Is the GOP convention confiscating Ron Paul signs?

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About an hour into the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night, convention officials presented a video tribute to Rep. Ron Paul (R) of Texas, whose grass-roots efforts during the Republican primary attracted an energetic and loyal following.

The question now is whether those same loyal Paul supporters will become loyal Romney supporters, or at least Romney voters by November.
The Christian Science Monitor (

RNC 2012: Legitimate Rape Defined

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Why are people so shocked by the blatant cheating and rule changing by the ultra fascists who run the RNC like it’s their own private spa??
After all, this is the Republican Party that cheated in the 2000 election, organized a sophisticated military plan to fly planes into buildings during military drills on 911 to start a war, blamed an innocent country & religion, sent weapons grade anthrax to its political rivals while blaming Muslims, bombed the innocent people of Afghanistan, forced through the already written USA PATRIOT Act, gutted the US Constitution in every way possible, killed Senator Paul Wellstone, faked evidence to start Iraq War II, participated in the killing of Dr. David Kelly, bombed & killed millions of innocent Iraqis, tortured thousands of Afghanis & Iraqis, killed Pat Tillman, illegally spied on every American and lied about it, cheated in the 2004 election, intentionally created the housing bubble, intentionally crashed the stock market, bailed out the banks, destroyed the economy, etc., etc. … and then Bush handed the economic paper bag full of diarrhea to who?… his cousin Barry Obama, to continue the same policies, but under a fake “leftist” cover… humanitarian bombings, soft coups, and loving insurgencies.
The real question is, how could Ron Paul stay with such a horrific bunch of criminals & murderers?  Why would you continue to run for a party that constantly ridicules and cheats you blind?  Why wouldn’t you leave, with all that cash, and run as a third party?  Why would you run a campaign destined, and some say designed, to lose?
Why would you bless your son Rand Paul’s decision to support a war mongering, asset stripping, fake conservative, fabian socialist, off shore bank holding, fake Christian, Freemason, Blue Blood named Mitt Romney????  I’m sure there were good reasons.
But don’t worry people, this is a textbook case of “legitimate rape”, which means, the Paulites will auto abort Romney’s deformed Satanic baby.
Here are some RNC rape videos:
2012.8.28 Mitt Romney Shafts Ron Paul (Ben Swann Reality Check, Compilation Of Three Shows):
2012.8.29 Ron Paul Supporters OPENLY CHEATED By RNC On National TV:
2012.8.28 Ron Paul’s Maine Delegates Get Pissed Off After The RNC Cheats Them:
2012.5.11 Romney Cheats In Maine, Short Version By Ginger Taylor:

Ron , Rand and Rowdy Occupiers (Rand told not to mention dad in floor speech)

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ron paul with rand mean


Freedom Outpost

I was surprised last week, when I received an e-mail from Dave Gallagher, Romney Field Director for the state of Nevada, in which he said, “I wanted to bring attention to the U.S. Rep. Ron Paul tribute video that is being shown at the Republican National Convention next Tuesday night. The Ron Paul campaign approached the Mitt Romney campaign with the video, and the Romney campaign was happy to air it to the entire convention.” He then went on to quote another campaign adviser, “Gov. Romney and Congressman Paul, while they certainly disagree on many issues, but if you watched the debates this year, you have seen a lot of mutual respect between the two of them.

This raised the question, did Paul’s campaign truly approach the RNC? Ron Paul has never been known to curry favor with anyone. Last night on the national convention floor, Paul campaign adviser Doug Wead, told me personally, “The RNC approached Paul for the video.”

Why is it important to know who approached whom? Because most feel that in the two weeks of this convention, the former filled with meetings whose results have divided the party (some think beyond repair), and a convention where a goodly portion of delegates were disenfranchised, that the video was a goodwill gesture that could mend fences. But that dog just won’t hunt with the Paul crowd, as well as republicans who look kindly upon the liberty delegates for the Constitutional conservativism they have brought to the party. A mere video of Dr. Paul could not undo the damage.

