Hot Hollywood actresses pledging allegiance to O’merica .. er Obama

Bill Clinton is absolutely burning over all this! “Those bitches coulda been mine! Instead Barry is gettin em… And he doesn’t even like women…”


Washington Examiner

The Obama campaign has launched its “For All” campaign, encouraging supporters to take pictures of themselves with their hands on their hearts and a note explaining why they support President Obama.

Actress Jessica Alba uses the Pledge of Allegiance as an example of the campaign in an email to supporters.

“Growing up, my classmates and I started every day with a ritual: We’d stand up, put our right hand over our hearts, and say the Pledge of Allegiance,” explains Alba. “To me, that gesture was a promise. A promise to be involved and engaged in this country’s future. A promise to work for liberty and justice — and for affordable education, health care, and equality — for all.” (HUH?)

Alba joins Hollywood actresses Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson by photographing herself with her hand on her heart pledging to vote for Obama.

“That’s why all across the country, people like you and I are proudly writing down our reasons for getting involved, and then taking the pledge — to vote.”

Obama campaign staffers have also begun posting photos of themselves with the pledge.

“Make sure you’re ready to vote this fall,” Alba writes. “Putting your hand over your heart is making a promise. Casting your ballot is keeping it.”





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  • At the event in London Emma Watson was seen in the august company of A-Listers Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue and she partied the night away with the likes of Claudia Schiffer, Jodie Kidd and Kelly Osbourne. Emma’s glamorous arrival comes just days after she unveiled her grown up new look in the pages of In Style magazine wherein she looks utterly different from the celebrated schoolgirl she plays in the films. The shoot was inspired by the theme of the fifties.

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