Dennis Kucinich “American Drones In Pakistan Have Killed As Many As 3378 People!”

November 16, 2012 by  
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Kucinich and Paul leaving congress… is there ANYONE who will take up their roles as the conscience of the people’s house? Not likely.

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3 Responses to “Dennis Kucinich “American Drones In Pakistan Have Killed As Many As 3378 People!””
  1. npd1969 says:

    Hey Jack, I think its just a matter of time until the drones are used here in occupied Amerika to be used against us for whatever reason. They will make up excuses for the use against us.

  2. says:

    we all know what would happen if somebody just killed off 3000 americans like that ?

  3. OP HIP says:

    —Everyone noticing? —‘Lefty’ to ‘Righties’ in Hollywood
    and media are —-‘mysteriously overlooking’ 2012’s

    –200th Anniversary of the Defeat of Napoleonic Globalism

    –100th Anniversary of the Jeckyl island banking coup

    –40th Anniversary of the Nixon—MAO handover summit

    and ——60th Anniversary——- of the awesomely relevant,
    RED China, Globalism, mind control and EUGENICS – – – ‘unfriendly’

    ——————–KOREAN WAR———————

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