The Tampa Bay Times forum was almost full Wednesday night, when the convention opened with a four minute tribute to Ron Paul. His liberty delegates stood during the video, and called out his name when the image of a long, lonely road, winding towards a distant light, filled the jumbotrons, and myriad of screens around the hall.

The video, an edit done from the introductory documentary shown at Paul’s festival at Tampa’s Sundome last Sunday, was expertly done. It included the charming story told by his wife Carol, of his original reasons for entering into politics, taking an absence from his practice as an OB/GYN. It then segued to tributes from Senator Mitch McConnell, who opined about members of Congress, “They’re either here to make a point, or here to make a difference. Ron Paul has made a difference.” Senator Mike Lee and Congressmen Jimmy Duncan, Justin Amash, and Walter Jones contributed glowing remarks. Jim DeMint added, “He’s not afraid of anything and standing for what is right” Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul remarked, “The lobbyists don’t even come by his office.”

When the lights came up, Paulists roared their approval, many held Ron Paul signs aloft, myself included. But, as had happened yesterday, we had our signs taken away from us by the RNC’s floor gestapo. Right across the aisle from my Nevada delegation, sat Kentucky. They were all equipped with favorite son Rand’s signs, which were entirely approved on the floor, but not his fathers’. So sad, to have that sanction, for a man whom many felt was the better candidate, and who could bring our country together and save it economically, and in every other way, just by following our Constitution.

While Ron Paul’s video was enthusiastically received by over half of the convention, his son Rand was greeted with almost manic applause. It was almost as if relief swept over the delegation that they’d gotten the “elephant” out of the room, and now a sigh of relief could be made. Son = Good, while Dad = Bad.

Liberty delegates didn’t stand for Rand as they did for his father. They listened, but as I said to a reporter, “When Ron Paul speaks, whether you like him or not, he evokes a response.” Rand was just another speaker in the RNC’s line-up of political celebrities to fill convention time. In actuality, delegates are just stand-ins to fill the hall in the RNC’s scripted convention, as the corrupt rules changes that were passed this week proved.

Even Rand’s father and mother weren’t there in the hall to hear their son’s speech. They’d departed for Texas a day ago, but were stopped on the tarmac when their private plane was delayed by an extensive TSA search. Things actually got quite tense, as the search was endangering Carol Paul, who wears a pacemaker. It was ironic, that Paul, an outspoken opponent of the TSA, and severely criticized the group in his Tampa festival speech, received this treatment.

During the newspaper interview I did after Rand’s speech, I’d also expressed my disappointment that Rand had not referenced his father more completely. I feel, as many do, that Rand owes his meteoric political success to the supporters of his father, who were dismayed when he endorsed Romney months ago. An hour later, in talking with a Texas liberty delegate, I learned that on the plane to Tampa, Rand had told a fellow passenger that he had agreed to the RNC’s orders not to say, “Ron Paul,” or “my father,” in his speech. He joked that they hadn’t told him that he couldn’t say, “Congressman from Texas,” or “My sons’ grandfather, so that’s how I’m going to do my little dig at the RNC ‘cause they didn’t say I couldn’t say those things.”

Whether you think Rand just shouldn’t have taken the speaking slot, rather than agreeing to not make outright references to his father, most would agree that the stipulations made by the RNC are simply idiotic and disrespectful to the son of the esteemed Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul. My feelings about Rand going light on his father in his speech changed after that.

After Rand’s speech, we had no reason to stay at the convention, and I gave my delegate badge to our party Secretary, so he could pass it on to a delegate, who would then be allowed access to the floor. Nevada’s delegation is a sharply divided camp now of those who think we committed a travesty with our nominating votes for Paul, and others who think we struck a note for being able to vote one’s conscience, which is supported by an RNC rule (which will probably be changed in short order, or made moot by the new rules for delegate selection).

After Rand spoke and I was visiting with other delegates on the floor, I heard a commotion upstairs on the mezzanine. Was there a demonstration? It was hard to tell, and the stairs leading up were packed with traffic. There was no way to get up there quickly. Later I learned that Maine’s delegation had staged a demonstration, and made a complete circuit of the convention center chanting, “So goes Maine, So goes the Country!” The Credentials Committee had ruled last Saturday, that the decision by the state party’s executive committee to replace half of their duly elected delegation with hand picked delegates did not violate any rules, and had allowed these “picked” delegates seating. Maine will be remembered.

