Trayvon Martin’s Father is a Freemason

Does this mean anything? maybe not… But for the whole truth to come out in this case, which has inspired violence and division in our country… we need to put it all on the record. (We are searching for George Zimmerman’s Freemasonic connections right now – Its a good bet that since his father was a Circuit Judge – he is a Freemason too…)

VIA Red Ice Creations
2012 03 30

From Darren Williams |

Darren Williams pointed out to me that Tracy Martin, the farther of murdered American Teenager Trayvon Martin, is a Freemason. He’s the guy on the right.

Darren further commented:
Albert Pike seen by many as the Farther of Modern Freemasonry said for ’the plan’ to work people needed to be made to fight each other on numerous things…

Race, Nationality & Religion point’s of view.

This could be a Beta Test perhaps as the actual death of Trayvon Martin was at least 4wks ago but the Media picked it up, late last week?


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