Dead L.A. County coroner did NOT do Breitbart’s autopsy

 Consider this a correction to our previous story…


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By Andrew Steele


This is an update on Michael Cormier– a coroner for the L.A. Country coroner’s office who recently died, and whose death is being looked at as a potential homicide because of poison found in his system.  Conflicting reports are coming out from various media outlets regarding whether or not he was the coroner who performed the autopsy on conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart.

I called the L.A. County coroner’s office to get the word straight the horse’s mouth and they confirmed to me that Cormier did not perform Breitbart’s autopsy.

Many news sources have falsely claimed otherwise and have not cited any sources, or any proof to contradict what the L.A. County coroner’s office told me.  Since I was able to easily verify this story with a quick phone call, no doubt more prominent news sources can do the same.  Spreading this rumor without verifying if it’s true or not equates to outright lying and the kind of deceptive journalism those of us in the alternative media are fighting against.  Such rumors only serve to distract those who legitimately find Breitbart’s sudden death on March 1st– the same day he allegedly planned to release damning Obama videos– suspicious, and discredit those who bite on such misinformation.

This doesn’t mean that Cormeir’s death should go unnoticed in journalists’ investigations of Breitbart’s death.  (Cormier did die on April 20th– the same day that Breitbart’s autopsy results were released– which is an interesting coincidence.)  However in order for the truth to be learned the facts first need to be established so that the right questions can be asked.

For example, from the L.A. Weekly:

“L.A. County Coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter tells LA Weekly that Cormier did not conduct Breitbart’s autopsy. “Only doctors” ever worked on Breitbart, says Winter, because foul play was not suspected from the beginning.”

Why didn’t a coroner like Cormier take a look at Breitbart?  Given who Breitbart was, his still somewhat young age, and the kind of high powered people he tangled with, wouldn’t  investigators want to put a coroner on the case, just to assure an increasingly vigilant public that murder was honestly looked at as a possibility but ruled out?

The fact that a coroner didn’t look at Breitbart is a story in itself, proving that a “natural causes” bias was present in the minds of investigators from the start.


  • Of course they will tell you it’s not him….. Wow your a crack shot investigator.

    • Its all a matter of public record – which can be changed, altered, and lied about. so yeah…. But I think the author is not trying to end the case, but rather adds another layer to it. I found it interesting anyway. always keeping an open 3rd eye, and testing news for disinfo. take it for what its worth / think for yourself.

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