Even at 11pm, Tampa is muggy and hot. We were tired, and our feet sore as we walked the many blocks to where our car was parked outside the perimeter. National Guard, and security of every stripe are en masse everywhere. A group of heavily armed troops passed us, and the call, “Watch your back!” echoed through them. We looked around – nothing. Rounding a corner, the street suddenly went quiet. There’s very little vehicular traffic in the perimeter area, but it’s still noisy. There was a rush, kind of like what you feel before an earthquake, and a wave of reporters, photographers and other media came running backwards towards us. Behind them was a tangle of 1% signs and Occupy Tampa protesters. With drums banging, and bullhorns blaring they raged about Romney, tax cheaters, the war, and the rich who were running our country. But what were their solutions? I heard none.

As they paused in the middle of the intersection, surrounded by over a hundred security on foot, bicycles and horseback, I stepped into their midst and started talking about freedom, liberty, sound money and Ron Paul. They objected and told me this was their protest and I couldn’t talk about Ron Paul. He was a republican, they spat. I countered that this as a public street, and that they would not step on my First Amendment right. What started as a verbal altercation, began to evolve into a dialogue, and even though my voice was hoarse from shouting so much in the hall, it was still able to carry to everyone on that street. Still, the Occupy leader did not want to hear anything that had to do with the Republican party in a positive way. He ordered his crew to lay on the street, which I guess was some kind of power move, but to me was ridiculous. I extolled them,

“Get up! Don’t let society step on you! If all of you had registered Republican and voted for Ron Paul in your primary or caucus, we’d be nominating him in that hall this week, and ending the wars, ending the IRS, ending the Fed, having sound money, and instead, Mitt Romney is getting the nomination!”

Occupy thought that was the most absurd thing they’d ever heard, and responded, “How?”

I gave the short version of how we’d taken over the Republican Party in Nevada, and how they could do the same in their own state. How elections are decided by small percentages, and that trying to accomplish their goals through a third party was next to impossible.” Believe it or not, they listened. Security asked them to move on, and I extended my hand to their leader, “No harm, no foul?” He took my hand and pulled me into a hug.”Come with us!” I demurred and said I had places to go and no car of my own.

Around us, the bike and mounted police actually smiled, and with a wave, I called, “Happy Trails” to the police on horseback. They responded, “Good bye, Cynthia!” I guess someone had read my name badge and transmitted the information to them.

We continued our walk to our car, but once again marveled that every day at this convention has been filled with surprises. What’s not a surprise, is that the message of liberty is popular – with everyone.

Read more:

Where Do We Go Next?

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This article is good and informative, but tends to say what we should NOT do next. The opinion of this website is that we should work hard in every process to DECENTRALIZE AND REPEAL! That we should, within our own lives practice a life of Non Participation, and civil disobedience. – We should help others to understand why this is important, and why we should take great care where we spend our “money”. We create independent wealth with our LIFE FORCE and we are what we support. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS and PURSES! 

As this article rightly rejects the softening of the antiwar stance of the “Campaign for Liberty”, and the capitulation of Paul heirs to the mantle…. We should find ways to push back against; and expose the war machine. As Gen. Smedley Butler said…. WAR IS A RACKET! – In the mean time ask yourself what you might be doing to support the Military / Security Industrial Complex, and peel away that consent.

Sooner or later the rest of the country will catch back up to us. We should be READY for that day.


