The Pentagon is now essentially doubling its military presence in the region as a way to “contain and control” China (Veterans to Protest on Jeju Island – S. Korea)


Veterans for Peace Leaders Going to Jeju island, South Korea
Veterans Peace Team to Support Gangjeong Villagers
For Immediate Release
Contact:  Bruce Gagnon
Three leaders of the U.S. national group called Veterans for Peace will arrive on Jeju Island, South Korea on March 13 to stand in solidarity with villagers who are fighting against a Navy base.  It has been reported in South Korean media that the proposed Navy base will be a port-of-call for U.S. warships including Aegis destroyers (outfitted with “missile defense” systems), aircraft carriers, and nuclear submarines.  The Navy base would be 300 miles from the Chinese mainland.
The Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space has raised funds to send the Veterans Peace Team to Jeju Island.  Global Network Coordinator Bruce Gagnon said, “We held our annual conference on Jeju Island on February 24-26 after being invited by Gangjeong villagers.  Seven of our members from around the world were arrested for crawling under the razor wire on Gureombi rock.  We left Jeju Island determined to go home to our respective countries and expand our solidarity efforts with Gangjeong village.  This Veterans Peace Team is the first delegation – we plan to send more activists in the weeks ahead.”
On the Veterans Peace Team will be:
  • Elliott Adams (New York), past president of Veterans For Peace and a member of Veterans Peace Team. He served in the infantry as a paratrooper in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and Alaska. He has spent 15 years in local elected public office. Now he is dedicating his life to stopping war.
  • Mike Hastie (Oregon), army medic during the Vietnam War and respected poet and photographer, also a member of the Veterans Peace Team.
  • Tarak Kauff (New York), former paratrooper, lifetime member and organizer with Veterans For Peace, who initiated with others the Veterans Peace Team, designed to stand in opposition to state violence alongside nonviolent people exercising their right to address grievances.
A Navy base on Jeju Island will become a key military target as the Obama administration “pivots” its foreign and military policy toward the Asia-Pacific.  The Pentagon is now essentially doubling its military presence in the region as a way to “contain and control” China.  China imports 60% of its oil on ships.  The Navy base on Jeju would give the U.S., Japan, and South Korean military forces a strategic post from which to choke off China’s ability to import oil thus giving the U.S. the keys to China’s economic engine.
“Jeju Island is an early spark in the coming dangerous and expensive super-power confrontation between the ever-expanding U.S.-NATO military alliance and China. The intent is to fully submerge China under corporate globalization. Sending international peace workers to Jeju Island at this time signals to everyone involved that the global peace movement clearly understands the strategic nature of this local struggle,” Gagnon said.
– End –
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
PO Box 652
Brunswick, ME 04011  (blog)


  • NWO NK Leader Kim Jong-un Assassinated–Breaking!

    NWO Punished by ETs/EDs
    Kim Jong-un Dead!

    NWO North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is dead, having died in the hospital February 10, at 10 p.m. CST, following a sniper attack the day before, which killed his uncle, the Regent, and gravely wounded the young Kim Jong-un. The second group of ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) has said the sniper attack was made possible via holographic distraction (a moving, twinkling ball of red light) of a member of the security detail. The nature of the attack and kill confirmations for both leadership targets come from ultra reliable terrestrial sources. Reported strikes by ETs/EDs on an NWO North Korean biowarfare facility and a missile plant are as yet unconfirmed by terrestrial sources.

    NWO Missiles And Leadership Targets In Venezuela Next
    The 20 NWO Masudan Mod 1 missiles on their MAZ-543 TELs (Transporter, Erector, Launcher) are halfway through the dangerous fueling process, based on U.S. overhead imagery taken Saturday, February 11. The fueled NWO missiles are separated from the ones being fueled and are surrounded by armed guards. Time differentials between Earth and the ETs/EDs have resulted in the bizarre situation of the missiles already having been destroyed in their timeline, but not in ours. They have the warheads, too, and the discoveries thus far are alarming. Most of the NWO warheads appear to be dirty bombs; two are apparently military grade anthrax, and the others have a bioagent which “vaporizes the lungs on contact.” Further analysis of all this NWO nastiness continues. In that same timeline, NWO Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is crushed to death by “having his house fall in on him,” per ETs/EDs.

