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  • Incredible to say the least that we have to be insulted time and time again with this garbage. He was rewarded because he helped to maintain the cover up. What a liar.

    Points: Secret Service stand down – protection should have been provided on the back of the car with motorcycles along side the president. This especially on a day in Dallas after the traitor advertisement had been placed in the Dallas newspaper.

    Where was the military detail normally provided? They were told to not show up. They were not needed. 4

    Why was the route changed that morning?

    Why weren’t the buildings along the route checked and the windows sealed according to standard operating procedures?

    Why can Clint Hill actually make it sound like it was a foregone conclusion or something so simple? Why would there have only been 10 guards?

    What about the secret service guards who were drunk that Friday morning?

    Questions aplenty which have long since been answered.
    We cannot trust the corporate media which lies and promotes myths.

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