“911 and the cover up” (Film by Ryan Dawson)

Production is DIY – but this film makes many great points! If EVERYTHING we do today is centered by the events of 911, and the “official story” is full of holes…. YOU need to investigate further into the matter. Go down the rabbit hole so to speak. If you already know about the lies sold to take your money and your rights, Great… This film will help remind you of why you speak out!

911 and the cover up by Ryan Dawson from Ryantineocon on Vimeo.

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  • Eh, I will definitely check the film out. Alas, I won’t take its information for the Gospel.

    There are liars, masters of hypotheticals, and misinformed on both sides. Some of the “cover up” theories out there make a lot of sense, and are at least weighted by some good arguments. Others? Not so much.

    I’ll have to wait until I see this film for myself before I decide what side of the camp it calls home.

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