Free Speech/Protesting Is Now A Felony Punishable By Jail

March 15, 2012 by  
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3 Responses to “Free Speech/Protesting Is Now A Felony Punishable By Jail”
  1. ld says:

    Obama is an occultist who has used the Satanic power of the witches in this govt to get him into the WH. Obama is a liar, a fraud. The problems is that no one has opposed him. Biden is a zionist. Stop and think about all of the people who have had family members die. occultists, witches, masons, zionists kill members of their family for Satanic power. Biden’s first wife was sacrificed in a car crash. Witch Ann Cappelletti, illegitimate witch daughter of Aleister Crowley, became a sorcerer and has been selling satanic spells/curses for death since she was a teenagager in So. Philadelphia. Ask yourself, was Biden a sellout. Maybe, Obama sold out his grandmother. She died after she voted for him.

    • anonymous says:

      You sir, are a fucking retard

      • ld says:

        Wow, it takes one to know one. Your comment a mindless remark. You must be one of the paid perp progranda posters that the U.S. govt pays to scour the Internet and harass posters. I know 1/2 of the posters are witches, the other 1/2 mindless punks.

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