Oklahoma man reports “strange sounds” and “sky trumpets” near his home

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The forest workers in this screengrab recorded a strange sound near Conklin, Alberta in Canada. Strange sounds are being reported not only in Canada and here in Oklahoma, but around the world


By Andrew W. Griffin

Red Dirt Report, editor

Posted: March 28, 2012


OKLAHOMA CITY – In January of this year, strange reports began to circulate on alternative news websites about strange sounds being heard by people in locations around the world. The sounds, which varied in some instances, were a mix of scraping and roaring with other sounds and tones also detected.

The reports began making it into the mainstream, and while the reports have subsided somewhat, their cause and source remains unknown.

Red Dirt Report recently received a tip from a reader in a suburban/rural area between Owasso and Claremore, Okla., in Rogers County. The reader, who we will call “Owen,” gave a very eerie account of what took place at his home on a “beautiful day” in either late September or early October of 2011. Owen was home recovering from a knee operation and had his patio doors open so his dogs could go in and out and he could enjoy the fresh, autumn air.

That is when Owen – retired from the U.S. military – heard something that chills him to this day.

“I heard a BIG noise,” Owen wrote to us in a written account he emailed Red Dirt Report. “My first thought was that a large bucket loader was scraping across concrete, only it had too much of a tone quality to it. The sound persisted and by now my pets had lined up inside and one was climbing into my lap.”

Owen said he managed to get up and go out onto the patio so he could get a better sense of where the sound was coming from. He would tell us in our earlier phone conversation that it was a sound that he said made him feel “small” and “insignificant.”

“(I) listened to the biggest, most encompassing, enveloping, surrounding, permeating noise coming from where? Somewhere? No matter how hard I tried to determine where it was coming from, I couldn’t. It just came from everywhere, and it had a peculiar tone quality that almost sounded like a horn of some type, albeit a very big horn.”

Owen said he stood there on his patio for approximately 10 minutes, enveloped by this unearthly sound, until it eventually “faded away.” He wrote that as he listened “I could could not help the feeling of being somewhat worried, or concerned, even small and insignificant given the powerful, overwhelming rhythmic tone that just WAS.”

Owen’s “strange sound” and “sky trumpet” experience took place at a time when these “strange sounds” and “sky trumpets” were being heard and recorded all over the world, with YouTube videos and eyewitness (or “earwitness”) reports going viral nearly three months ago.

Concludes Owen: “Since (his experience) I have noticed on the web that others around the world have heard this as well and thankfully had the presence of mind to record and post their experience. Some of those recorded sounds are very close to what I heard. A group in Canada in the forest (recorded a sound that) was particularly close in tone to what I heard here hust a few miles east of Owasso, Oklahoma.”

A number of the reports, curiously enough have come out of Canada, with sounds recorded in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and elsewhere. A number of reports, including this Jan. 24, 2012 report out of North Battleford, Sask., included that city’s mayor saying he heard the sound and that “What I experienced was a scraping sound, like a snowplow.”

And one of the better-known “sky sound” videos was recorded by men working in a forested area near Conklin, Alberta in Canada. This is the report Owen is referring to in his earlier comment.

In the city of Windsor, Ontario, across from Detroit, Michigan, strange rumblings and a “hum” have been heard in that Canadian border city for many months now. The CBC reported earlier this month that the “Windsor hum,” also described as sounding like an “idling semi truck,” is enough of a problem that a Canadian member of parliament visited Washington and met with Michigan’s U.S. Rep. John Dingell and asked for his help in trying to “find a solution.”

Other sounds are being heard and recorded in Europe and South America. This video from the Czech Republic, posted on YouTube in early January, is truly unsettling.

In a report from The American Dream headlined “What is causing the strange noises in the sky that are being heard all over the world?,” the reporter notes: “Perhaps the biggest reason why these strange noises have so many people alarmed is because humans generally have a great fear of the unknown. If the cause of these strange noises is revealed, the hysteria will die down. But if these strange noises continue (or even become more intense) and there continues to be no scientific explanation for them, then the hysteria may turn into full-blown panic.”

And closer to home, there was that video report out of Amarillo, Texas where some local radio disc jockeys recorded the strange sounds. On YouTube, there are several videos out of Oklahoma. One, reportedly from here in the Oklahoma City area is very faint but still noticeable. It sounds artificial. There are also uploaded videos from Tulsa and McAlester, all recorded in the past several months. One report, recorded by someone in Oklahoma City on March 20, 2012, records the roaring, whooshing sound for nearly eight minutes.

And things got so bad for folks in Clintonville, Wisconsin last week that the government had to intervene and claim that that the strange booms plaguing their town were simply the result of “micro-earthquakes,” so as to reassure the community it wasn’t something more extraordinary. However, residents weren’t convinced and the booms have returned.

Are they all fake? Are they all hoaxes? Perhaps some of them. Several, we believe, have been debunked. There is speculation that there is a connection to recent, powerful solar flares interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere. Others suspect HAARP. In the book HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy by Jerry E. Smith, he notes in a chapter on mind control that the government has developed certain, secret sound technology that can be transmitted and alter a person’s mind. Hypnotic commands could be transmitted through certain sounds that go directly to the brain. This manipulative, drug-like, advanced technology exists and could be connected to the sounds people are hearing around the world.

As Smith writes: “Could HAARP be used someday to send a target population on an LSD-like trip? The answer seems to be ‘yes.’ This could be used to do more than merely disrupt soldiers in battle. Imagine the chaos, death and destruction that could be induced if they were to beam a ‘prerecorded drug’ at a population center that made the people go wild with, say, sexual desire, or uncontrolled rage.” As Owen told Red Dirt Report, the sound he heard made him feel uncomfortable, “small” and “insignificant.” Is this sound part of a secret weapon being tested on an unwitting population? We have seen an increase in bizarre behavior. Stressed-out people stabbing and shooting people. Loren Coleman, writing at his Twilight Language blog, refers to the recent uptick in bizarre and violent behavior this month as “March Madness.”

With continued wars, uprisings, economic uncertainty and a Carter-esque “malaise” sweeping many parts of the nation, strange booms, rumblings, and creepy sounds of unknown origin can’t be helping matters.

And, it goes without saying that religious people are attributing the “trumpet” sounds to the Book of Revelation in the Bible. It is seen as part of the “end times.” And with this being 2012, others believe the end of the Mayan calendar is a warning to humanity that time is short – or at the very least, life here will dramatically change in a matter of months. Look at this article about ancient pyramids shooting energy beams into space. What is going on?

Some of the bone-rattling “trumpet” sounds seem as though they were lifted from the soundtrack of the recent remake of War of the Worlds. Others like passing jet aircraft. A video report from Oshawa, Ontario features sounds like waves crashing on rocks or a chain being dragged across the floor.

But back to our friend Owen up in northeastern Oklahoma. He says he did not record or videotape the sound, but he tells Red Dirt Report: “My video camera is charged and ready.”

If you have heard or recorded any of these “strange sounds” please send us a tip and any other information to reddirtreporter@gmail.com.

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  1. nicola says:

    Hey Jack, nice article 😉

    Did you ever see this video?

  2. MelodyAtHome says:

    Saw a local news video from Costa Rica on youtube where they were hearing BOTH the booms and this trumpet sounding thing…I thought before maybe these are sepearate but not it worries me more than ever to know they are related somehow…and what about the ground shaking in some instances along with these booms and sounds? Lots of theories…but I’d feel better myself if we can know for sure what it is.

  3. Jim Terrone says:

    You misspelled “delusional”; it’s “D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L,” not “O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A.”

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