Backstage Blood: David Icke Answers your Questions – 8.16.2012

AUGUST 16TH 2012: Its Elvis’ Death day but we didn’t get him. We did get the one and only, and very lively DAVID ICKE. He spends about 70 minutes Answering all of your email questions in this special edition of BACK STAGE BLOOD! Rare indeed! (the full show, and David’s interview, is in our archives here =s awesome!) More on David at


  • A weight had lifted from my shoulders when i heard the question being answered, thanks guys.

    I thought for so long that it was “just me”… so that has gone now!

    I don’t go for ALL of Davids stuff, but i do get the stuff about messing with the human frequencies and the perceptions we have and how they can be manipulated, and David lays it out plain enough which i think is very valuable in helping the “average” guy get too grips with it and start to understand it.

    So, When you come too realize that everything you see, hear, smell, touch, taste etc is ALL just electrical and chemical signals being decoded and re-encoded by your brain too give you a picture of what your seeing, a sound too what your hearing etc etc, you realize just how easy it would be and IS too manipulate that whole process, and why it would be a benefit too those in control too manipulate that process.

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