10-11-2012 Jack Blood interviews Jerome Corsi

10.11.12 – Jack Blood interviews Jerome Corsi… Obama “Down Low”? Abotic oil? Geo / selection politics… Jack has to pull the leash a bit to keep this rabid dog from biting you.


  • Hey Jack, I really dig your shows but some times there is a horrible high pitch sound accompanying your podcasts, I don’t believe its on my end, so if you could check your end some time and if applicable try and filter it out my ears would appreciate it πŸ™‚

    on this show it starts off real strong and then starts changing amplitude @ 2:40. Transcoding (w/ audio options/filtering) the audio encode can some times ‘filter’ out irregular tones.

    • might be the older archives – i think we fixed it (at great sacrifice) if not let us know – still making DIY adjustments here – allegedly ………….

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