturn. Icke says that Saturn is in fact a sun. That explains the burnt skin.
    Krueger lives in dreams and is a kind of obstacle to higher realms. Saturn and the moon shrink our reality in such a way. Nancy is the moon. She is powering Krueger with fear. When she takes it away he dies.
    The film ERASERHEAD explores the same themes in a heavily disguised form. These films are meant for people other than us.

  • eraseRHEAd

    Rhea was the wife of Saturn. First clue.

    Only I know what is going on.

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    • Plays for me just now – and you are the first to have the problem – please double check your computer etc..
      let us know if you still have a problem and we will try to help if we can – cheers

  • what kind of player do I need in my computer? I’ve never had this problem before. thanks

    • PC / windows – anything should work – (we have never had anyone with a problem before)
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  • You are awesome David…..I look forward to hearing you in person again.
    I love giving people hope of all the good that is going on in the world.

  • re problems playing audio : me too . Ive had the same problem with other sites. I use Google chrome , it seems to be a glitch in Chrome .

    I have found that if I shut down Chrome and open Firefox or Explorer there is no problem and you can listen .

    Hope this helps

  • Yep , I just checked . Works fine in Firefox . Its a Chrome glitch .

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