Former Ron Paul Campaign Advisor / Medina Campaign Mng breaks silence after Rand Paul Mitt Romney team up

Wanna know what might REALLY be going down inside the 2008 – 2012 Paul campaign? Take a listen – stay all the way through. (Disclosure – Penny Freeman is a great friend of this site and show)

Ron Paul’s previous political director came out with some interesting backstory today and very keen insight on what’s going on behind the scenes currently.

The problem with the Ron Paul campaigns from 2007 on is that:

1) He never wanted to win
2) It directed resources into the GOP, which will lie cheat and steal at every opportunity – it’s a political organization.
3) Revolutions are by definition something that revolves around a fixed point. We need to evolve in our thinking past “politics” where the state has a monopoly of force, because we just end up right back where we started. Politics is not the answer – it’s the distraction.
4) You can’t in good conscience take a message people are willing to DIE for and use it for your own gain. Which is exactly what has happened.

We believed in the ideal when the campaign believed in building Donor lists for profit.

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