Humans to be Genetically Engineered? PENTAGON BRIEFING ON REMOVING “The God Gene” (Through Vaccinations!)

Some say this is a HOAX (info here) Some say that the original footage might have been “embellished” – the reason we posted it is; that Real or Hoaxed, the info is EXACTLY what the PTB are working so hard on (pun intended) – in other words – sometimes a news item is “hoaxed” on purpose to discredit the reality of the info. As always, don’t trust anyone for news and info – do your own research, and use multiple sources before arriving at a conclusion. ~ Thanks, Jack Blood

Does this explain the move to find ANY reason to vaccinate the world? The Present plan… Use Flu Virus as an excuse to “cure” fanaticism and make people “normal” – Its called “FUN VAX”

Pentagon Briefing on Vaccine Designed to Disconnect Human Soul from Spirituality?
Please See: Interview With Joey Lambardi on The Fundamentalism Vaccine (FunVax):

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