    NWO Iran Next, Then Israel
    Since NWO Iran funded both the Venezuelan missiles and their transport, the ETs/EDs will be visiting destruction there next. Targets include two underground nuclear facilities and the expected rollout of an Iranian nuclear bomb. Additionally, NWO Iran leadership targets “will be savaged” and “bad things will happen to the Iranian submarine fleet.” After that, it’s recalcitrant, bellicose Israel’s turn.

    NWO Israel, which is still mobilized for war, now permanently has its missiles targeted on itself and the launch controls locked out, as a result of action by ETs/EDs, and should expect great havoc shortly at its underground airfields, which have already had significant nuclear weapon “disappearances.” NWO black op experts Mossad (Israel’s CIA), which just carried out a one-man hit in the U.S. and got its shooter back to Israel without incident, is slated for special attention. This hit was executed by an operative who had been in the U.S. for quite some time, according to highly trusted sources. “Leadership targets will be hit, and are expected to be extensive,” according to the ETs/EDs. NWO Israel will also have “submarine problems.”

    [PS. Hello, for the 2nd time John Kettles server has been attacked between 12am – 8am NZ time today. When he manages to get it up and running again he will need all the help he can get, to ensure all links to his website are working- These Dark Forces MUST NOT get the better of us]

  • GOOD NEWS! – [JKI] Phyl, A Look Behind The Curtain!
    I’ve been getting questions about the ET/ED plan.

    As I said before, there WAS a plan, but it has been gobbled up wholesale by the arrival of the benevolent ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) on the scene. Shall we say that interest in things like cryptozoology and what happened in the past has taken a decided backseat to covering the ongoing actions of the Liberation Forces to free us, even while being savagely attacked themselves?

    Two important lessons have been relearned–the hard way! Murphy’s Law is NOT confined to just our dimension, and Marshal Foche was right: “No plan survives contact with the enemy.” The enemy we face is deeply entrenched, beyond perverse (to be discussed in upcoming posts) and utterly determined to beat us to the tipping point by making it impossible for our kind to survive here–before we can render the whole Dark Force effort of millennia null and void. As someone succinctly termed it: “The purpose of chemtrails is terraforming (making the place very attractive to Dracos, Reptoids and Greys, thus uninhabitable by us) and bioforming (turning us into biobots, something like the Borg in “Star Trek: Next Generation”).

    Are we screaming for help? Absolutely! Are we cowed (to be taken on several levels)? No! Are we getting help? You bet your life (and you have)! We wouldn’t be here were it not for the help we’ve already received from our friends “upstairs,” who have intimate, even grisly, knowledge of the grim, but improving, situation we’re in.

    They’ve stopped repeated efforts to trigger World War III in the Persian Gulf, protected the U.S. from a potential devastating dirty bomb and biological strike, are cleaning out Dracos, Reptoids and Greys whenever and wherever found, whether trying to come here or fleeing. The orders are the same “Kill on sight!” And they are not alone.
    More allies have joined the fight, bringing with them ships (thus, more operational flexibility and firepower), expertise and a burning determination to liberate this planet. And it is they who are holding the New Madrid Fault System together in the face of multiple, concerted efforts to rip it wide open, wrecking the country and killing untold millions. It is they who’ve kept Fukushima and other “accidents” and attacks from killing us off wholesale from radiation poisoning, who’ve shown there is no security they can’t penetrate, who even apparently have ships “eating” chemtrails!

    Mighty blows have already been struck, as seen in the financial sector, where the rats are abandoning ship at a furious rate, even as financial experts from the Universities of Evolution arrive to replace the rotters at the top, creating a cascading effect which will eventually unhinge the whole system of financial domination, oppression and control. Also, cracks in control of the media are beginning to appear as well, with more to follow. These things are all to the good.

    But much remains to be done. The foe is utterly determined, seeking ever the tiniest opening to exploit, and will not back down. But so are we, both here on Earth and “topside.” The unwanted Dark Force presence will and is being destroyed, the NWO has taken some nasty hits already, with more to follow, and people are FINALLY starting to wake up and take back their power. This is quite evident in the comments I’m seeing and in what’s going on in the world at large.

    I know it looks like we’re about to go down the tubes, but see it instead as healing crisis, in which the patient (Earth/us) gets worse before getting better. Make no mistake: The opposition, for all its obvious efforts to enslave and kill us, is running scared. The stink of desperation is in the air. It has no timeouts left, and the game’s nearly over!

