Bilderberg Tax Return Uncovered by Activist Exposing Select Contributors

By J.G. Vibes
May 15, 2012


Many of the recent accusations against Bilderberg regarding their connections to wall street and the aristocracy have now been reconfirmed by tax form evidence that has recently been gathered and published by activist Mark Dice.

According to the tax forms which are available for download at this link and at Public Intelligence, people like Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller are some of the primary contributors to this organization.

Multinational corporations like Goldman Sachs and Microsoft were also listed on these documents, as well as media sources like the Washington post.

Again just reconfirming what many researchers have been saying all along, that politicians and elite corporations are colluding in private at annual meetings that up until recently were said to not exist.

The tax form even lists the official reasons for the conference as being a forum to discuss problems facing “the western alliance” which is obviously a euphemism for the political hegemony that is being created through NATO, the UN, the European Union and the many financial institutions which are deeply interwoven with the governments of the UK and the US.

This western alliance is what has also been referred to as the Anglo-American empire as was documented in the works of professor Carroll Quigley.

The tax exempt foundation that this group funnels all of their finances through is called “American Friends of Bilderberg”.  This is technically a corporation which acts as a financial proxy, so the members and organizers of these conferences can keep most of their involvement off the record.

This is understandable considering that the money that is actually accounted for is around $100,000 on your average year, and we can only imagine the money that is spent for Bilderberg off the books.

David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger have both openly bragged about their involvement with Bilderberg so a paper trail back to them was to be expected to some extent.  However, this new development does further solidify claims of their involvement and it is also bringing other characters out of the shadows as well.

A man with a very interesting history by the name of James Johnson is explicitly listed as the treasurer of the organization on these tax forms.  Suspiciously, he has also sat on the boards of Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs and The Council On Foreign Relations.

There is no doubt that the information that is on the books is just scratching the surface, however, the information that is on the books is still very telling.

For years the very existence of this group was denied, and while they have put up a website and released a membership list in recent years, the details surrounding how these conferences were organized and funded still remained largely undocumented.

These documents are a new piece of the puzzle, that when combined with more research and review of what we already know can shed more light on the inner workings of these conferences.

More information on this story including video reports and full documentation can be found at




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