David Icke on The Jack Blood Show 8.16.2012 (2 hr Video with Full Topical Visuals)

Pretty much purged of copyright violations here…. (1st attempt was banned World-Wide)




*Mass rise in Violence (false flag shootings in USA)
*Banking control as human control
*Divide and Rule politics (O’bombney)
*”October Surprise”?
* Mars landing — Saturn
*London Olympics? Imagery…
* MUSE clip you never heard… (laugh at reptilian theory — say they love the Illuminati)
*There is a new film coming out “Branded”, reminding us of “They Live” —


  • Thanks for the mention Jack! David and you sound great together.

  • I enjoy the website and I just found out about Jack blood. I’m glad to see that theres someone out there that can give us an inside view on alex jones.

  • David Icke eh yeah right….5 1/2 new age idiots in one place for his lecture! Come on why do you have this New Ager pushing nonsense on? Why are all the people who are involved in this industry of alternative media so misled? David says nothing that Philosophers have not said 4ever. David is a new age Theosophy pusher (Illuninati shrill) working hard with the same “fear tactics” like EVERYONE in this genera of conspiracy theory and the “truth movement”. David Icke “Brilliant…???” Icke is full of shit… just coz he pads it with truthful factoids (just like Alex Jones) does not mean what he is concluding is true in ant sense. It all convoluted BS; simply more pseudo science and pseudo history from freemasons and the like. Do you really believe this guy? If so you’re either a fool or a shrill too. Only Bill Cooper was sincere as far as I’ve found so far (although mislead too). The way people are manipulated is through the media. You’re part of the deception.

    • So if I (we) don’t agree with you we are “shrills” liars, or fools? What koolaid have
      you been drinking? Unlike you – I do not need to agree with someone 100% of the time to
      acknowledge them as “Brilliant” or useful to the cause of truth and freedom. I also appreciate
      Bill Cooper but I do (DID) NOT agree with a lot of his conclusions either – wake up –
      GREAT MEN AND WOMEN THINK FOR THEMSELVES! ~ Thanks for the comment! JB

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