Neocon False Flag in North Africa – Part of Election Strategy


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Neocon rogue network orchestrates 9/11 False Flag in Libya, attempts to portray Trilateral Commission R2P policy as a “failure of Obama’s appeasement policy blowing up in our faces”, thus boost ‘right wing’ support for Romney’s Campaign by creating a psychological link to Carter’s hostages crisis in Iran circa 1980, which brought Raegen to the White House and created the background for the Iran-Contra scandal.

False Flag Ignites North African Powder Keg

The apparent lynching of the American ambassador in Benghazi, Libya was the culmination of a well orchestrated Al-CIA-Da campaign of false flag terrorism, exactly 11 years after the 9/11 false flag itself. The date was obviously carefully selected in order to divert attention from 9/11 truth debates back to the good old false paradigm we analyzed in our previous post. Simultaneous riots broke out in Egypt where a well organized lynch mob stormed the American embassy and burned the American flag in front of the cameras – repeating the exact same tactic used against the Israeli Embassy in Cairo last year (which was used to bootleg an attempted Muslim Brotherhood coup attempt)  – and in Libya where the ambassador was lynched with three members of his staff following a meticulously organized terror attack on the U.S. embassy which involved the use of a rocket-propelled grenades and followed an “Al-Qaeda call to avenge the death of a senior Libyan member of the terrorist network”  (according to the Washington Post). 

The Psyop Behind the Scenes

The well orchestrated nature of these events required a quick cover-up which was indeed found on the spot in the form of generating ludicrous hysteria in the corporate media about a low budget B-Movie produced by an obscure filmmaker (controlled patsy) who claims to be a “Jewish American with Israeli citizenship” who funded the movie with the help of “Jewish donors”. This all too obvious Psyop serves the double purpose of generating both right wing Islamophobia and left wing Israelophobia (which applies also to the allegedly non-partisan “alternative media”), while maintaining the strategy of tension in North Africa and in the U.S. home front where Neocon puppet Romney is currently running against Trilateral puppet Obama. 

The Goal – Boosting the Neocon Election Campaign

From the very execution of this false flag in this particular manner we can lean that the Neocon faction seems to be gaining the upper hand from the trilaterals in the power struggle over who controls the rogue network \ deep state apparatus behind the scenes of America’s dark underbelly. The pictures of Muslim lynch mob ravaging the American embassy in Cairo and murdering the American ambassador in Libya were meant to touch the raw nerves of American public opinion on the “conservative” side of the false paradigm by triggering ‘flashbacks’ to Carter’s hostages crisis in Tehran circa 1979-1980 when Iranian terrorists ravaged the American embassy in Tehran and took the staff workers as hostages. One of those terrorists was a young student called Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – the current president of the Fascist Mullah regime so dearly cherished by so many “alternative bloggers” . 

The hostages crisis brought down the racist redneck Jimmy Carter – a Trilateral puppet just like Obama – who was made to look like a weak, pathetic failure whose policy of “appeasement of Muslims” has brought this malign upon the American foreign policy. Actually Carter was duped into putting MI6 asset Khomeini in power in Tehran by his “adviser” (i.e. controller) Zbigniew Brzezinsky who was in turn duped by British imperial strategist Bernard Lewis. 



  • Are you fucking KIDDING ME?? False flag by “Neocons”?? If there is ANY false flag bullshit going on here, it’s most DEFINITELY Obama’s doing. Look at his poll numbers since this shit went down. This created an opportunity for Obama to show “leadership” by “standing up to” enemies of America everywhere, thus winning over the more conservative lot in the middle who value international American power.

    You consipracy theorists are so lost. A totally legit possibility comes along where a false flag scenario is truly a credible possibility, and some idiot comes out with a completely short-sighted, cockamamie excuse to rail against so-called ‘neo-cons”. That’s the proof that y’all are a bunch of brainless wonders who come up with complex conspiracy theories to make yourselves feel educated. lol Losers.

    • I take it you disagree with this article? Not sure why you are so angry though. The Pro Israel Neo Cons have been screaming about this and are using it to go after Cousin Barry. There are no polls that act that fast. Is it a coincidence that Obama disses Israel and literally the next day we are attacked in a false flag? The film maker of “Innocence of Muslims” (Which had Muslims condoning child sex abuse) is a known American Zionist… All this is being used to undermine Obama’s (Soro’s) mid east plans, and give Romney (Bibi’s pal) a fighting chance in the debates…. Possibly Hillary Clinton has a hand in it too. BUT – It is just a question, and shouldn’t require such insults on your part – but instead some required analysis, professional rebuttal, and critical thinking.

      • It DOES require such insults on my part, and more! You are a fucking moron.

        • Then tell us how “Obama” benefited or could have benefited from this attack? It was such bad timing… etc… the Right wing Zionist factions have been attacking him ever since. Only Rand Paul has called him out on the aftermath… (not the Ambass. Rice BS)


          We debunk so called “official” stories; and corporate new-speak media headlines.

          The burden of proof lay at the doorstep of the prosecutor – (with those whom made the charges) Reasonable doubt, is a question that requires more than < <<<< "nah nah na na nah nah - hike!". >>>>>

          The CIA DOD and State Dept had prior knowledge (they are all gone and Obama remains?). that we DO know!!!!!!!!!!!!

          There is no proof that the white house / etc…. the cousin Barry campaign benefited.

          what happened ?

          we offer but one version

          – months later we contend… Our version is the most plausible.

          Benghazi False Flag + 2012 general Election = Neo Con / Zionist cost / benefit. Either way.

          Jeb Bush (over Hitlery Clinton) 2016 – 2024.

          Its Sick that the next 11 years seem so predictable and corrupt….

          • My related statement was, “If there is ANY false flag bullshit going on here…”; I made no proclamation that there actually was. The statement was made to point out the absurdity with which the actual claim of “false flag” was initially made, as more convincing arguments could be made to promote alternate conflicting theories.

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