WAR ON SYRIA; US Media Favors NATO’s Free Syrian Army (FSA) Terrorists, Fake Opposition Supported By Brookings, CFR, Ford Foundation

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Some of the organizations supporting the fake Syrian opposition as mentioned in the Guardian article below:

ARI, Brookings, CER, CFR, Chatham House, ECFR, Ford Foundation, Goldman Sachs, Royal Dutch Shell.


2012.11.10 US Media Favors The Free Syrian Army (FSA) (PressTV Interviews Dr. James F. Tracy) (youtube.com):

A political analyst tells Press TV that the people in the West can hardly get an idea of what is going on in Syria because of the flawed news coverage that overwhelmingly favors the Free Syrian Army.

The comments come after several people were killed in a car bomb explosion in the Damascus suburb of Muadamiya al-Sham, on Friday.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. James F. Tracy, Associate Professor at the Florida Atlantic University, to further discuss the issue.


2012.7.12 The Syrian Opposition, Who’s Doing The Talking? By Charlie Skelton (guardian.co.uk):



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