Waiting list for concealed weapons permits grows in Maine

March 19, 2012 by  
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When John Moore moved back to Maine from Massachusetts, he thought he wouldn’t have to wait long to get a permit to carry a concealed handgun.

After all, Maine law says applicants who have been Maine residents for five years or longer have to be notified within 30 days of whether they’ve been approved or denied.

Although it has been only a bit more than three weeks since he applied, Moore, 40, of New Gloucester isn’t optimistic.

A quick visit to the state’s website told him he might have to wait up to three months for his permit. Moore, a martial arts teacher, believes knowledge of and ability to use firearms properly is part of being proficient in self-defense to protect himself, his wife and twin daughters.

He cited a recent trend in Maine of burglaries and home invasions by addicts seeking prescription drugs. In the rural area where he lives, law enforcement response time to a 911 call can be about 20 minutes, he said.

In Massachusetts, state law allows permits to carry concealed handguns, “but they can make it impossible,” Moore said. He hoped it would be different in Maine.

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