11-month-old son of BBC picture editor is killed in air strike on Gaza City

Sobbing and shaking with unbearable grief, Jihad Masharawi is pictured cradling the body of his murdered 11-month-old son Omar yesterday.

As the might of Israel’s military – gunboats, tanks, and aircraft – pounded the Gaza Strip in pursuit of Islamic militants, Omar was one of 11 young Palestinians killed on a day of brutal fighting in the seemingly interminable conflict in the Middle East.

They included a chief of militant group Hamas, the Iranian-armed selfstyled “Islamic Resistance Movement” that governs Gaza.

Today the cycle of revenge continued as three people were killed in southern Israel by rockets fired from Gaza. Masharawi is a picture Editor for BBC Arabic.

His son is the latest innocent victim of a recent escalation in violence, with days of rocket fire prompting Israel to launch Operation Pillar of Defense, which Hamas said in return would “open the gates of hell”.

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