Blogger’s Video Claims to Expose Loophole in TSA Full-Body Scanners


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An American blogger has published a video purporting to show just how easily the Transportation Security Administration’s full-body scanners can be duped.

Jonathan Corbett — whose blog “TSA Out of Our Pants!” says he’s currently suing TSA over the use of the machines — claims in his video the scanners can be fooled by a metal object placed on the side of an individual because the shadow cast is the same color as the dark background on scan image.

TSA blogger 

(Image source: YouTube)

In the video image above, Corbett says, dark metal objects on the front or back of the body show up easily when contrasted with the white image of a person being scanned.

TSA blogger

(Image source: YouTube)

But in this image, Corbett says, a dark image on the side of the body easily blends into the background.

“The TSA can’t be that stupid, can they?” he asks in the video. “Unfortunately, they can, and they are.”

To test the theory, Corbett’s video shows him sewing a side pocket into his clothing in which to carry a small metal case. The video then shows him, by way of a hidden camera in his luggage, approaching two different TSA checkpoints and then emerging on the other side with the case, apparently undetected. Because the camera went through a separate scanner in Corbett’s luggage, it does not actually show him walking through the full-body scanner with the case.

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  • Good investigative reporting. Maybe they can get around this weakness somehow. More than likely, they wont replace these units, but they may create a double scan where you have to go through a metal detector as well.

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