Alabama Election Fraud -Video Proof?


Saw this on Ben Swann’s facebook page!! I understand this is not 100% hard proof, but it is the video evidence we need more of, both at the primaries and the caucases. It just makes you wonder after everthing that’s happened up to this point. Thank you Dustin!

Facebook poster: Dustin Rudzinski

This is happening a lot around AL right now… I recorded this clip, and then hours later my grandmother went in to vote. I told her to scan her ballot using the other machine (She too is a Paul supporter), and the exact same thing happened to her. We both were told we had to put our ballots in a box to be counted later.

Mississippi Votes stolen from Paul?

By the outcome, it looks like they gave
Dr Paul’s votes to Sanitarium! The Southern states don’t want Romney to win, and definitely don’t want Dr Paul to have a good showing. We need to send the RNC a message, that if they continue to play this sh!t, they will never get our votes in the general election.

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