by , August 30, 2012

It was perhaps inevitable that the GOP would turn on the Ron Paul supporters to eliminate them from their version of a body politic. I predicted it would take place and so did a number of others. But what has been surprising is the timing. It seemed reasonable to assume that the Republican gatekeepers would wait until after the convention or even the election to keep the Paulistas in harness and supportive, nurturing their faint hopes that their message would somehow have an impact, encouraging them to vote for Mitt Romney. But the Republican Party leadership decided instead to purge Paul supporters at both the state and local level and also on the convention floor. As Justin Raimondo has noted, a harrowing worthy of Josef Stalin took place in a number of states employing procedural ploys, stripping delegates of their accreditation, and even illegal closing of caucuses, which denied to Ron Paul’s supporters any ability to have significant impact at the convention. The deal was sealed when the GOP rules committee revised its convention guidelines, initially to make it impossible to cast dissident votes or to propose nominations from the floor, and subsequently to allow the national party to veto and replace state delegates. As one Associate Press report put it somewhat laconically in an early report on convention preparations “Republican officials have reduced the ranks of Paul delegates.” Jordan Bloom, who attended the Paul events in Tampa, reported that Paul’s supporters were angry and frustrated, many having experienced political corruption up close and personal for the first time. One friend of mine on Capitol Hill likened the caucus deals finally arrived at in various states to having a burglar steal everything you own and then return a couple of days later to give you half back if you do not complain. That’s what happened. The Paul supporters were outgunned and out-muscled and, led by a campaign team that wanted accommodation, wound up taking what they could get.

Through it all, Ron Paul himself has emerged with his dignity and values intact. It is precisely because of his honesty and integrity that he succeeded in attaining near rock star status among his followers. The media is reporting that Ron Paul was offered a last minute opportunity to speak at the convention but refused when he was told he would be required to offer a full endorsement of Mitt Romney and have his speech reviewed by Romney’s staff. Would that Paul’s integrity had somehow trickled down to his senior campaign staff, which Tom Woods has correctly described as “handlers who are concerned with their long term careers in politics.” Or, in the vernacular, the “go-along to get-along gang.”

The New York Times plays along with the charade, describing how, “Paul campaign leaders decided to cooperate with Romney forces for a smooth convention, while eschewing compromises that would have alienated core supporters even more.” That’s called remaining viable in the system even though you know perfectly well it has done its best to delegitimize you and will end up forcing you out completely. And who cares whether or not Ron makes compromises or not? His son and heir presumptive Rand, Senator from Kentucky, has already sold out, endorsing Romney and specifically approving of his foreign policy, with The Times explaining “Senator Paul has shown a greater commitment than his father to operating within Republican Party institutions.” Sort of like plucking a nettle and calling it a rose.

Jesse Benton, married to Ron Paul’s granddaughter, ran the Paul campaign and ran it badly, failing to take advantage of opportunities in states like Virginia where Ron might have actually defeated Romney head-to-head if a minimum of support had been forthcoming from the national campaign. Benton explains to The Times how he has had to reject those who “dress in black, stand on a hill and say, ‘Smash the state.’” Benton, who reportedly has morphed into a multitasking paid political consultant and deal-maker with several businesses registered in his name including offices in Washington, D.C., generously paid himself $586,616 along the way while keeping the revolutionaries in check. He also confuses passion with craziness, possibly because he lacks the former. Most Paul supporters that I have encountered are completely rational and dedicated to turning our country around. They support the message of small government, non-interventionism overseas, constitutionalism, and sound money policies all because they make good sense. But I suppose Benton would argue that he is, as The Times adroitly puts it, “balancing pragmatism and principle.” Too bad pragmatism wins out every time for those who are ambitious.

And then there is the little matter of foreign policy, which is of particular interest to readers of antiwar. Ron Paul bravely opposed foreign aid and foreign interventionism, both as endorsed and practiced by the two mainstream parties, raising challenging questions about the status quo in the Republican debates and also in his speeches. He understands how central what occurs overseas is to America’s malaise, note his comment “If I didn’t have the foreign policy [views] I do, I don’t think we would be here tonight” delivered in his farewell speech to his supporters in Tampa on Sunday night. But go over to the pathetic Campaign for Liberty website and you will detect nary a whiff of that, nothing on foreign affairs more recent than April, as if self-congratulatory blurbs on auditing the Fed will solve all the problems actually caused by America’s evolution into an imperialist police state. Campaign for Liberty is sponsoring a Liberty Political Action Conference in Chantilly Virginia from Sept. 13–15. Check out the list of speakers. Out of 32 speakers, only one, contributor Ivan Eland, can be regarded as having genuine expertise on foreign policy, but I’ll bet there will be some hot discussions on deregulating light bulbs and washing machines and lots of armchair revolutionary talk about how to get organized.

