“Mental Health”, Gun CONTROL and the NRA stand-down (understanding HR 2640) Jack Blood Vs the NRA (audio)

This was passed by both houses and signed into law by George W Bush. We (Deadlinelive.info) were able to get both the McCain and Obama campaigns on the record in 2007 – they BOTH supported the legislation.


9-26-2007 Jack Blood confronts NRA spokeswoman Rachel Parsons
29:00 – 4 years ago
This Jack Blood interview is from September 2007.
The HR 2640 bill has actually passed by the House and the Senate and has yet to be signed by Bush at this time. It most likely WILL BE SIGNED if we don’t take action. Watch this video uploaded in January of 2008 for the latest information on this: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1529101058692499496 or go to GunOwners.org for updates. In this interview with the NRA from last year on 9-26-2007, Jack blood defends his community and the constitution by exposing the NRA backing HR 2640 Carolyn McCarthy / Chucky Schumer anti gun bill. Do all of you NRA members suddenly support these two rabid, anti gun congress critters? I didn’t think so! Drop your NRA membership As Soon As Possible in protest and tell them why you’re doing it. Listen to Rachel Parsons of the NRA try to explain the anti gun actions of the group as Jack Blood and Ron from New York grill her repeatedly over the multiple anti second amendment actions of the National Rifle Association. Jack Blood then goes on to explain the history of National Rifle Association backed gun control with Ron from New York, a retired NYPD officer.

Please spread this link to all of the gun people you know – if they are in the NRA their money is being used against them and the constitution. http://www.gunowners.org http://www.JackBlood.com http://NationalGunRights.org

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