    John Kettler

  • NWO Under Attack On All Levels!

    Things are NOT looking good for the NWO (New World Order), and that’s true in a variety of ways. A stupendous lawsuit has been brought against it by 122 nations, and good people are being murdered in consequence, but the suit goes forward regardless. Similarly, the NWO‘s U.S. economic arm, the Federal Reserve System, is being sued on a bunch of fronts, to include this successful one by Bloomberg, which revealed illegal loans totaling as much as 1.2 trillion of our money! These, though, are the least of its problems.
    NWO, ETs/EDs, Timelines & Dimensional Shifts

    Things would be a lot worse for the NWO had “higher order” problems not interfered with the ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) here to liberate Earth. These have repeatedly created situations in which strikes are executed on NWO facilities and NWO equipment, are reported back for terrestrial confirmation, yet nothing’s found to have happened, causing consternation, perplexity and upsets on both ends.

    Conducting anti NWO military operations from higher dimensions into our reality is NOT easy and generates all sorts of head splitting problems. For example, in which timeline was the NWO target struck? Is the NWO threat being seen and reported by the ETs/EDs there now, or are they seeing the future? When will the strike externalize here? Things get even more complicated when an ally arrives and winds up learning this stuff the hard way. Fortunately, meetings have been held, the problems sorted out, and things are now happening. Last night, a Navy aircraft flying out of Pensacola reported seeing a “bright flash” to the south. What lies to the south? Venezuela! Does this, perhaps, mean that “something bad” has happened to those Masudan Mod 1 IRBMs (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles) this blog previously reported? Sure hope so, considering that updated intelligence revealed the presence of 20 fully loaded TELs (Transporter Erector Launcher), not 10, each with a spare, fully fueled missile, for a total of 40, doubling the NWO missile threat to most of the contiguous U.S.!
    NWO To Receive “Condign Punishment,” But Human Casualties To Be Limited

    The ETs/EDs are deliberately following a policy of surgical strike, wherever possible, in an effort to minimize the loss of “innocent human lives.” If, though, you happen to be, say, in an NWO biowarfare facility in North Korea or NWO Israel’s underground nuclear weapon assembly plant below the Dimona Reactor when the ETs/EDs strike from above in several meanings of that term, then it’s just not your day! You’ll be dead, one way or another. The ETs/EDs have the ability to do things like kill loaded TELs, but without harming the troops ringed around them. NWO clones in lots of different sectors will start breaking down following repeated strikes on their support facilities. The breakdown of cloned NWO public figures should prove quite a shock to the public, which thinks of such matters only in terms of science fiction.
    NWO–The Shape Of Things To Come

    NWO, it’s time to face facts–you don’t get to start World War III in the Persian Gulf. No NWO operation is going to be allowed to attack Iran. Every such attempt to do so will fail. NWO Iran won’t be allowed to start World War III, either, for every move will be countered, and Iran is being further defanged, for soon her submarines will be gone, likewise Israel’s. This will dramatically drop the “temperature” in the Persian Gulf, by eliminating opportunities for clashes to occur, but dangers remain. NWO Iranian speedboats loaded with explosives and contact fuzed for kamikaze attack on the tankers have switched from scary last minute breakaway dry runs to the real deal. Disaster was narrowly averted when the tanker captain firewalled his throttles, creating a bow wave which capsized his would-be killer. The U.S. Navy is now arming tankers transiting the Gulf, apparently with machine gun (and possibly grenade launcher) equipped teams. Iran has yet to receive chastisement for causing the present missile crisis, but the ETs/EDs haven’t forgotten and are really quite irritated over the matter.

    While the U.S. is showing unprecedented restraint, NWO Israel remains like a rabid dog. It’s still fully mobilized, at huge expense, and is expected to strike. It had better not! Aircraft could find themselves pancaking into invisible walls, equipment could be made to permanently fail, and, if they feel like it, the ETs/EDs have the means to instantly destroy Israel’s entire manufacturing base, which is considerable, driving that nation back to what it was like in the beginning. The NWO’s “China Gambit” against the U.S. has been revealed by the ETs/EDs, and the hunt is on for the proof, despite super advanced screening technology the NWO Chinese reportedly got from one or more ET/ED groups working with them! The NWO Chinese would do well to consider that the U.S. and Canada are bound by mutual defense pacts and that, since they were NOT invited into Canada, they are in every sense aggressors, subject to everything that status entails! The situation with Mexico remains murkier, but the U.S. has the right to self-defense and will use it. It may be the Year of the Dragon and considered auspicious, but NWO China could easily find herself in a disastrous, exposed position, from which there is no face saving exit. If the NWO Chinese attack the U.S., then they also win the “death from above and beyond” sweepstakes–the ETs/EDs!