Which is all to say if you want to continue the Ron Paul revolution on foreign policy after November, his self-designated heirs and successors are a dead loss. So ignore those constant email solicitations for funds to continue to fight the good fight because the pleas are mostly designed to maintain the status and incomes of those who have already failed so miserably to deliver on Ron Paul’s promise. You might begin by emailing back and asking exactly how the money being raised is used. If you even suggest that America’s foreign policy mess is the driving force in America’s decline, they will ignore you.

The highly paid Paul advisers, some of whom have been negotiating with the Romney camp for many months, have already been co-opted and do not care about what interests the rest of us if it has anything to do with America’s shameful behavior overseas. Why? I suspect it is because they understand that attacking U.S. foreign policy eventually works its way around to the issue of Israel, which is something they choose not to deal with, for whatever reason. Whether foreign policy phobia was a tactical decision or something more deeply rooted matters little, but the end result was to produce a campaign myopia about what is really wrong with the United States and its policies.

So if you think that auditing the Fed will do it (which might never happen anyway), be my guest, but those of us who are frustrated and angry about what we are seeing must continue to fight against the corporatism and consensus politics that are producing a police state and destroying our nation. We must not stop in November and we must not be bought off by the lies of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama who, apart from expressing their love for Israel, will not discuss foreign policy at all. We must continue to speak out, to support websites like antiwar as well as the increasing number of individuals and groups that are challenging the system. America’s rush to empire must continue to be our focus and a sustaining a vibrant discussion of our failed foreign policy must always be our principal objective. Truly, if we do not tame the beast we are all fated to suffer when it finally turns on us.

Read more by Philip Giraldi

LAPD Officers Caught On Video Body Slamming Nurse After Traffic Stop and Then Giving Each Other Celebratory Fist Bump

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Video is at bottom of article –


There is another claim of excessive force and abuse against officers with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) after two officers who were allegedly caught on surveillance camera (shown below) slamming a nurse, Michelle Jordan, 34, on the ground twice after a traffic stop. Not only is the basis for the action in doubt, but the two officers are shown giving each other a fist bump afterwards.

Jordan was talking on her cell phone while driving and was pulled over. If true, that is a perfectly justified pullover and reckless conduct by Jordan.

After she pulled into a parking lot of a Del Taco restaurant, however, things went from bad to worse. The security tape shows the officers pulling the 5-foot-4 inch registered nurse from the open driver’s seat and then slamming her on the ground. She is then yanked to her feet for a pat down. Then for some reason, she is slammed to the ground for a second time.

She was later booked for resisting arrest and later released. We have seen various cases where abusive arrests are followed by charges of resisting arrest (here and here and here and here and here and here).

The identity of the officers is not known but one was a 20-year veteran of the force while the other was a probationary officer on the force for 10 months.

The video not only raises questions of excessive force and false charges, but tort liability. There is no evidence of Jordan resisting, though the camera is at some distance. That could lay the foundation for assault and battery charges as well as false arrest.

Here is the video:

Mark Cuban Would Like to Grab Facebook Photos for Facial Recognition

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Economic Policy Journal

Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has announced he has just invested in a company “that takes video of an area and can tell you exactly how many people are in the capture area at any given time.”

“Its a great for traffic patterns, security, and much more. We are posting cameras in certain environments where anonymity is required, and we don’t and won’t capture faces or anything that could identify an individual. We will simply provide incredibly accurate traffic information and patterns,” he says.

After this intro, Cuban flips 100% in the announcement and starts talking about “opt out mechanisms”. You ask why is he talking about “opt out mechanisms” when he starts out talking about the anonymity his cameras assure? Good question.

It turns out that Cuban’s plans shift completely away from anonymity. What he is really doing is eyeing everyone’s Facebook pic. Here’s more of what he has just announced:

The next extension is to install it in places where we can add facial recognition software. So rather than someone checking in to a specific application, we would already know you are there.

