WAR ON SYRIA; BBC Interviews Brian Sayers, SSG’s Lobbyist For Terrorism Tries To Sell War As Peace; EPIC FAIL!!

*NOTE:  The following MUST SEE INTERVIEW and text is a companion to my article from earlier today, see link below.


2012.8.29 BBC HARDtalk Interviews Brian Sayers Of Syrian Support Group (SSG) (youtube.com);


Brian Sayers, ex NATO Advisor, ex Defense Operations Division at the US State Department, and currently the Syrian Support Group Inc. (SSG) Director Of Government Relations (ie, Washington lobbyist for terrorism funding) made the mistake of being interviewed by BBC HARDtalk. Even with interviewer Stephen Sackur’s rather mild questions this is very painful to watch.

Here’s an interesting excerpt:


Q:  So you’re their hired gun… are you doing this job because it’s good business for you or because you passionately believe in the cause?

A:  Well I do believe in the cause… ummm, I… I believe that we have to do something to… to… to bring down the regime… to… to help as The International Community… uhhh… to bring democracy… ummm, ummm… inside the beautiful mosaic of Syria


Wow, seriously Mr. Sayers??

Assassinations, bombings of government buildings, indiscriminate shelling of civilians, indiscriminate sniping of civilians, summary executions by firing squad, throwing people off rooftops, and the latest twin suicide car bombings… that’s what Mr. Sayers’ wonderful democracy loving FSA rebels have been doing… “inside the beautiful mosaic of Syria”.

Later Mr. Sayers tries to convince us that from his Washington DC office (only three blocks away from the White House) he somehow has the ability to remotely control the Al Qaeda and Mujahideen foreign terrorists, that make up a majority of NATO’s Free Syrian Army (FSA), because they have paper promises in the form of a “signed proclamation” that once the Coup of Syria is complete the FSA rebels will create “a peaceful, democratic and multi ethnic Syrian society”.

Near the end of the interview Mr. Sayers says “we’re trying to bring peace”.


EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2012.10.2 WAR ON SYRIA; US Treasury Grants TERRORISM LICENSE To Obama Connected SSG For Funding & Arming NATO’s Free Syrian Army Terrorists; SSG Lead By Ex NATO Advisor (deadlinelive.info):


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