    [All links to John Kettles website will be workable once he gets his server up and running again for the 2nd time]

  • Middle East War Canceled; Iran Seeks Real Talks And Promises To End Drive To Obtain Nuclear Weapons

    War in the Middle East has been narrowly averted. Iran, formerly the leading trouble maker of the Middle East, is now seeking “serious negotiations” and has promised to stop seeking to acquire the means to build nuclear weapons, to include the ultra centrifuges which have been the cargo obtained in a series of Middle East-originated shuttle runs from Iran to Germany and back. Turns out all those runs were made in Russian aircraft, flown by Russian crews, and the last such plane and cargo “vanished.” According to ET/ED (extraterrestrial/extradimensional) sources, “We have the plane and crew.” If so, the Russians are now in the same boat as the Americans, who had a B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber vanish in front of horrified eyes at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. Terrestrial sources report of the disappeared Russian transport aircraft: “They can’t find the plane anywhere.” With Iran’s nuclear production pipeline closed, the Middle East will be much calmer and safer.

    The RQ-170 Sentinel drone intended to justify war in the Middle East is now of no such consequence, and Iran has learned, to its sorrow, that the U.S. Navy has a whole new capability, first used in Middle East, against mines and explosives laden Zodiac suicide boats. It’s called MINE KILLER, and uses a continuous HPM (High Power Microwave) beam to detonate floating mines, mines being laid and mines aboard minelayers. The last two categories cost Iran most of the mysteriously arrived minelayers from China, as well as a bunch of suicide boats which got “too damn close” while harrying the carrier battle group the U.S. Navy operates inside the Middle East’s Persian Gulf. Weapon loaded piers and other such installations within its relatively short range of “about a mile” are also at risk. How many such MINE KILLER devices the Navy has and who makes it are unknown, as are the warships so equipped. Nevertheless, the Middle East near war showed the fortune doubtless spent on MINE KILLER’s black development paid off. Big time. A variety of means will be used to clear submerged mines blocking the Middle East’s vital Strait of Hormuz. That carrier battle group, plus the two now near Bahrain, will stick around, to make sure the Iranians honor their promises, before heading home from the Middle East.

    Middle East–Israel Partially Defanged; Syrian Regime To Collapse From Within
    Having retargeted Israel’s ballistic missiles on Israel and locked out all further reprogramming, the ET/ED forces have reportedly taken the nuclear armed Kfir force from its underground hangars and carried it off, just as happened to recovered UFOs at the Area 51′s S4 in the U.S. For good measure, the ET/ED group has also reportedly ensured no more nuclear weapons will ever come from the super secret nuclear weapon production facility located deep below the Dimona Reactor in Israel. This is the one outed by Israeli nuclear technician and whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu. The sense conveyed regarding Dimona was that the underground levels had been filled in, manner unspecified, rendering the complex useless. Israel still has hundreds of nuclear weapons left, but has been sent an unmistakable signal. Removing Israel’s first strike capability should help bring peace to the Middle East.

    Additional ET/ED information received indicates Mossad has suffered a “terrible blow,” whose nature was not revealed; that the war-obsessed Benjamin Netanyahu will have a heart attack and that a huge scandal will soon discredit his ultra rightist, ultra nationalist Likud supporters, causing his government to fall and be replaced by far cooler heads.

    Syria will not be invaded by Israel or anyone else, for well-informed terrestrial sources fully expect Bashar-al-Assad, the Baath Party and his government to fall from within, as the long oppressed people rise up and overthrow the lot.

    Middle East And The Home Front
    The previously mentioned National Defense Authorization Act is arousing a storm of protest, from groups as diverse as the ACLU, typical Americans, war veterans and serving military. One insider estimate indicates 80% of American soldiers would refuse orders to fire on fellow Americans. That’s why we have all those NATO and UN troops here, not to mention various Fifth Columnists from China and elsewhere. ET/ED sources advise that all such leave or “be disappeared.” The latter process may have already begun!

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