Of course there would have to be “opt out” mechanisms. Of course there would be a battle over whether or not a store or venue should be “opt in” vs automated recognition, but that’s not a software issue. The reality is that its solves “the path of least resistance” issue with check-ins for location-based software. Individuals never do any of the work. The store/host recognizes you are there and rewards you for allowing your identity and information to be captured and linked. If Amazon can “welcome us back” and offer us personalized specials, why shouldnt [sic] brick and mortar establishments ?

Even more interesting is the fact that Facebook provides a database of 500mm people and their names from around world. While not all profile pictures are going to be valid in facial recognition software, most will. Few people exclude their basic name and picture information from public search, so FB could be the first to provide a database of names and faces to the commercial world of facial recognition.

Location Check in is so 2010.

Bottom line: Cuban knows this is a hot potato and is slick enough to cover it up as simply a counting camera, and then it’s a check-in camera, but what is really going on here is he is going for the big time tracking camera.

Cuban does not have a  record of getting involved with government, but he is really playing with fire here. This is a terrible project for him to be working on. Even if he doesn’t play footsie with the government, it surely is the type of equipment that the government might want to take over for “security” reasons, and then the real tracking begins where they will know every move you make once you get out of your house or car.

It really is time to take your Facebook account down, or at least put a picture of Mark Cuban where they ask for your pic:

Blown cover – Wounded CIA Agents return to the U.S. from Mexico for ‘security’ reasons

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By E. EDUARDO CASTILLO Associated Press

MEXICO CITY August 30, 2012 (AP)


Mexican officials said Wednesday that two Americans wounded in a shooting attack by federal police on a U.S. Embassy vehicle are employees of the Central Intelligence Agency, and acknowledged they have returned to the United States.   A Mexican federal official whose agency does not allow him to be quoted by name said the wounded Americans are CIA employees. U.S. officials wouldn’t confirm which agency the men work for or say what work they were performing in Mexico.   On Tuesday, the Mexican navy issued a statement saying the Americans were visiting a training course being held in a rural, mountainous area south of Mexico City. Some local press had previously said the Americans were acting as trainers or instructors.

Mexican Attorney General Marisela Morales was asked Wednesday why the two Americans were allowed to return to the U.S. even though an investigation is under way. She said they were allowed to go “so that they can be treated in the place they think is safest.”



Full Article

Secure? Orlando’s IRIS cameras help nab suspected pot smoker

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Man accused of swallowing blunt (Video)


A 29-year-old Orlando man was arrested on suspicion of smoking pot and swallowing a joint after he was spotted with marijuana on the city’s video camera system, known as IRIS.

Joe E. Haywood was arrested by Orlando police on charges of possession of cannabis less than 20 grams and tampering with physical evidence.

According to an arrest affidavit, an Orlando police sergeant was using an Innovative Response to Improve Safety (IRIS) camera to monitor South Terry Avenue and West South Street, an area known for drug activity, and spotted three men possibly smoking marijuana.



As officers approached the men, Haywood turned his back and appeared to put a blunt in his mouth, the arrest affidavit stated.

Haywood was handcuffed and ordered to open his mouth but refused, so an officer tried for 30 seconds to use pressure points on his jaw to open his mouth, the affidavit said.  Officers said Haywood swallowed the joint during the incident and marijuana could be smelled on him, the report stated.

Officers said they then noticed a green leafy substance, which they described as a unburned cannabis leaf, on Haywood’s teeth, according the affidavit.

Haywood was arrested and taken to jail.  The other two men were not arrested, according to police.

Local 6 legal expert Amir Ladan said the issue with Haywood’s arrest is that it wasn’t originally based on the evidence but instead on an officer’s opinion of what appeared to be a joint.

“I don’t know that they can watch a video and then rush to a scene and try to make an arrest based of a video,” Ladan told Local 6. “So if they show up and these three guys are hanging out and passing around a handful of peanuts, they’ve got nothing.”

The IRIS camera initiative was launched in Orlando in 2008 as a tool to help police fight crime.  The cameras are operated by the Orlando Police Department and are viewed by an officer around the clock, according to the city’s website.

Neither DEA nor U.S. Military – Americans Shot in Mexico Were Actually CIA!

