Alleged Nominee Mitt Romney Draws Small, Sleepy Crowd

While Ron Paul’s crowds continue to grow by the thousands. Winning? This picture is a few months old – sure – but this evidence should expedite the questions we all have about HOW in the hell did this guy get the ‘nod’ to run against Obama. – Also compare the photos from “O’Bomney” rallies for April / May to that of Ron Paul. You can fake some it, but NOT all of it.

Pathetic Loser


Paul in TX April 2012 - Freedom Icon draws massive crowds wherever he goes!


FLORENCE, South Carolina—Mitt Romney drew a lackluster crowd at a morning rally here, unable to fill even the smaller space his advance staff had blocked off for the event.

Standing on a low stage at the center of the small crowd, Romney gave his standard stump speech, drawing just a smattering of applause on the usual lines.

Only 100 supporters attended the event, billed as a “Grassroots Rally and Discusses Jobs and the Economy with Supporters” by the campaign. Staffers removed the tall ladder at the side of the room to prevent photographers from capturing the vast empty space between the press file and the crowd.

Here is a 360-degree view of the room.


  • “Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing”?,, He doesn’t have to know what he’s doing because the poeple telling him what to do know exactly what they’re doing, Obama just does as he’s told, just as Mitt will do as he’s told going by his campaign contributers.

    4 More yrs of Obama will be just about the same as 4yrs of Mitt and make no mistake about it.

    Mitt supporters – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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