EXCLUSIVE: Afghan villagers claim massacre was act of revenge for recent IED explosion

March 13, 2012

Afghan villagers who witnessed last weekend’s massacre in the Panjwai District participated in a press conference yesterday. According to the Spanish news agency ABC.es, the villagers told the press that there were more soldiers involved in the massacre where 16 people died and not just one.

“A few days earlier, a bomb exploded when one of their vehicles was passing by a street in Zangabad, Panjwai. Later that day, the U.S. troops rounded up a lot of people and accused them of placing the bomb. They threatened them and said that they were going to get their revenge by killing their women and children,” said Tribal Leader Haji Muhammad Shah Khan. Another villager, Haji Muhammad Hassan said the attack was carried out by a small group of soldiers that had air support.

However, the U.S. and NATO are sticking to their official version that the attack was carried out by only one soldier, a Staff Sergeant based out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. The Staff Sergeant was assigned to a special operations unit responsible for ‘village stabilization.’

This is not the first time soldiers from the Joint Base Lewis-McChord have been engaged in violent acts against civilians. Recently, four soldiers from Lewis-McChord were convicted of shooting civilian Afghans for sport just northwest of Panjwai, where this recent massacre took place.

According to a news report by kimatv.com, the Ft. Lewis soldiers “were accused of forming a ‘kill team’ that murdered Afghan civilians for sport – slaughtering victims with grenades and powerful machine guns during patrols, then dropping weapons near their bodies to make them appear to have been combatants.”

While the villagers were being interviewed, a team of Afghan police and military was at the scene conducting an investigation when they came under attack by gunmen. The gunmen evidently tried to disrupt or stop the investigation of the massacre. Two of Karzai’s brothers were part of the team and they were targeted by the gunmen. However, they were not injured.

Hours after last weekend’s massacre, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Afghanistan and told her troops that NATO may not necessarily leave Afghanistan in 2014.




  • Come on Light Ones, why is this German Chancellor Angela Merkel still in power? Why is NATO, UN, CIA, FBI, MI6, MOSSAD and others still being allowed to create/commit/perpetuate these atrocities to civilians who do not want war, any war? Please rid us of these dark beings, with the ‘being rid, of them can’t come soon enough. How can these innocent people ascend with these dark shytes in their faces, roaming around these villages carrying big weapons enough to scare the shit out of any innocent. Are they creating this humungous fear from all these innocents for the gratification of their Master to feed on? Come on Light Ones do your thing!

  • This sickening US act of savagery was not the usual lone gunman scenario as the Americans always like to portray with some sort of mental imbalance applied to him. Remember the Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan etc lone type scenarious perpetuated by the criminal US Governments? There were more sick savages involved in this just like the villagers claim. How can all these soldiers leave a base without their leaders of higher rank knowing about it and asking where they were going? This is a dirty huge cover up by the western savages like NATO, CIA, AND MI6 to play down the implications this would have for the illegal occupy force, their presence in Afghanistan, and their continuing plan for subservience and control of all nations in their New World Order.
    This sickening killing and demeaning of these peoples must stop and the troops be withdrawn, How ironic that the western powers go to war and remove people like the late Sadddam Husssein for illegally invading Kuwait, yet they have been doing this same thing without much condemnation for decades in other countries. This sick hegemony and Imperialism must be brought to a firm standstill. It was disgusting and nauseous to find out this sick soldier is the only one accused of this war crime and he and perhaps his other savage friends were flown out to another country very quickly.
    Why were they allowed to be tried in their own country when the likes of these hackers and the man who sold missile parts to Iran, were firmly handed over to the bully USA with this ridiculously one sided extradition treaty.
    We are totally sickened and disgusting by the deaths and cover ups of it all.

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