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The two U.S. Citizens shot in Mexico by Federales were actually CIA agents. Sources tell Mexican Magazine Proceso that the two Americans and the Mexican Navy were in the process of arresting Hector Beltran Leyva, Leader of the South Pacific Drug Cartel and archrival of CIA Cocaine Smuggler Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. Proceso also mentions that there was a Beltran Leyva informant onboard the vehicle with the two CIA agents and the Mexican Marine Captain. Crime scene investigators discovered AK-47 shell casings at the crime scene, indicating that there might have been drug cartel members onboard the vehicles with the Federales. Were the Federales protecting Hector Beltran Leyva? will continue to follow and report this story.



The two CIA officers were just south of the capital on their way to a Mexican Marine base on Friday, working with local authorities on a training mission, when federal police riddled their armored van bearing diplomatic plates with bullets.

The men, traveling with a Mexican Marine captain, were wounded and taken to a hospital for treatment, though their injuries were not life-threatening. Their vehicle’s tires and rear windshield were shot out.

A dozen federal police officers detained and questioned over the attack have been ordered held in custody for 40 days. In initial statements to federal prosecutors, they claimed they confused the Americans for criminals.

However, witnesses who saw the shooting at a bend in the road outside the small town of Tres Marias told Reuters the gunmen were dressed in plain clothes and pursued the Americans firing from unmarked cars and on foot — a classic style of gangland hits in Mexico.

“We had no idea at all they were police. They looked like criminals,” said one woman who witnessed the incident but asked not to be named for fear of repercussions.

A Mexican government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the evidence suggested gang members and corrupt police had carried out the attack before other police arrived at the scene and prevented the men being killed.

“This was not an accident,” the official said.

Witnesses said the CIA driver made impressive evasive maneuvers which likely saved the lives of those inside the car, and they believe they heard hundreds of bullets fired, estimating the incident lasted around six minutes.

The Mexican official said the vehicle was chased for about 4 km (2.5 miles) before it was halted, and that shell casings from AK-47s, which are not used by Mexican police and are a weapon of choice for drug cartel members, were found at the scene.

A total of four vehicles were involved in the incident, though only the shot-up van was found at the scene, the official added. One of the vehicles identified by eyewitnesses has been linked to other crimes, the official said.

Tres Marias is close to the city of Cuernavaca, a popular weekend retreat for Mexico City residents that has been badly hit by drug violence in recent years. In 2009, Mexican Marines shot dead leading cartel boss Arturo Beltran Leyva, alias “The Beard,” in Cuernavaca in an operation based on information from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

His brother and fellow drug boss, Hector Beltran Leyva, is thought by some security experts to be at large nearby.

The Mexican official said the rise in criminal activity in the area was very likely being abetted by corrupt police.

“The police here have been heavily infiltrated by organized crime,” said a local man, who declined to be identified.

American and Mexican officials are still investigating the incident and Mexican Attorney General Marisela Morales said on Wednesday that an ambush was one possible explanation.

U.S. officials in diplomatic vehicles went over the scene of the shooting on Wednesday, taking fresh evidence under the protection of Mexican Marines.

A separate Mexican official close to the investigation who asked not to be identified said the CIA officers were within a few miles of the Marine base when they were shot at.

The CIA declined to comment on the incident.

One U.S. official familiar with inquiries into the incident said there are a “whole lot of unanswered questions” and that dealings between the United States and Mexico could be seriously affected if Washington concludes a major cover-up is going on.



Full Article


The Jack Blood Show – August 29 2012

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August 29th 2012: Jack Blood continues with exclusive coverage of the 2012 RNC debacle that will curl your spine. Such an open suppression of the Electoral process IS criminal or should be. Why would anyone run for president after this we ask? The game IS RIGGED. *Author and Activist Jason Rink joins us to discuss all this and More… ( Get his book NULLIFY! – Hour 2: Jack welcomes geo-engineering expert Michael Murphy ( to break down evidence that Hurricane Isaac was manipulated – Why, How, and by Whom. SUPPORT THE JACK BLOOD SHOW BY DONATING TODAY!

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